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Disabled Activists Put Their Bodies on the Line to Defend Health Care


Disabled Activists Put Their Bodies on the Line to Defend Health Care

Sonali Kolhatkar

“They haven’t told us what we’re being arrested for yet,” said Rhoda Gibson, an organizer with ADAPT, a groups that advocates for disability rights. Gibson was speaking to me via Skype from a police van, where she being transported with other activists after they were arrested for protesting the Senate version of the American Health Care Act (AHCA), dubbed the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA).


Today’s US Senate is the “death panel” that 2008 GOP VP candidate Sarah Palin warned us about, right ?


This immediately reminds me of the water cannons being used at Standing Rock protesters. They did not hesitate to aim them at elderly, small Native American women.
Those who are hauling these disabled people off and shooting these cannons, all of it, will have to live with the memories of it for the rest of their lives. Just as those who voted for Trump. Just as those knowing German adults who embraced Nazism willingly.


He/She who blabs loudest, first, as Palin did about it often is somehow thinking quite a bit about actively manifesting it themselves. The same way a sociopath/criminal will often just talk about their crime endlessly and end up convicting themselves…


There is a petition on the Daily Kos to have the charges dropped, There are probably others too.