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'Disaster for Endangered Species and the Natural World': Advocates Decry Trump Move to Gut Habitat Protection Law

No, are we talking about the effective government for the economic things people want to change, being captured so that our votes dont/can’t actually change anything that involves money. Those areas are OWNED as rights by corporations now so they get CERTAINTY. They also are getting what they want as far as cheaper labor. Hiring domestic workers ius seen as too expensive.

The politicians jobs is to plausibly get nothing done when it comes to these many areas that are important to us. Which we are losing if we stay on the same course. We think we still have but actually lost a great deal when it was signed away in 1994> This is not disputable. We dont dispute it. Why do you? If you want to know if the links I’m asking you about are genuine. Why dont you call up the government and ask them?

Lets get a discussion going. What are you so afraid of?

Those forces have always been here but have now not only gained an imbalance of power but have the perfect man in Trump to subvert any shred of decency or rule of law. That coupled with propaganda, violence, fear and uncertainly are a real threat to our Democratic Republic.

Voting was first and foremost an option for the few; the landed and wealthy being careful about that and hoping to eliminate any transgressors to their plan. Not much has changed.

Thats true. In fact in England people who had jobs couldn’t vote because it was assumed they would just vote for whatever their employers told them to.

Interesting trivia fact.

Whats expecially interesting is that in virtually none of the areas that people want change, our Presidents and legislatures are now shorn of most power. If you name ten things that generally Democrats want a President to do, they seem to me to only be able to change them so they become worse for people, 9although better for corporations) So what is the point. Frankly, if you want to get rid of governments getting inviolved with corporate business, its great.
But, most of their big accomplishments have already been done, or are awfully close to it…

Rigging healthcare for the corporations, damn, its already been done.


That’s quite a document and a short life for it’s young author. I’ve always been a single payer advocate.

It’s a constant fight Zed to create a fair and balanced world. Clearly not over yet.

Well, as long as we keep on doing what we’re dong now there is zero chance of any change, and within a year or two the price to buy back our jobs will be astronomical…
Thats why they are spending so much money on other stuff. Dont people realize what asset protection is in the national context. People are falling for the oldet tricks in the book.

As far as the US is, it will be over. We’ve been conned, by master con artists. bernie is a great lliar but I can see him lying when certain questions are asked.

People have no idea. Young people will grow up never having had a decent job, or maybe even any job. I’m not kidding. ths stakes are huge. Whatever people do now to get by, Its going to be gone. There will just be arrows pointing to things like emigration elsewhere, and homelesness or prison for the unwanted millions.

What they are doing is a major change, like a war where we lose, but without the shooting part. The country is being deceived. People here are beyond lazy or stupid.

You have no idea. We’ve all been lied to. They stole democracy and they have every intention of stealing the entire country. No jobs no life. they are doing this so that other countries wont push for democracy, they plan to buy them out with our jobs. We cant compete with almost free labor, you just cant. It wont happen.

I’m still alive and well… for now. Peace.

Is that you DC? If so, glad to hear you are well and still here.

I hear you. Organizing globally is what we needed but we can’t even get the unions here solvent. Reagan knew what track that business of his started. And it just kept building.

I think we should stop changing anything, and stop the creation of new scams, immediately, and dump the existing ones, we should declare the frauds we know of as illegitimate and push for the exposure of ll of these schemes.

There is a good argument to have both cadidates resign and both parties resign in disgrace.

Stop the implicit acceptance of the theft. Both parties are thieves, thats why the Dems are so desperate for the blame to be placed on Trump. He is just a newcomer, and he probably has some kind of deal with them.

We need to reunite our country around the restoral of democracy which most of us agree is the opposite of what they have been setting up,

If we buy what these parties are selling, our nation becomes a planet of corporate slavery. Voting for either of them is enabling a global land and property and policy space grab… None of us would ever vote for the hijinks they have manipulated ibto place in order to steal the world for themselves and their evil corporations.

Politics and politicians are breaking avery value and law this country has in order to steal it and we’re stuck in a trap until we have left all these trade agreements. because they make it so everything politicians do is limited to alienating our rights. the only politician who it is guaranteed would work for all of us is us.

the political class is obsolete, they have disgraced themselves and our nation. We still have time,and we the people still have hearts, feelings and dreams. We must break the spall of the hope destroying deals, , that holds us in thrall, money is not more important than anything.

we must evict the moneychangers from the temple of democracy, dump the deals and the deal-makers.

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No. Not DC. I am pilotpmg1 in St. Paul, MN. Now you know where I live, Trump! You orange fascist anus! Bring it! Ahem… sorry. Kind of lost it again with this DICK who is sitting his obese ass in the Oval Office. Sigh… Sorry all. This incompetent ass gets me SO worked up. Lol…

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So, suppose Biden wins and then he outsources millions of jobs, because “thats the deal we made more than 20 years ago” and he “intends to keep it”.

Everything that involves labor will be cheaper, but there will only be a very limited number of crap jobs and peoples lives will be falling apart.

What will Dems do?

drumpf truly is a threat to all living things.