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Disasters Like Louisiana's 1000-Year Flood Now Common, Scientists Warn


Disasters Like Louisiana's 1000-Year Flood Now Common, Scientists Warn

Nika Knight, staff writer

Parts of Louisiana's disastrous, ongoing flooding has been upgraded by meteorologists to once-in-1,000-years rainfall, with other areas classified as 500-year and 100-year events, nola.com reported Monday, as scientists warn that such storms are growin


"You are entering a new world--a world of environmental change, a world of violent weather, a world that is unpredictable, a world that will be unbalanced, with great political & economic difficulties. Nations will be shaken by revolution, & national economies will fall.

It is the outcome of many forces at work that have been at work for some time. The wise can foresee this. For everyone else, it will be a great shock--the shock of the future."....... from the New Revelation, "The Shock of the Future."

........"You were sent into the world to serve the world under these conditions."


High flood water mixed with Fracking fluid waste, Monsanto Round up, gasoline, and other toxins can't be good when people are forced to swim in it, and swallow some of this lethal cocktail. 1000-year flood now common! I am following the logical end of this all, higher cancer rates for starters.


Over the past several decades there has been an increase in extreme rain events in most parts of the US. Total rainfall hasn't changed much but when it does rain it now more often is in the extreme category. It is expected that there will be an increase these extreme rain events as well as in increase in droughts. Most concerning perhaps are predictions of megadroughts lasting for several decades in the western part of the country. Together with predictions of more frequent and severe heat waves, rising sea level, increased wildfires, spread of tropical diseases into the US, etc, it all adds up to a more forbidding future,


Do you suspect that all of this might be happening because we're heating up the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels by the mega ton daily?


Conservatives like to say that behind every disaster there is opportunity. Is that why they cause so many?


About half of the inhabited neighborhoods of Louisiana are now unlivable. They should be abandoned. Furthermore, every oil refinery up and down Cancer Alley should be required to erect far higher levees around their plants in order to protect the state's ecosystem from their pollutants during yet another 1000-year storm.

Finally, the government should cashier the term "1000 year storm" when they know that it's a 100 year storm on the new Eaarth.


In addition to the criminal neglect/denial of these problems, there is also the media failure to do anything- like telling the citizens about the magnitude of these events, and whats causing them. Too often we depend- as here, again- on foreign news outlets to cover these stories. i go to telesur and RT before opening domestic news


Don't blame it on conservatives. Democrats and Republicans alike are in the pockets of the fossil fuel industry. If you fail to recognize that we will continue on this path. Jill 2016 the only candidate who wants to end fossil fuel use and convert to renewable energy.


Conservative Republicans and Neoliberal Democrats are in the pockets of the fossil fuel industry. That's pretty much all of them.


Latest composite for the remaing Arctic Ocean icecap:

Travel from the Bering Sea, (between Alaska & Russia) to London and New York, across the North Pole, looks open now. A totally grotesque reality. Just what it translates into in the near future is anybody's guess.



Except that it's the .001%, that caused it. "Repubs" & "Dems" are just convenient words that these clever owners use. But we know that. But they still continue to catapult their crappola Kabuki theater at us to see how well it plays. lol I still swear, these retreads of once-upon-a-time human beings, did not migrate out of Africa with the rest of us.


Could someone explain to McKibben that 1000 years is not 100 years. Pretty sure what he really meant to type was 4016 and NOT 2216.


yes! that's a major contributorr. also, consider that seven and growing billion people cutting down woodland and rain forests for fuel and to make more space for a human habitat has devastating effects on the balance of Nature. we need to rethink the impossible "american" dream nightmare and live within our means.

i remember a few years ago when nbc's anchor, brian w. (who?) reported the unusually high hurricane activity. he said, "this will go down in history as the month of tornadoes."

my son and i both scoffed, "oh silly man! when you see what's coming, these little storms will seem mild by comparison!"


We just had one of these 1000'ers, and just over two years ago, in Colorado! Not to mention what just months ago, the Houston area had a doozey. The Arctic Ocean looks open from Alaska to New York City. Not good. Wake wall street. Wake up you .001% goofballs.

Denver Post - Boulder, CO September 14, 2013

Thanks to the Denver Post - larger photo is here - BeSolar.info/Design/Assets/Images/morephots8/i-tJzcCCr-L.jpg


2 times 1,000 is 2,000 though. Which seems to be what he meant. Allow he may have been also intentionally saying 200 years to indicate the more common nature of these events. Although if that was his intent he might have been more accurate to have made it 2 years.


"... the eighth flood considered to be a once-in-every-500-years event to have taken place in the U.S. in little over 12 months,"

My, how time flies! Just think, 4,000 years crammed into one! Goodness gracious, sakes alive! Those scientists have been playing with time and now it's getting out of hand. It has to be these new-fangled computers doing all of it.

:wink: :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


And what does Ken Ham say about all this? How does it correlate with his young earth beliefs?