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Discrimination More Appealing than Experts Thought Possible


Discrimination More Appealing than Experts Thought Possible

Christian Christensen

We were told that this was a high point for postwar democracy: a moment in which an entire nation sent a clear, unambiguous message that the politics of hate, racism and ethno-nationalism would be rejected in favor of decency and restraint. And the result of the second round of the 2002 French Presidential elections certainly seemed to support these lofty claims, with incumbent Jacques Chirac beating Jean-Marie Le Pen of the Front National by the unheard of margin of 82.2 percent to 17.8 percent. French honor had, we were told, been restored.


Excellent reflections.


Demonizing white people who voted for Trump as stupid racists is a losing strategy...mark my words. Michael Moore said so, and though I disagree with him a lot, he is absolutely right on this one.


Discrimination is deeply rooted in the American psyche, regardless of race, and it certainly isn't confined to race. We generally regard discrimination as the egregious denial of fundamental civil and human rights on the basis of race, gender, religion, class, etc.

We have, in fact, stripped most of our jobless poor of a number of civil and human rights, via measures contained within our welfare reform policies. Yet, because it appears that the general public supports this agenda, we don't actually consider it to be discriminatory.


Note that it wasn't only white people who voted for Trump. All I can personally say is that I truly don't understand their reasoning.


Which people?


This is why you lost the elections instead of coming to terms why she lost. You are beating the drum that we are racist, xenophobic. I didn't know how far left MSNBC was until now. They are beating this drum over and over. I don't believe that Trump supporters are writing this racist slurs. I do believe it is the far left who are doing it. Every Trump supporter that I have spoken with did not pick Trump because white people are racist. I have been telling people on these liberal boards that more people are voting Trump than you think. Yes the American people does want a moratorium on immigrants entering this country for now. It is purely economics . Voting Clinton would of been more of the same. This country is in severe debt, really we are bankrupt. Something has to been done and fast. We don't have enough jobs the middle class has been beaten down . I come from a Democratic state and last election for governor the democrats were smug again. They thought they had the election for Brown and the state went red. I didn't go vote. One thing about democrats(why i'm not longer one) they are just as corrupt as Republicans. they like to tax people to pay for someone else. They have tax my water bill and electric bill so high that I'm having trouble paying it my self. This new bread of Democrats the political correctness the shutting down the opposition. The attack on Americans traditions. To where we can't say Merry Christmas any more. I do strongly believe in individual rights. But when you accept other rights more important over the rights of others there will be push back. The white middle class is feeling marginalized


True, a losing strategy, but the the dirty truth anyway. Majority of white males and females who voted, voted for the racist rapist.


"political correctness" the branding words of racists as well, so why use them?
I am old enough to remember when this phrase originated on the left, but then co-opted by the far right, for an alternate use.

Much in the same way that scientists claimed "global warming", and then Frank Luntz redefined it as "climate change" and with the help of Faux news, created the substitute term, which is not at all scientifically accurate. The climate is not just changing, it is heating up.

I come from the south. When I hear 'political correctness" I stop listening.


Here we go again with the Bill Oreilly , playing the white male christian victim. Talk about a fucking beating drum.


"Discrimination is deeply rooted in the American psyche, regardless of race"

What do you mean by "regardless of race"

Chance of a black male ending up in prison: 1 in 3
Chance of white male ending up in prison: 1 in 17.

I think it is pretty clear where the institutionalized racism comes from. Lighter skinned black females also receive (from judges) less severe sentencing than darker skinned black females.

Show me one form of institutionalized racism in the USA, as evident as these, wherein African Americans, or any other minority, have institutionalized it over the past 200 years, and benefit at most every turn of their life.


Hillary won the most votes, just as Gore did, but lost the election due to the electoral college, an 1800's holdover that destroys democracy, because it unfairly benefits the smaller states over the larger states.

That is why the fucktard one.


The Supreme Court is certainly one place to lay the blame, and a good one.

Also, the racist purging of the voter rolls is another. The illegal "butterfly" ballot is one, too.

However, none of that would have come into play, which isn't to say the voter purge wasn't important, if the president was elected by popular vote. So ultimately, the blame begins with the anti-democratic Electoral College, which is the only reason the recount in FL mattered so much, and the only reaason the SCOTUS could appoint Bush as president.


Well, it's in the Constitution. I think that may be going back a bit too far to hold any party accountable now.