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'Disaster': Trump Administration Signs Off on Keystone XL Pipeline


'Disaster': Trump Administration Signs Off on Keystone XL Pipeline

Nika Knight, staff writer

Nearly ten years after pipeline company TransCanada first applied for a State Department permit for the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, the Trump administration has reversed the previous administration's decision and signed off on the "disastrous" project.


Bernie called for a COMPLETE END to Fossil Fuels, a Revenue Neutral Carbon Tax, and an end to Fossil Fuel Lobbying and Tax Breaks, all of which Hillary's and the DNC's "plans" did NOT include.

Getting Bernie out of their way, however, WAS in their plans.

DNC Thread Damage Control may now begin...


It did not matter whether Donald or Hillary was elected, except for a few minor things like hurrying climate change with the dirtiest fuel on the planet, taking health insurance away from 26 million Americans which will kill quite a few of them and giving hundreds of billions of dollars to the nations wealthiest, giving the Supreme Court a decades long gift to the most wealthy and powerful in our nation, building a multi-billion dollar wall and putting out the "you are not welcome" sign to most of the world which will lead to smart people staying away from America and further leading to our demise, and...


The main point I'll try to make about Tar sands is its basic crude value,
that is as for big engines, fuel oil for shipping/trucking global trade.
Thus we can assume KeystoneXL means more global trade 'middle men' devising new ways to exploit cheap labor abroad and pay lip service to a car and airplane-dependent economy of the lower class. This is Trumpism. Last card played by the ruling elite.


Must stop KXL from happening


Trump and his fellow climate deniers always claim the XL and other pipelines " ARE SUPPLYING JOBS FOR AVERAGE AMERICANS". But they never say how many $$$$$$$ their fellow climate deniers and greedy fossil fuel companies will make!


Get real. The Obama administration has called for an end to fossil fuels, at least John Kerry stated that in one of his excellent speeches on climate change. Hillary Clinton had a very ambitious plan to replace fossil fuels for electricity generation. There is little difference between Bernie and the DNC on climate change. Both recognize it is an existential threat. The main difference is the DNC is somewhat more pragmatic and Bernie is a populist. So the DNC people do not believe it is possible to simply end fracking without increased coal burning while Bernie called for an end of fracking. The DNC people do not believe a carbon tax can get though the Republican controlled Congress but Bernie called for it anyway. Both the DNC and Bernie support the Clean Power Plan and increased vehicle fuel efficiency standards. You seem to be creating artificial differences between the DNC and Bernie. Don't forget, Bernie strongly supported Hillary Clinton in the general election. I agree most of the people in the DNC supported Hillary Clinton which should not be surprising since she has been a loyal Democrat for decades while Bernie has been an independent and has even run against Democrats in Vermont. But the DNC did not get Bernie out of the way. He mainly lost because he did poorly with minority voters. Exactly why he did so poorly I don't know but the results of the voting were pretty clear. Hillary Clinton won just about every large diverse state, in some cases by very wide margins. Your alternative facts are getting in the way of clear thinking about the current political situation.


Like I said...

And now, below, here's....


No one has asked if there was a leak, either large or small, who would pay for the clean up.. Also if the leak was large scale and got into the underground drinking water system, how would that be resolved. Would the public wind up paying for the clean up and have to pay a premium on drinking water for the rest of their lives. Just asking


There really is, to date, no "clean up" of dilbit/tarsands oil spills- The shit is just too heavy, too nasty...
Enbridge has spent A billion dollars on the Kalamazoo Michigan spill- The Kalamazoo River, for several miles still has that nasty dilbit clinging to the bottom...
They never talk about this when selling people on pipelines!