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'Disaster for Internet Freedom': Trump Supreme Court Pick Despises Net Neutrality But Loves Mass Surveillance



or “Vacation—all we ever wanted! Vacation—had to get away!”

Hello, Emphiyo! As usual, much of what you share resonates.

But when you write, “we/they have lost any leverage to defeat the forces of evil and usury”, I think, “Huh?”

I perceive that we are never without leverage to defeat these forces.

I pereceive that we defeat ourselves when we imagine otherwise.

The primary leverage points—the jujitsu targets that allow for thorough redirection of our attackers’ aggression—are subtle. Internal, rather than external. A matter of process, rather than a matter of policy, procedure, or even protest.

But even on the most gross external level, it seems to me there are some key leverage points available.

Our money.

Our labor.

Our consent.

Imagine if a large number of us simply decided to take an extended “summer vacation” from our enslavement within the God Money system.

Imagine if we looked at how long we could vacate for, with the resources already at hand. Imagine if we got together with friends and neighbors and planned our vacations, sharing resources as needed to enable the greatest number to step out the most frequently, or for the longest continuous time span possible.

A lot of people already are underemployed; a lot of good work that needs doing in our communities is not being done because everyone’s whoring for God Money. A lot of people fucking hate their jobs, and would much rather be doing something else.

A lot of people’s jobs are nothing like secure in any case, and this is increasingly obvious in today’s chaotic political and economic context.

Imagine totally unplanned, unannounced, anarchic absenteeism in various sectors of the slave economy.

Imagine the God Money system teetering on its already-wobbling base as people spontaneously but widely discover that if they stop doing a lot of what they’ve been doing for money and instead focus on caring for and enjoying the people and non-human relations in their vicinity, Life is really quite rich, and thus, they need a lot less material stuff.

Imagine the regime ordering troops of whatever description to hunt down, arrest, brutalize, terrorize and kill innumerable small, random, highly distributed bunches of fellow Americans vacationing. Fellow Americans hanging out, giving each other back rubs, playing music, and sharing food.

Imagine the vacationers consistently saying, when confronted with such troops, “There is a place for you at our table, if you will join us.” (Starhawk, The Fifth Sacred Thing)

How long do you imagine the troops would be willing to assault and kill other Americans under such circumstances?

I say: “Probably not very long at all.”

In the meantime, everyone could be catching up on some much-needed rest, crying some long-repressed tears, learning some new dance moves, and generally remembering what being a Free human feels like.

(After a while of that, we might feel like crafting something like a new Constitution…)

I’m not making a proposal here. I’m just drawing this example out to illustrate that there are perhaps many peaceful and creative ways we the people could simply withdraw our money, labor and consent from the regime.

And, without a plan, but with trust in the creative genius within us and within Life, walk away from our long addiction to mental slavery…and walk toward a Truly original future.

Viva the creative evolution of humanity! And the renewal of this Earth.


Schumer leading the fight?

If this were the vote which would ensure that Roe vs Wade would stand for the next
two generations, the right wing would be preparing not only for an attack on Kavanaugh
but an overall and continuing attack on the administration.

Meanwhile, the PLANET IS ON FIRE and that reality hasn’t quite yet sunk in with the public.


Kavanaugh is a enemy of the people, period. In a just world, he wouldn’t be appointed to be dog catcher.


Software engineers could contest SCOTUS rulings against AI to see which serves the law more faithfully.

If AI can win at GO, it can easily make better legislative decisions than one or three partisan Supremes.

Eventually, it could (will?) substitute for SCOTUS altogether, and more…


Hear hear! Down with the heelots!!


Thanks – also looks like he would have by his position have been involved
in “W” and Albert Gonzalez’s and John Loo’s efforts to bring torture to America
in its treatment of alleged “terrorists” at Abu Ghraib. Actually it is more likely
that there were NO terrorists captured or held there but that they tortured them
anyway. As I see this and have said repeatedly, this looks to me more like
practice to torture Americans when it becomes necessary for fascists controlling
our nation.

This is another insane individual being added to the fascist armed camp of constant
war and aggression – but this is the “legal” pathway for it all.


Are you talking about FDR’s New Deal or neo-liberalism?


Thank you! I had never seen this!

Blessings to the artists…


Too bad foreign policy is only half of it. Not even half really. Apparently matters not to you what Trump does not he domestic side, or do you love that too?

Of course, Trump is not going to do the things you say he would do to get your vote. So that part of it is moot…


Such a program would probably wind up looking a lot like today’s voting machines.


Thank you! What a great movie…it was almost perfect… it would have been perfect if the newspaper guy had been named TRUMP! : )


if this was a dystopian novel, the Kavanaugh person and the Gina the Torturer person would be found in a double waterboarded bathtub suicide death scene---------in Guantanamo! There might be some patriots in the CIA----it could happen.


Not a government program. It would be a contest between players, Supremes or Alpha GO.

AI has proved to be a better diagnostician than doctors. Its time it proved itself against lawyers.


But even on the most gross external level, it seems to me there are some key leverage points available.

Rainbow –

Our money.

Our labor.

Our consent.

Imagine if a large number of us simply decided to take an extended “summer vacation” from our enslavement within the God Money system.

Maybe not exactly that way – but a UNION of minds of labor could bring us to reduced employment
where we all decide that our communities need us and we work reduced hours. Or, same can be
accomplished with slow-downs.

