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Disappearances and Murders of Indigenous Women and Girls Amount to 'Canadian Genocide,' National Inquiry Finds

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/03/disappearances-and-murders-indigenous-women-and-girls-amount-canadian-genocide


Trudeau made a big promise to these women. It feels like it slipped off his tongue too easily… Looking for results, Prime Minister.


2SLGBTQQIA? Well, it’s good to be deeply inclusive of everybody, but it’s not long enough.

The survivors of lost ones lost to this epidemic of violence have spent literally thousands of hours of their own times trying to get their voices heard. They have had little in the way of support be it from the Community , or any level of Government. From the Municipal , to the Provincial and to the Federal level resources MUST be committed to survivors and they MUST be tkane seriously. They have already suffered the loss of loved ones and should not have to suffer through all those years of being ignored when they seek remedies and answers.

One woman on the CBC today described as to how to was trying to get the police to take the disappearance of a family member seriously for months on end and the Police did absolutely nothing until the local Tribal Chief from the community she grew up in had to intercede. These people have been waging this fight for decades and more and the Government should have acted long before this Report.

This is unacceptable at any level.


Native women in Canada, and probably many women all over the world are treated as less than human in so many ways. Religion does this too: maybe that’s where the trouble starts. But then society seems to want to spread this message of valueless to women everywhere. Skin color too seems to often be the demarcation line----- or a different way of dress or of language and speaking : ( It seems that much of humankind is deeply inhuman. : (

Go to any Rez in america and ask, go to Pine Ridge and ask, go to Shiprock and ask. It isn’t just Canada. Shame, O my gawd I wish I weren’t white.

Indigenous lands around the world–people without an army.