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Dirty, Hot, Deadly: The Real Trump Scandal Is What He’s Done to the Environment

Dirty, Hot, Deadly: The Real Trump Scandal Is What He’s Done to the Environment

Juan Cole

I don’t think Trump creates Twitter scandals to deflect attention from his real scandals. I think his mind just works in an odd way.

But the fact is that concentrating too much on the sound and fury issuing from Mar-a-Lago is counter-productive. Trump actually is changing the United States in a major way, with a massive assault on the environment.


Good article Juan Cole - the environment !

Way, way too much time spent on politics and the donald - utterly useless.

Report the facts reporters - lets get back to everyone just doing their jobs.

It is entirely unnecessary to be at a manipulated press conference.

Get out into the real word Common Dreams - and out of Hollywood.

Here’s an example (five minute vimeo):

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Context for all that is unfolding-----it is not as simple as Trump being the solo villain(villainous as he is) at this point in history:

I would add to Hedges excellent piece: where was a critical mass of outrage when Obama/Clinton pushed fracking around the globe? And more:


I agree with Cole here. Trump is a multi-faceted disaster, but the greatest destruction of his administration will be environmental.

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Sure Juan, blame it all on Trump. Everything was perfect before Clinton stole the election from Sanders and then blew Trump

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The real scandal is that Americans are so obsessed with profits and taking care of themselves first, often at the expense of everyone else, that they will completely disregard the effect their practices have on the environment and humanity and HAVE to be regulated. That speaks volumes about our culture and society. Take away restraints, and this country returns to the chaotic, often murderous shark feeding frenzy it was in the 19th and 20th centuries.


Right. And there would be no problem if Americans weren’t completely on board to participate in the destruction of the environment for profit, so there you go.

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Restoring water pollution to pre-1970 levels will prevent blind people from drowning in lakes and rivers. They will once again be able to smell the stench of the water before they get too close.

Perhaps Cleveland will get its river on fire back ?

As usual Professor Cole lays it all out! The threats from this extremist idiot & his regime are existential!

All the states (and Canada) that will be seriously adversely affected by trump & co’s end of reclamation/restoration (job producers by the way) of the magnificent Great Lakes, TAKE NOTICE! - all of you people with any understanding need to get active and resist trumps extremist polluting agenda of the GL’s! Tourism in the US is over a Trillion $ annually that’s threatened one way or another by the ginger-chimp, including the Great Lakes!

"Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois and Indiana, and two Canadian provinces, Quebec and Ontario border the Great Lakes!


Hedges was there, but barely a soul was listening. The few that were - Peter Wadhams, Peter Sinclare, David Wasdell, Alun Hubbard, Paul Beckwith, Dahr Jamail, Tim Garrett, Guy McPherson, Michael Mann, James Hansen, Natalia Shakhova, Mike Sliwa, Michael Benton, Derrick Jensen - were listening. The rest are not listening now. Perhaps they never will.

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Mister Trump’s opening lines in his address to Congress was telling. He greeted attending officials most ‘effusively’ but finished the greeting with “and the rest of the American people, tonight,” dismissively. Whether he intended to be dismissive or not, the impression it gave was that he relates to the powerful and influential, not the American people.

And Trump has decided to eliminate the environmental justice office. Throwing a another bone I guess to his white supremacist supporters. So if you live in an African American, Hispanic, or low-income neighborhood don’t expect any extra money from the EPA to deal with toxics. This guy is a misery machine. .

Yes. Of course. It’s the livable environment the Trump administration is after. A lot of the rest is likely just to push our buttons. The big question that keeps cycling back in my thoughts is Why? Yes, there are all the obvious answers such as the fossil fuel Industries pushing back. They have controlled the World for a long time. Still these folks are human like the rest of us, and they certainly are not stupid. Or are they?
Clearly there is more than enough blame to go around for most everyone including all the Presidents of the last half century or so, and everyone of us who happily fill our vehicle fuel tanks regularly. Renewable energies use is less than a few percent Worldwide. In politics the environment rarely gets much, if any, attention. U S voting public tells us again and again it’s a very low priority.
What has changed is the urgency Climate Science is now projecting about our present situation. And in that moment Trump has come along to upend all our efforts(society) of the past sixty years or so on climate. Why? why ?
So here is my thought on it. Never mind I may change my tune tomorrow . And don’t get the idea I am a Trump supporter; no way. Trump is playing (probably unconsciously) out a role for all of us in a last ditch effort to get our full attention on Climate. Perhaps he will succeed.

The “Christians” that put Trump in the office of President of the United States find rapture in the wraith of Armageddon rather than protecting our blessed earth for our children. What a strange view of faith. Politician lie, but earth with its ice, water, air, moon tells the truth. The heat of 3000 atomic blasts in just the United States alone and the release of methane into the air are from man. Listen to the earth if you want to hear the TRUTH.

Bernie Sander listens to the TRUTH the earth is messaging.

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Our citizens are not stupid but they might be hijacked by superstitions. Could it be that a person rendered powerless as a child and has had their innocent souls slayed develops superstitions or a jaded sense of life? Could they be suicidal and want to take us with them? Trust the truth the earth speaks. Heal the earth and heal your soul.

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The Mega Church “Christians” seem to loathe the poor. When did being an indigent person bring on the wrath of “Christians"?

Juan, thanks for keeping the environmental crises out there. However, the above quote occurred under the Obama Administration. My point is that our system of government, no matter which political party or administration has been in power, has failed us and is no longer functioning in a manner which has a positive direction. One tiny step in the news forward and four giant steps back in reality is my point.

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