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'Disaster Capitalism Strikes Again!': Puerto Rico's High Court Gives Green Light to Charter Schools, Vouchers


'Disaster Capitalism Strikes Again!': Puerto Rico's High Court Gives Green Light to Charter Schools, Vouchers

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Puerto Rico's controversial plan to overhaul the island's education system moved forward after its high court issued a ruling this week overturning a lower court's finding that charter schools and vouchers were unconstitutional.


Seems like the Queen of Soap sellers Scamway has bought her way into Puerto Rico. Pitty, but thats how they do it, find a weakness and exploit the people.


Why can’t some people realize how insane this is? WHY are some allowed to use public money to start a private school business without having any accountability?
Wouldn’t that be like using public money to build a freeway and then charging whatever high price to use ------by changing it into a private drive? Isn’t there supposed to be public accountability for using taxpayer money?


Corruption at all levels of the Drump administration


I’m sure most readers here recognize that our courts and judges are being
moved to the fascist right –

This is the model used by Hitler/Nazis in Nuremberg laws – and as MLK, Jr.
pointed out – therefore, “everything they did was legal.”

What is developing is Nuremberg Courts which work against democracy, against
freedom to protest which at any rate has been under serious attack since at least
the 1960’s – and now under new ALEC/Koch Bros. restrictions on protests in

We have to begin to return to our communities and devote time to it – pushing from
the bottom up with out Mayors, Governors, State Legislatures – and to slow down
work for corporations which only further damages Nature and the planet.

We can begin to crack this hard core of fascism that has risen in understanding that
corporations/capitalism needs our cooperation.


Published on Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Common Dreams

Everything Wrong with Charter Schools on Display in New Orleans
Major challenges of city’s charter schools exposed at recent NAACP Hearing

by Bill Quigley

" New Orleans now spends more on administration and less on teaching than they did before Katrina. One charter school executive, who oversees one K-12 school on three campuses, was paid $262,000 in 2014. At least 62 other charter execs made more than $100,000. This compares with the salary of $138,915 for the superintendent of all the public schools in Baton Rouge.

Admissions have been dramatically changed. In the new system, there is no longer any right to attend the neighborhood school. 86% no longer attend the school closest to their homes. Siblings do not automatically go to the same school, and no one is guaranteed a spot at their local school. Many families are frustrated by the admission process.

Seven select high performing schools do not use the system wide application process, called ONE APP. The “lotteries” run by these super select schools are not transparent but complex screening devices. The most selective, highest performing, and well-funded charter schools have many more white children attending them than the system as a whole as a result of special non-transparent admission processes. This is so well known that a local newspaper article headlined its article about some of the schools as “How 3 top New Orleans public schools keep students out"