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Dirty Campaigning: Harper’s Racist Wedge Politics the Oldest Trick in the Book



Conservatives everywhere are terrified at the tolerance exhibited by the young in the population--and that is a very good thing. The troglodytes will go out with a roar, one they have already begun.


Thanks Toula for your clear and concise analogy. I only wish more Canadians would take the time to read your article.


Well written and oh so accurate. It seems Politicians just sink lower and lower each and every election when it comes to principles.


Rick Mercer nails it:


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Interestingly (or maybe not) none of the coverings - burqa, niqab, nor hijab - are part of Islam. "Big Beard" men demand that women wear them, but Muhammad (saaws) never did.

Both men and women are to dress "modestly", and that's all he had to say on the subject.

So, frankly, I see the coverings as being similar to FGM: evidence of women's un-Islamic chattel status (women had rights in Islam in the 7th c. that Xian women in Britain didn't get til the 20th c.!). And I'm strongly opposed to them being allowed in a secular society where all are at least nominally equal. They shouldn't be a "choice" because it's the men who do the real choosing, and the only way for women to escape having that "choice" forced upon them is to have the wearing forbidden by law.


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Is MGM too evidence of men's "un-Islamic chattel status"?


Since woman are virtual chattel in the Big Beard areas of Islam (e.g. Saudia), but nowhere are men in a similar state, I don't thing MGM can be described that way. From this

I'd regard it as an unintentionally abusive expression of orthodoxy.


Interestingly, the woman at the center of the teacup-tempest about wearing the niqab has admitted that it's a personal choice that her family and spouse all oppose, albeit mildly. She claims it's a religious duty while at the same time admitting that she knows it's not. She sounds like someone who was indulged far too often as a child, and now believes her desires should always prevail.