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Dirty War Files Show How Kissinger Lauded Regime of Terror


Dirty War Files Show How Kissinger Lauded Regime of Terror

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Newly declassified papers on the U.S. government's role in Argentina's 1976-83 "Dirty War" have been released, detailing—among other things—how former secretary of state Henry Kissinger stymied attempts to end mass killings of dissidents.

Kissinger lauded Argentina's military dictatorship for its "campaign against terrorism," which included the imprisonment, torture, and killings of tens of thousands of leftist activists and students, the files reveal.


Anyone who considers themselves to be any kind of progressive or liberal cannot look at Hillary Clinton's embrace of a war criminal like Henry Kissinger and believe that she has the judgement to be a good POTUS. Simple as that. That alone should disqualify her as a candidate in the minds of anyone who believes that the U. S. should quit being an empire and join the family of nations as a fair and compassionate player, not the big, bad bully who always gets it's way. Her immediate support of the military coup in Honduras in '09 tells you that she will continue our government's policy of overthrowing left-leaning governments we don't like for our corporate masters.

We don't need the crazy right's conspiracy arguments against Hillary to be opposed to her. What is true and rational about her and Bill is enough for any committed progressive to say #NeverHillary, and support Jill Stein as the "none of the above" choice for President. Trump may be an ineffective idiot, but she is truly a danger to peace on Earth, and WILL take this country into another illegal and immoral war for empire and treasure for her billionaire backers and the MIC.


Compared to her buddy Kissinger, John Wayne Gacy and Ted Bundy are mere amateurs.


Hillary's Honduras is exactly like Henry's Argentina.


She's following her playbook play by play and death by death--Honduras is an exact replica. Ukraine. The ME and more to come as she takes on Syria, Iran, Russia and China. With her finger on the button, we are as close to nuclear annihilation as we have ever been. Of course, Kissenger is going to endorse her. He's her mentor and father replacement. What a glorious Kodak moment. Kissenger on one side. Albright on the other. HRC in the middle and behind all the Neocon war loving sociopaths. Can I get a copy? Vote Jill.


Henry Voldemort Kissinger.


Hillary and Kissinger are two peas in a pod. They need a good dose of Glyphosate. Both are round up ready.


The both of them should share a prison cell.


Come on now. You are giving Voldemort a bad name.


It isn't just Hillary - the great majority of all USAns who know his name consider this international criminal to be a great heroic statesmen. Back in 2003 (or 2004 I don't remember) I organized a protest rally at a Kissinger speaking engagement at Heinz Hall put on by Robert Morris University. We were regarded as just a small band of kooks by all of those attending the speech. The late drunken Christopher Hitchens then hijacked our protest, meeting at a small art-house theater a little later where Hitchens said very little about Kissinger and his well-known book about him, instead he ranted on about the importance of getting behind Bush to defeat Saddam and the Great Islamic Threat.

His drinking was his demise a few years later (esophageal cancer) Good riddance.


Kissinger should have been hauled off to prison for his role in Vietnam. Millions more lives were lost in Vietnam, because Kissinger betrayed the peace treaty (Paris Peace Talks) for Nixon's political gain in the 1968 election year. Nixon gets elected in 68, and Kissinger and Nixon went to work on bombing Cambodia. By the way, average age of the American soldier dying in a Vietnamese rice patty, just a kid, 19 years old. You Tube, (Paul Hardcastle-19), warning: It will make you cry, and you will want Kissinger on a bayonet after listening to 19.


Clinton seeking Kissinger's endorsement speaks volumes of her views on foreign policy. But hell, we already knew what an imperialist hawk she is from her actions.

The Condor Years, by John Dinges, is an interesting, well-researched book of a decade ago touches on Kissinger's involvement in the whole Condor program.


The Obama Adm. has revealed its disgust for the Clintonista Clan by releasing this information. Kissinger and Nixon, et al have always been " the scum that also rises " in every American generation. Hillary as a " Goldwater Girl " and a student of Kissinger, and enabler of Albright, speaks to the sick and jaded mess our " best and brightest " have made of our current place in this war-weary world. We're up to our necks in a diseased political/economic failed state. Save yourself, if you can, is our new national motto; replacing out of many, one. It's as bad as we thought, only worse.


He's no more in charge of this country than the man in the moon, is. Hillary relishes the role of Subordinate-in-Chief and I think OhBummer is a very reluctant warrior. Yes, he's been a fairly miserable President. But, using any reasonable yardstick, he's been a poor man's lackey; a real piker, imo. Hillary is the Empire's best in show as running lackey dogs go, though. Hillary is a true believer and has the destructive resume to prove it. When you want bang for your buck liars; HilBillary and Trump beat OhBummer hands down. They'd be the go to people, for the MIC, almost without doubt.


Kissinger kept the empire going. He was pretty good at it. The question of ethics was dealt with, the ends justify the means. Capitalism does not require any ethical code.


"Kissinger lauded Argentina's military dictatorship for its "campaign against terrorism," which included the imprisonment, torture, and killings of tens of thousands of leftist activists and students, the files reveal."

Whenever and wherever an authoritarian regime takes control, the above defines WHO the "terrorists" are.

Chris Hedges explained how things as anti-Democratic and odious as the NDAA and Patriot Act would essentially be used to turn America's left--inclusive of intellectuals, "dissidents" and labor leaders--into the purported caste of "terrorists."

These methods have been well practiced by empowered individuals (and elites) who can barely be defined as human.


He would have been about the same as the average north Vietnamese soldier dying in the same rice paddy.Vietnamese families lost a lot of sons; 1 in 10 being the ratio. No one has given any thought to those who returned suffering from Agent Orange and PSTD, or crippled..


Collateral damage doesn't count, right ?

When the corporations and their media coined the phrase collateral damage during the Gulf War, invasions and occupations became sanitized and more Murkins started supporting them.


"Suddenly" files released after all this time? Kinda gives Clinton a nice way to back off from Kissinger w/o seeming like yet another flip-flop or betrayal, etc, let's see how it plays out.


"Dr. Stangelove"!!!!