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'Disaster Capitalism Disguised as Progress': Critics Rip Trump Infrastructure Plan

'Disaster Capitalism Disguised as Progress': Critics Rip Trump Infrastructure Plan

Jake Johnson, staff writer

President Donald Trump has repeatedly declared that "Americans deserve the best infrastructure in the world," but—judging by policy blueprints that have

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This has been the oligarchy’s game plan for many years—to take institutions and resources built and paid for by the public and sell them to well-heeled, well-connected investors at pennies on the dollar.

Exhibit A is public education, chronically underfunded, then blamed for underperforming.


Agree, and lets not forget their attempts to destroy the US Postal Service with crazy monetary claims (like prefunding pension plan for 75 yrs.).


When I first heard him talking about infrastructure in the State of the Union my ears perked up. Almost immediately he ruined a policy Idea I would have been glad to support by wanting to lower the bar for approval (who cares about the environment and private property), and saying that part would go to private projects. I want better infrastructure that is publicly owned, respectful of private property, environmentally conscience, provides long term (very important) jobs, and overall improves the communities that it effects. Sadly Trump’s plan probably won’t meet a single one of those things. This is a textbook case of a missed chance.


Fascism disguised as Democracy…


Let’s see, chopping up publicly-owned common goods and pawning them to the highest bidders… I wonder where Vladimir – oops, I meant Donald – learned that?


I’ve an idea. Let’s privitize the entire government. Off shore it to Bangeldesh or India. Hire only minimum wage poor people there to administer our whole government, including the SCOTUS.


We can keep reacting in utterly predictable knee-jerk fashion to the misadventures of Don and his fellow seditionists…or, we can bombard Congress (after all, the only institution that stands a chance of ridding us of the para$ite infecting the body politic) with calls, letters and e-mails demanding that it stop its ignorance and useless pointing out of the obvious.

You’ve got that right. Take these well heeled pieces of garbage and charge them with treason!

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How about cutting big business off and see how well heeled these types are then?

I have been calling and writing about that for almost twenty years. Let’s have required service for citizens to benefit the infrastructure and the environment . I just re e mailed my rep about this again. Flood the offices with this idea and contact the media!

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Then let’s gather steam and start a petition. I am not a tech person, but can someone start a petition online?

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Hidden in all of this is private capital from Russia and China with tolls. Where do the profits go? YUP Russia and China. Foreign Automotive plants build here. Profits go to? Yuo Japan. 3 billion to build a Chinese plant here for Apple. Profits go? YUP China. Clean coal, an oxymoron, black lung disease, yup stays here. Now we are on the move. Genius sheer genius.

A TomJohnson1,

Where is the Dems’ plan? I can tell you. My [so-called] Democratic representative in Congress, John Delaney, has been working on a plan since he was first elected to office. He is one of the wealthiest guys in Congress and his singular goal has been to get his Public-Private Infrastructure Plan up for a vote. He now has many co-sponsors for his bill; quite a significant number of them Democrats. His is the only infrastructure plan put forward by any Democrat in office.

His bill, which I read in full when he came out with the initial text a couple of years ago, reads exactly like the Trump plan, except that it also includes a very dubious “infrastructure bank” wherein some public monies and some repatriated business funds would act as seed money to cover some of the expenses in a peculiar bond scheme (you know, the kind of bond shit that gets municipalities in deep financial straits all the time).

Most recently, he sent out a newsletter to his constituents in which he boasted about how his plan has received “bipartisan support” and how proud he is to be “working across the aisle with the Trump administration”. He is hoping his bill will come up for a vote soon. I suspect his bill is actually the basis for the Trump plan, so, yes, it’ll come up for a vote soon.

You will notice how many Dems say that they are willing to work with Trump and the Republicans on infrastructure; sadly, this means that both parties are willing to sell out the commons to big business. Every road a toll road, every water system one like that in Flint, Mich. This is what the Dems support. Not a one of them has offered anything other than what Delaney has come up with. In other words, the original author of the Trump plan was a Democrat, and the Trump plan will sail through, and the Dems will brag about how “both sides can work together for the good of the country on issues that matter”.

We, the people, are about to be sold down the river again, in a real “bipartisan fashion” - again.


This is not Fascism it’s organized crime.

Solidarity, brother!

My take on this is that most infrastructure is ethically similar to Congressional “earmarks”, taking money from most of us and spending it to the benefit of their bestest special interest friends. For that we get overpriced projects of dubious value, such as “light rail lines and bicycle lanes to nowhere.”

In defense of ‘toll roads’, if it won’t have enough traffic private interests will never commit to it. In contrast, public roads built entirely by tax dollars are often built, and then only lightly used. (Many such examples can be found in Japan.)