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Discouraging Protest Vote, Sanders Says: 'Elect Clinton—Then Mobilize'


Discouraging Protest Vote, Sanders Says: 'Elect Clinton—Then Mobilize'

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Reiterating why he thinks it is crucial for the future of the country, as well as the planet, that Republican nominee Donald Trump not be elected U.S. president, former Democratic candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders called on his supporters Friday to "think hard" before casting a protest vote.


ITA. What a BAD plan. Egads. Where the heck did his sanity go?


I think MR Sanders better served remaining silent if his only alternative is campaigning for Ms Clinton.

What he is doing is sending the message that the persons proclaiming themselves as progressives in the USA are just another face of the corrupt Democratic Party and he will erode the trust of the young people who believed they could spark evolutionary change.


It's not a protest vote if you really want that person to be elected. Even so, considering the daunting task of getting Jill elected

then it is a protest vote - to begin taking down the corrupt duopoly on both sides. Trump is kinda doing his side on his own. We need to stay true and vote Green (or your choice).


A better plan is for progressives to not make that decision until election day, since so much is in flux. Meanwhile, join the fights to challenge the primary election fraud and open the debates to third parties. That way we stand a chance of getting a real progressive into the White House NOW. We have e an emergency here that won't endure 4 more years of policy bought by corporations.


Bernie, I voted for you and you walked away from the primary with nary a word about the rampant election fraud. Since you don't care about my vote, you have no right to try to direct it toward the corrupt DNC candidate. I find it offensive and condescending, something I never thought I would say about you. Please leave those of us who want some integrity in the system alone and figure out how to elect your rotten candidate on your own. (Lifelong Democrat-->Now Green for Good)


From a supporter, in a word. NO!


Wise words from someone who really knows politics. I don't think he is talking to the hardcore older Leftists but to millennials who did not suffer through 12 years of Reagan and Bush that was finally ended by Bill Clinton. It sounds like Al Gore will taking to the campaign trail and he is really needed because he is so identified with the climate change issue. It would sad if these young people voted away their future by casting a vote for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein. Climate change is real and unbelievably dangerous in the long term. Millennials have been bombarded by propaganda against Hillary Clinton from both the left and the right for a long time and it is not surprising that they see her in extremely negative terms. Even if they continue to view her this way they should come to understand what Bernie Sanders is saying makes a lot of sense. He is doing a great service for his country by speaking out like this.


I'm sorry Bernie, you made a literal bargain with a devil (Clinton and the establishment Dems). Trump can't win. It is statistically impossible for him to get to 270 Electoral College votes without any minority support. MSNBC said this in August, but they need to make it look possible so they can keep raking in the ad bucks. The Dems also desperately do not want a viable progressive party - the Greens - to emerge as a real threat to their hegemony. We MUST help the Greens get to 5% of the national vote this year. It is safe to vote for the Stein/Baraka ticket in whatever state you live in, even in states like Ohio and Florida. Do not listen to the establishment and their paid trolls here. Vote your conscience this year and make the Greens a viable force in future elections. Stein/Baraka 2016!


Sanders supports the unending United States holocaust. What a stupid waste of contributions I made to a frightened wimp with a booming voice.


I had a hard time commenting here during the primary season because I really respect the vast majority of (former) Sanders supporters - I didn't feel up to raining on their parade. But I always choked on the word "revolutionary" used to describe Bernie Sanders.

A revolutionary consciousness is one which unequivocally opposes imperialism. Sanders never mounted any serious challenge to his putative opponent, primarily because he doesn't have any problem with the imperialist tradition Clinton embodies. Now his 501c(4) organization, "Our Revolution" (gag!) has abandoned all candidates for federal office (such as Tim Canova, running against Debbie Wasserman Schultz), and he's doing everything he can to undermine the only voice of reason, Jill Stein.

Glen Ford was on to this game more than a year ago: Sanders is a good little sheepdog.


LRX, what makes you think that the woman who sold fracking to the world, and refuses to speak up about the DAPL is the one who can save us from the emergency of climate change?


Bernie, Bernie! You started out so well, and then you shied away from addressing Clinton's duplicity and greed in her use of a private server to hide her selling of her office as Secretary of State, and finally, you caved early at the convention, before the votes were even all counted in California. You capped that off by endorsing a candidate you had thoroughly shown to be a creature of corporate America in the course of your primary campaign.

Now you want us to vote for this horror -- a shill for the bankers, a certified greedhead and sociopath, and worst of all, a warmonger who wants to put us in confrontation with Russia!