Our communities do need us – we need to be at Town meetings talking about Global Warming and
the planet being on fire. We need to be pushing our representatives/senators to help Puerto Rico, to
move national health care for all. To increase salary levels and begin again to raise taxes on the
wealthy and corporations.

Another terrific one would be for everyone to go VEGAN – we can break that long chain of suffering and violence if we do. There’s a large movement to go VEGAN going on in NJ now.

If they end net neutrality we can all consider what an apt response would be.


While the potential is certainly there, the reality is that those in power would never allow any kind of reform unless they could control the outcome.
Technology gives us many of ways to ensure not only fair elections but actual direct democracy. Truth is, we do not even need a government to perform most governing functions any longer.
Unfortunately, none of this will ever be implemented until those currently in power have been removed.


I hear you.

And as I said, I wasn’t arguing for a strategic approach. I was playing. Seriously playing, but playing nonetheless.

In that same playful spirit, I point out that the strategy you suggest here is time-tested.

And has proven, so far, to be a total failure.

If what we are aiming at is a world of embodied unity within our diversity, that is.

The principle is correct, of course—unity.

But in practice, the strategy for manifesting unity you recommend has been tried for several hundred years, since the very beginning of the Industrial Age.

What my light-hearted imaginal exercise was meant to invite was the consideration that something very different is required to change our situation.

There is something deep in the center of modern liberal/progressive strategies that dooms them to failure.

Until one is willing to contemplate that this is so, one is doomed to play the failure out, again and again.


Rainbow –

Yes – playing is a good idea –

“Idleness is the beginning of all wisdom.”

I’m not either suggesting something etched in stone –

What has made somewhat of a difference to everyone was the Bernie Sanders campaign because it represented liberal leadership which we have long been denied.
Hell – we’ve even been denied moderate leadership.
All liberals and moderates have been purged from both parties beginning with the McCarthy Era and right through the NRA/CIA era of targeting liberals and moderates in both parties, leaving only those willing to play the puppet for Elites-corporations.

But in practice, the strategy for manifesting unity you recommend has been tried for several hundred years, since the very beginning of the Industrial Age.

Actually, what I have long been suggesting here is non-violent, non-cooperation with Elites-Patriarchy-Christianity-Corporatism which pretty much sums up the system – but of course add in “Empire.”

And those very things have been happening naturally as democracy/Separation of Church & State has spread – and where the “concept” spreads former supporters have moved away from Organized Patriarchal Religions which underpin Elitism-Patriarchy.

They not only underpin Elitism-Patriarchy but supplied them with the “God-given” licenses to exploit Nature, Animal-Life and even other human beings according to various myths of “inferiority” based in “Manifest Destiny” and “Man’s Dominion Over Nature.”

Actually that was what the war in Spain was about – Spain becoming a republic - a democracy supporting Separation of Church & State was a threat to the Catholic Church there.

By the 1960’s here, the RCC was writing off America, Canada and Europe and directing their attention to China and Africa as their new source of wealth.

What I have been saying is that everyone must reconsider their support for these male-dominated religions.

Global Warming is also a Wild Card which is bringing change – forcing change.
Granted that message should have gotten through to the public by 1957 when the model of Global Warming was introduced to the public. However, the oil industry then began a 50 year ($50 BILLION campaign to lie to the American public). Notice that the NY Times made their Op-Ed pages available to assist ExxonMobil in that campaign and our press, in general, hid the issue. (See: Operation Mockingbird)
Today, the message of Global Warming is much more immediate and much more dangerous as we are only now beginning to feel the effects of it based in what happened AFTER 1968.

And I don’t at all understand what you mean by this . . .

There is something deep in the center of modern liberal/progressive strategies that dooms them to failure.

Until one is willing to contemplate that this is so, one is doomed to play the failure out, again and again.

We haven’t had any modern liberal nor progressive strategies since the assassination of JFK in '63 – nor have they permitted other liberal or moderate leadership to rise.

There have been no strategies by liberals – only strategies put in play long ago by the right wing in secret to control the nation. And they are constantly fine-tuned according to their long time playbook created over 100’s of years of destruction here. Our Constitution itself is a farce by Our Founders where rather than creating a democracy, they created an Elite-Patriarchy, endowing them with land grants, giving them immense influence and control over our people’s government, the nation’s wealth and natural resources. In other words – they immediately PRIVATIZED our natural resources. And of course, they did much more than that in saving and supporting the system of Slavery for Elites. That guaranteed the Civil War which further benefitted Elites by splitting the nation into two camps of hatred which continue to echo today.


Glad you liked it! I hope you watched the whole thing from beginning to end, and not just the iittle clip on heelot-ology.


If the people see that Deep Mind or other AI can diagnose and treat their illnesses with better judgement than a doctor can, judges, lawyers and politicians would follow.

If people would prefer an AI as a doctor, they could prefer an AI as a Supreme.


Of course, but what the people prefer is not typically a consideration for most politicians outside of campaign rhetoric.
Automated medical exams and possibly even operations do not threaten anyone’s power, so that will possibly be commonplace soon enough.
Most people want direct (ie real) democracy, which has been possible with via the internet for decades, but mainstream politicians refuse to even mention it.
For that matter, with 3d printing we have the technology right now to feed the entire human race at a very low cost, but it is not being utilized or even discussed, for much the same reasons.