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'Disaster for Internet Freedom': Trump Supreme Court Pick Despises Net Neutrality But Loves Mass Surveillance

'Disaster for Internet Freedom': Trump Supreme Court Pick Despises Net Neutrality But Loves Mass Surveillance

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In addition to the mountain of much-discussed reasons the American public should be alarmed by President Donald Trump's Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh—from his anti-abortion views to his past opinions favoring the interests of big polluters—advocacy groups are warning that the 53-year-old judge's established record of hostility to net neutrality and support for mass surveillance shows that his confirmation would spell "

They just don’t even try to pretend they aren’t about authoritarianism anymore. Just blatant and in-your-face about it as they can possibly be anymore.

To you Hundred million+ Americans that are peachy-keen about it: you will reap the whirlwind right along with the rest of us. Authoritarianism and tyranny benefits NOBODY except those in power.


It also appears he’s rather have a King than a President. Please click on the link to a piece he wrote for the Minnesota Law Review.


That is why Trump picked him—the unitary executive ideology. When you are shady, you want people to help keep things dark.


The good thing is we have his King making idea in writing :slight_smile:


"Glaser of Slate argued that, if confirmed by the Senate, Kavanaugh will “cement a conservative majority that is likely to agree that the government should be allowed to make broad requests to access the data that companies collect on us without a warrant.”

Every time I see “cement a conservative …” In my mind’s eye 'conservative majority = duopoly; and ‘cement’, being the most deadening and deadweight metaphor possible, looks and sounds like a plan for ‘disappearing’ (killing) in the old mafia style of cement booties rather than democratic process.

Strengthen local government participation.


Let’s start being a bit more precise since. It’s not just authoritarianism. It’s nationalist authoritarianism that they are calling Christian Democracy and their plan is to replace the post WW2 Liberal Democracy model that has worked so well and replaced it with a nationalist movement taking place around the world.

Tomorrow, if our Traitor in Chief breaks NATO we’ll know for sure it’s time to begin planning how to utterly destroy this regime and its adherents. And by utterly destroy I mean take no prisoners but eliminate the cancer.


This is not, and shouldn’t be, surprising to anyone. The fun irony is that Trump cried about being serveilled, yet that’s the guy he picks that would support that. I wonder if Trump will be going to Bohemian Grove when this is done?


Just finished reading Surveillance Valley by Yasha Levine. Total surveillance is already here.



Trump’s pick is so horrible in so many areas that Dems should have no trouble uniting against him.

Here is where red state Dems need to recognize that there are situations bigger than their own elections. And moderate repubs too.

Let his new pick take videos of the Grove Orgies, and let it go viral!

Dont count on any Dem to do the roght thing… The Repigs will have it all covered. They can do what ever they want because we allow all of it!

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So that will do it for you? I wanted to destroy all of them from day one of Dumpf taking office and the attacks the minute he started his job… Taking some time to think about your inevitable demise? Now?

This nominee was chosen by trump to secure all the things the 1% and corporate raiders want and screw the 99%, women, minorities, the poor, things too numerous to mention, and our fragile environment!

He is a creature of exploitation and abuse of the people, sanctified under the"law", who can come-up with any BS rationale to justify serving his right-wing masters and mindset…

If anyone believes this candidate will be anything other than a creature of the right and RepubliCon exploitation they got another think comin…problem is the arrogant DINO morons have put us and our republic into this position thru their own servitude to business as usual nominating the red queen who lost to the even more loathsome trump and now we ALL will have to pay for their complicity and sellout to big-money…we/they have lost any leverage or ability to defeat the forces of evil and usury, sanctified by “the law” and their BS “interpretation” of the Constitution!!

Why pretend when the most stubborn resistance they face are a few protests?
The people have made it quite clear that the rulers have nothing to fear beyond criticism and occasional ridicule.


If trump disbands NATO I’ll vote for him in 2020. If he ends foreign invasions and occupations and closes all foreign located US military bases I’ll campaign for a third term.

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Schumer leading the fight?

If this were the vote which would ensure that Roe vs Wade would stand for the next
two generations, the right wing would be preparing not only for an attack on Kavanaugh
but an overall and continuing attack on the administration.

Meanwhile, the PLANET IS ON FIRE and that reality hasn’t quite yet sunk in with the public.

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Kavanaugh is a enemy of the people, period. In a just world, he wouldn’t be appointed to be dog catcher.

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Software engineers could contest SCOTUS rulings against AI to see which serves the law more faithfully.

If AI can win at GO, it can easily make better legislative decisions than one or three partisan Supremes.

Eventually, it could (will?) substitute for SCOTUS altogether, and more…

Hear hear! Down with the heelots!!