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'Disaster Waiting to Happen' as Trump Quietly Approves Massive Oil Drilling Project in Arctic Waters Off Alaska Coast


'Disaster Waiting to Happen' as Trump Quietly Approves Massive Oil Drilling Project in Arctic Waters Off Alaska Coast

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Ignoring once more the existential necessity of keeping fossil fuels in the ground and transitioning to a global energy system powered by renewable sources, the Trump administration on Wednesday delivered another major victory for Big Oil by quietly approving a Texas company's plan to drill in federal Arctic waters six miles off the coast of Alaska.


The lies are integral to fascism take on whole new level of danger when the they apply to global warming. Fascism in a world warming from global warming attributable to human sources is suicidal. I don’t see any other way to put it. People really need to know this is happening and what to do about it. For a president of the US to claim it is all a hoax could not be more irresponsible. His cult-like followers seem to believe what he says. It is bad enough that Trump is engaged in terminating the experiment in democracy that has taken place in the US for over 240 years but he is also engaged in ending human civilization by promoting fossil fuel production. And promoting it in the Arctic is even a new low for him. If American democracy ends there will probably be a chance to start over, but there is no second chance with global warming. This planet could be largely uninhabitable for thousands of years before returning to some semblance of the climate that we are familiar with and which has allowed human civilization to flourish.


“Irresponsible”, irreverent and irreversible.


‘First they came for Mother Earth’…


Then Pacha Mama kicked their asses.
Then the sun exploded…


To take it yet a step further, Trump insists that the country should be run like a business. Unfortunately the business model of the country is failing as capitalism is failing to sustain the bottom half of the people.


Donald Disaster Strikes Again.


All just a part of our dysfunctional ruling class!! When are we going to dump it!!


Stand with our youth Oct. 28 and 29:

Hicorp Energy needs to hear from us. Make letters to them open letters and send out to your local media. Why? Hilcorp will shut their eyes and ears but people need to be reached so we can reach critical mass and restore and preserve our eco-systems.

Hilcorp Energy Company Corporate Office

1111 Travis Street, Houston, Texas 77002
713-209-2400 (main line)
713-209-2478 (fax)


If climate, global warming is not addressed soon forget the could, more like will.


Wonder if he is also behind the pipe bombs that were sent to some key dems?


Hey, thanks you bet we will.


He doesn’t care- he’s nothing but a thug.


Nice link Steven, thanks.


He’s a bought out worm.


I can’t quit thinking of two little girls and two little boys - two of my nieces had these children. And this makes me bawl.


I linked a day or two back to the article about the largest Oil spill in US History that no one ever heard about. This a well in the Gulf of mexico that has been leaking upwards of 700 barreles a day into the Gulf ( a low end estimate) for some 14 years with the projection it will continue to leak for another 100!! years because the leak so inaccessible at the bottom of the Gulf, there no way to cap it.

This will KILL the Gulf in time if it not already dead.

Now what happens when the same occurs in the Arctic? Another OOPS sorry my bad, now lets drill over THERE!

It fucking insanity


Yeah and we know how trump is at business, how many bankruptcy claims has he filed? 5 or 6. It’s mind bending he is in charge.


It is indeed insanity, and it seems to be catching on.


Just as it is irresponsible for the Trump regime to approve drilling in the Artic, it is irresponsible of the Sierra Club to continue selling foreign vacations which require those fossil fuels.