Your strategy -- vote for Hillary and then "mobilize" -- is exactly what we on the left said about Obama in 2008, and look what that got us -- a candidate who started more wars, who couldn't even muster up the guts to close Guantanamo down, who expanded national surveillance and dramatically expanded the drone wars and introduced extrajudicial killing, even of Americans abroad, who has run the most secretive government in history, including going after whistleblowers more harshly than any president in history, and who said there would be no prosecutions of the criminal bankers who brought the global economy to its knees, where it still rests today, after 8 sorry years in office. Boy, that strategy worked real well, didn't it?!

Nope. Sorry Bernie. I ain't feeelin' the Bern anymore. You blew it badly. Right now you could have been leading this race running as a Green, had you heeded the noble and generous Jill Stein and accepted her offer to take her place as that party's presidential candidate. Instead, despite learning that Hillary and her minions in the Democratic National Committee had worked to screw you through the campaign, undermined your efforts to make the party more progressive, nominated a real right wing Democrat as VP, and has been running to the right, and stiff-arming progressives ever since. Now it looks like her sorry campaign is collapsing under the weight of her own narcisiism, obsession with secrecy and a sense of being above the law, and instead of recognizing the error of your ways and seeing whether maybe Stiein's offer could still stand, or of supporting Stein, you're going down with the Clinton ship and asking your former primary backers to join you.

It ain't going to work. And when all is said and done, instead of building a political revolutionary movement, you will go down in history as having shied away from the struggle when you should have gone all out to push for it.

Well, your latest call did do one thing: You've convinced me to donate some more of my hard-won cash to the Stein campaign. Go Dr. Jill!

Dave Lindorff
founding editor of ThisCantBeHappening.net


Bernie you sold me out and millions more like me that gave you financial help. My financial help was never, never suppose to go to HRC!

Let me ask you Bernie: Your whole campaign was about getting big $ out of politics; you gave speech after speech about the political miasma of Wall Street; how Wall Street was eviscerating the American political system; that was the raison d' 'etre for your running against HRC, so let me ask you: HOW IN HELL DO YOU EXPECT ME TO BACK A WALL STREET WHORE INSTEAD OF DR. JILL STEIN?

I should have seen the con when you said you would back the dems. nominee. That was my mea culpa!


I'm really tired of being told to vote for the Lesser of Two Evils no matter how evil. I voted for Jill Stein in 2012 and immediately after the Democratic Party nominated Hillary Clinton, I changed my party affiliation from D to Green.


I live in Tennessee. The chance that Tennessee will be decisive in this election is zero point zero zero percent. Which is also the chance that I'll vote for Clinton or Trump. 0.00%

Hillary doesn't need me. She doesn't need my yard sign, bumper sticker, telephone calls, or canvassing. She sure as hell doesn't need any of my small dollars. Plenty of her supporters have told me that too, point blank. They don't need me.

Fine. I get it. The way they've set up the system, my vote won't count. They don't need me. So good luck to them.

I'm voting for Jill.


Voting for Jill Stein is not a protest vote if you happen to agree with her on most issues.

Voting for either of the deplorables, Clinton or Trump, is not just wasting your vote on someone who would make a horrible president. It's perpetuating a corrupt and broken system that has no incentive to change as long as we keep electing a "major party" candidate.

Don't protest by voting against either Trump or Clinton. Vote FOR the best candidate. In this election, that's Jill Stein.


If she wants our votes, she better get out there and earn them with real policy positions and a rejection of TPP. She has a real trust problem with the left, also.
What guarantees can she give that we will get what we want? Naming appointments would go a long way. Kaine was a disastrous mistake.

She has run her campaign ineptly, running to the right and the wealthy the second she got the nomination. Does she honestly think we will look the other way when the intransigent 1% represents a major part of the problems facing us. Furthermore, where else does she think those anti-Trump Republicans have to go? We have Jill Stein, and we will work for her and vote for her if we don't get major, major concessions with teeth.

She has already stuck her finger in the eyes of progressives far too many times. Bernie, Elizabeth, and Al might be willing to campaign for her, but we want policies, not personalities!!!!!


Oh, NOW he really knows politics.


Bernie was rather silent or incoherent on foreign policy when he was a candidate. Most of his supporters bought into his campaign on the domestic side and were hopeful on the foreign policy side. He was the best, most electable candidate at the time. Hillary has little going for her that a progressive like me would like, so Jill Stein is the best candidate and I'll just hope that more people will realize before November that she IS electable.