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'Disappointed' in Obama, Sanders Calls on Top Dems to Drop Lame Duck TPP Push


'Disappointed' in Obama, Sanders Calls on Top Dems to Drop Lame Duck TPP Push

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Hillary Clinton may not have heeded progressives' call to clearly say she'll urge the White House and her fellow party members to oppose a "lame-duck" vote on the Trans Pacific Partnership, but Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has done just that, calling on Democratic Congressional leadership to publicly oppose a post-Election Day vote on the "job-killing trade deal."


Looks like Bernie is doing his bit to kill the TPP.
Go Bernie.


Opposing the deal after becoming president will be a moot point if Obama gets his way now--but could this be HRC's way of getting what she really supports passed while seeming not to do so?


We'll see. A good sign that that is not the case would be to hear her tell Obama to pull the plug on the TPP.

Adsm Green is right. Obama pushing th the TPP is costing her votes.


"signaled she will personally work to kill the corporate-written TPP". No she didn't; she said she'd support it when certain details are changed. I'd expect her to make minor changes in the language which will probably make no difference in the way it's enacted, then sign the deal. Her backers want it, so she can't take a firm stand.


The TPP is of such importance that the decision should be left up to all the people democratically, by referendum.

Direct democracy NOW!


Hillary could state that the election is a referendum on TPP and therefore it should not be brought up in the lame duck session.


Could he have said rejecting TPP was a condition of conceding?


Of course the Democratic Party will listen seriously to Bernie Sanders and deal with him both fairly and rationally on a matter of such clear importance.

Now excuse me while my dragon and I escort Peter Rabbit to enforce peace between Israel and Palestine.


Thanks for the link Isotope. That looks very interesting to watch.


All the comments are what one can expect here, but I wish someone would ask, Why isn't Obama being accused of treason? Because this is treason, in the exact definition of the word. He's been dancing on the edge for a long time, and now he's gone over, arrogantly openly letting us see what his bosses want and what he's willing to give them. Clinton said at a rally recently that she knows there's been little or no progress in solving the economic and social problems of the country. Nobody has yet commented on what a swipe that is at the president who promised so much in 2008. Promises won't be kept this time either, Sanders knows it, and it's another disappointment that he won't say so. The TTP/TTIP are not trade deals: those agreements simply mask their real intention, the power they give to multinationals to bankrupt every nation not already destitute.
After 1066, William the Conqueror, the Norman king, established feudalism in England. When a serf was caught picking up twigs in his forest to warm his hovel, his hands were chopped off. I'm sure there are modern equivalents for that.


Wasn't Sanders' challenging Clinton in the primary tantamount to a serf picking up sticks ?

Although Sanders' hands are still intact he has been relegated to the castrato bench with Howard Dean, Dennis Kucinich and other former mavericks who have been corraled by the DNC.


Simply because one disagrees with you about TPP, it does not logically follow that the Democrat Party is corrupt.

The Democrat Party is not monolithic. There are Democrat economics professors who support free trade because it promotes economic growth. And there are Democrats who are leftists who are opposed to free trade because they reject laissez-faire capitalism.

President Obama agrees with economists about TPP. Bernie is to the left of Obama and questions laissez-faire capitalism. Hillary is obviously tracking left to get Bernie supporters to vote for her.

Only a fool thinks his/her philosophy is absolutely true. We live in a democratic republic where people who disagree must use reason to decide what should be done. You would do well to try to come up with some reasoned arguments that TPP is bad for the US instead of simply assuming it is bad for the US because a lot of leftists think it is bad for the US.


The technology exists today to put every piece of major legislation before the people for a vote.
In fact today direct democracy is possible.
The power wither the people realize it or not, lays with them and always has.


You will have to repeal the Constitution to change our republic into a direct democracy (like ancient Athens). How likely is it that you think this will happen? In a direct democracy, there are no elected representatives that form governments. In Athens, all the adult, male Greeks (but not women, slaves and barbarians--non-Greeks) were the government. This may have been a direct democracy, but it was certainly less democratic than the US today because we have universal, adult suffrage. Our problem is not lack of direct democracy, it is the fact a minority of eligible voters actually vote.

Besides, the problem with democracy was best expressed by Mencken: "Democracy is the theory that the people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard." I shudder to think what would happen if you gave every nutcase the chance to use a computer so the could vote online. Probably, the same thing that is happening because the NRA thinks every nutcase has a right to own a gun.


Its encouraging to see that more of us are realizing this..


The best thing Bernie could have done to stop the TPP would have been to accept Stein's offer to run on the Green Ticket. He has lost all the momentum and influence he once had behind him. At this point, he is just an empty wind bag with nothing but hot air to support anything he brings forward.


Look, reality is, the only way to stop TPP is to get a whole lot of people to Washington protesting weeks on end in Sept/Oct. Make the democrats feel the heat. Otherwise, Obama will just sell you out again and Clinton will be egging him on from the sidelines. Obama's presidency was a complete waste.


Wow, Bernie Sanders, talking.

Because he is all talk.



Studies have shown that the belief people are too stupid to know what is good for them is false. That decisions made by the public as opposed to political decisions, invariably benefit the most people. When people know their voices and votes count, they take an interest in self-government and inform themselves.

Switzerland has had the direct democratic Canton system for almost 300 years and is an example of good government. No wars or drug wars, no boom and bust economy, the best healthcare and education, a healthy environment, little crime, few immigration problems, very low poverty, etc.

Is there any reason why using secure, encrypted, online voter initiatives and referendums with existing technology, the same direct democratic system could not be used by larger countries, or even globally?