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Discarding the Elderly


Discarding the Elderly

Paul Buchheit

Elder abuse is defined as "harmful acts toward an elderly adult, such as physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional or psychological abuse, financial exploitation, and neglect.." Financial exploitation comes from the banking industry; neglectemanates from the halls of Congress; and emotions are stirred through the stories of impoverished seniors:


Although I know just as many Democrats as Republicans who think they can retire on their 401ks, the quote from the Bend Oregon Republican who exhausted 401k savings is a classic case of having faith rather than demanding evidence.

The only people that I know whose 401k, 403b, or 457k programs have bought them much retirement are those who have generous corporate, government or military pensions and retiree medical insurance paid for by somebody else. The 401k for them is bonus money for their world travel, vacation homes, boats, etc.


You dead beat OLD people, pull yourself by the boot straps and work. I know the bankers stole all your retirement money, but NO laws were broken. Well, the laws were changed so the bankers could steal your money legally.

In God We Trust…USA #1


Important article and subject given our demographics. We are all disposable under capitalism but seniors even more so. I’m hitting 60 unable to find work. My wife is in her 70’s. We’ve been living on borrowed tome (reverse mortgage) which has run out. We are the jetsam of this monstrous system and you are too – even if it hasn’t caught up to you yet. Our only security is each other but that requires the consciousness to know it.


Just wait until the dollar collapses. Most people I know have used their 401K’s to live off of when they get laid off or they or part time workers and have to use their 401K when their part time assignment ends. These people are well educated CPA’s I am talking about. The implied contract of hard work and a good education is also another American lie. I myself wish that I had the money to get out of this corrupt fascist Country. If you told people in the 1960’s that this Country spies on its citizens, tortures people, holds people without charges and kills people without due process of law; people would laugh you out of the room.


I’ve put 10% to 15% of my salary into various 401k and IRA plans for the past 25 years. I’ve taken advantage of every corporate match, and for the last several years I’ve taken advantage of the “catch up” extra allowed contribution. With some prudent investing and now paying for active account management, I’ve seen my retirement accounts (yes, there are several of them) grow to levels that will generate a comfortable income when we retire in 10 years or so. The 401k system does work, but the individual has to be disciplined in saving and maintaining a risk-balanced portfolio.


As the !% continue to buy up politicians around the world, getting “out of this fascist country” is no longer an option, even for those who can afford to.

TPP and TTIP include provisions to spread the corporate tyranny (that Americans already experience)
to other nations. For example: just like Medicare and the ACA, negotiating drug prices will be verboten in all of the signatory nations.


Quit complaining you live in a capitalist system enjoy the wonders it supplies.


The 401k system works only if people know how to manage money.

And most people do not know how to manage money(investments).


I wish you were wrong, but I fear that you are exactly correct.


Not the Hippies I knew! We all tried hard so this wouldn’t happen.I think they’re going after our generation becasue we were the last to try to standup to them.
Now, I’m watching all of our gains slip away because subsequent generations fell asleep. It’s heartbreaking to see.
WE knew more of what the gov was doing back then than people do now


We not only knew more, but actually tried to educate people and do something about it- That is back when “Civil Disobedience” was popular- Even though life then had it’s ups and downs, those were the best years of my life-


Most folks are not paid their worth, as the profits go to the top. Fair wage is the main problem.


Then people can learn. I didn’t understand either when we started investing. There are plenty of books, thousands of web sites, and investment advisors all over the place. There are dozens of programs established to help and encourage saving and investment by young and/ or lower income families. Then put a little aside with each paycheck, don’t touch it, and let it grow.