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Disdain and Disbelief After Biden Claims 'Significant' Progressive Presence in Administration

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/25/disdain-and-disbelief-after-biden-claims-significant-progressive-presence


It helps that the word progressive isn’t clearly defined. The progressive caucus was filled with corrupt, empty, anti-leftist politicians, so whatever, sure. It is silly to claim the left has a significance presence, and this was all predictable. Biden is set to govern as her ran and has governed in the past, which is going to be disastrous.


Anybody who listened to Biden’s speech today should have a pretty clear idea of what his administration is going to look like. He spoke in generalities. He wasn’t explicit about anything. He simply spouted the same “hopey changey” bullshit that we all grew so tired of leaving the mouth of his former boss.
However, what worried me the most was how many times he tried to channel his inner Rodney King. Why can’t we all just get along, bullshit.
He and his now utterly corrupt, completely out of touch, third way party animals just don’t get it. You don’t form coalitions with people that don’t like you or your ideology. You do what the republicans have been doing since the days of Nixon. You govern for the people that voted for you. If the others want to come along for the ride, great. But trying to be all things to all people usually leads to being and accomplishing, nothing for any one.
Biden speaks the language of compromise. You know, the language of losers.


Biden speaks the language of compromise - you know, the pro-corporate language.


I’d be happy to support and work for a third party, People’s Party/Populist Party. It could attract many, many progressives who usually vote Dem, but also lots of people disillusioned with both parties who ended up voting for Trump, but also voted for the $15 minimum wage in Florida, etc…

Populist Party candidates might initially run in local races, but could then build in not too long of time to compete at the state and national level. They could run in Dem or repub Party primaries against the typical establishment Dems or repubs. Until they can win primaries Populist Party members could vote as a block supporting dominant party candidates if the pledged and then worked for policies that benefit regular people economically and their personal as well ecological health.


I practically threw something at the tv when he said he wants to get labor and industry together to work on better workers benefits, ie, please corporate America could you see fit to offer better benefits to workers, because I have no intention of extending government administered healthcare to any one.
What fucking planet has Joe Biden been on for the last forty years?


all of Bidens appointments are corporate pro war, pro elite fascists. That is not progress. Period. Democrats are just republicans who have better press agents. when I say better, I mean more industrious liars. Why Common Dreams doesn’t find writers who actually focus on the lack of representation, instead of acting as if we have any escapes me. In fact both parties are one and the same. corporate murderers.


And you’ve gotta love the dumb bastards in Florida, voting themselves a $15 minimum wage, but then voting for politicians at the state level that will never allow it.


somebody please send them all a dictionary so they can look up the actual meaning of the word progressive. not happy with anyone but Yellen! the rest are yesterdays cold potatoes. ugh


In Biden’s mind, massive, unwarranted and troublesome concessions have been made to the ever annoying and problematic progressives who have invaded his party without justification or cause. He feels he has a mandate, after a decisive and sweeping victory over republicans. In fact the victory was extremely narrow because of the progressive populations vote against him, referring in this case to tens of millions who did not vote at all because they saw this BS coming a mile away. and knew they had no representatives in this election. In 4 years Trump will probably run again and defeat Biden in a landslide, and that after 4 years of sweeping right wing democrat rule. As for Covid19, by the time it comes under control it will be because of vaccines developed while Trump was in office, and little will be done by Biden, or could be done by him, because of the right wing corporatist oligarchy he owes his candidacy to.


Basically crazy isn’t taking a day off in this country, not from the last administration, nor the new one.
Biden is guaranteeing a new, smarter, Trump like candidate will defeat him in 2024.


There are no Progressives, outside of Bernie, in the Senate to stop any of these nominations (though the repubs will make nominating a complete flustercuck, simply because…democratic president) However in the House, with a very narrow majority, the Squad+ LITERALLY has the numbers to block any corporate/centrist/status quo legislation brought to a vote. THEY NEED TO LEVERAGE THAT POWER if they want to be true champions of the People. If they don’t, then they are not what they claim to be and the decline of America will continue full pace.


Biden isn’t making that mistake, the American democrat voters made it as far back as the primaries, and before that again in the 2016 primaries when they Saddled us up with Trump the first time around by Voting for Clinton. I have no sympathy for them now as the travesty unfolds exactly as I easily forecasted it would.


Hey folks,

What did we expect? The majority of voters voted out the clinically insane narcissist toddler in chief. Instead we’ve got a neoliberal totally pro-wealthy establishment president, but at least one who isn’t certifiable.

As many have noted, now we have an opportunity to demand the changes we want. We sure as hell won’t get them by sitting on our hands.

As Obama himself said “The most important lesson I’ve learned is that you can’t change Washington from the inside. You can only change it from the outside.”

All us outsiders need to scream and demonstrate, to write letters, to pester our “representatives”, to organize to make Washington’s corrupt, imperialist neoliberal nutcases pay attention.

I’m of the opinion that we must also try our hardest to reach out to those “red state” working class Trump voters who (I believe) have lost faith that we can create a better future and so want to retreat to a mythical past. The old union slogan “united we stand, divided we fall” still holds. What can unite us is far greater than our differences.

A united front will push Washington and the plutocrats it represents to accede to the demands of the people for a non-dystopian future.


The united front was supposed to take place during the democratic primaries, they were not supposed to unite over a right wing oligarchy and then beg them to change their DNA into progressives. People who vote democrat always want people to quit their jobs, their families, their lives, and then take up full time sign carrying. When it comes time to vote, however, they prove to be more right wing than any American under Ronald Reagan ever was.


Will he be like Trump? Will his supporters believe his lies? If he says it over and over again it must be true.


Disagree, many of the people who voted for Trump, did so because they believed their government had abandoned them (and they weren’t wrong), Trump filled that vacuum in their minds, with his BS and they bought it, that he cared about them. Biden is playing the same neoliberal game that fostered these feelings for the last 40 years with voters. If the people had something to vote for, like EIM4A, a new “Trump” wouldn’t stand a chance in 2024.


They voted for Trump because they were denied an actual representative by the democrats, again, who fixed the primary against the most popular politician in America: Bernie Sanders, and again 4 years later, (and again in 4 more years, assuming a progressive even bothers to run anymore). The way I see it they have nothing to complain about now, it is their will which is playing out now in the upcoming Biden administration, only those who were opposed to voting right wing have a legitimate complaint.


“Progressive liberalization” is the term given to the WTO trade rules requiring ever increasing privatization, globalization, and corporate special rights.

So please understand, that means no going back on any of the bad stuff Trump does. We’re being treated to a total farce as they lie to our faces telling us this is some kind of fluke.


It’s not Democratic voters who gave us Trump, it was the Democratic National Committee who sabotaged Bernie Sanders’ campaign and vomited up yet another neoliberal candidate that their corporate donors would approve. Both parties, addicted to corporate cash, are complicit in creating conditions that are turning the U.S. into a dystopia.