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Disgraced Fox News CEO, Right-Wing Architect, and Key Trump Ally Ailes Dead at 77


Disgraced Fox News CEO, Right-Wing Architect, and Key Trump Ally Ailes Dead at 77

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, who changed American politics by injecting right-wing conservatism into cable news (and vice versa), has died at 77.

The news was announced by his family; no cause of death has been reported. Citing two sources, New York Magazine national affairs editor Gabriel Sherman writes on Twitter that Ailes fell last week in Palm Beach, Florida, and suffered complications from a blood clot.


Good riddance to a facist slimeball.


You're not supposed to say anything about the dead unless it's good. Good!


Fuck you, you dead fascist prick. Period, paragraph.


No offense, really, but I don't give a shit. That fucker, fucked us for years on end.


Unless I'm reading it wrong, I think you missed the subtlety of zimin's comment.


song= I hate everything about you


Just had a peak over at Breitbart for a good laugh.
Almost FOUR THOUSAND comments , mostly one liners about their plump king Resting in peace with Jesus.


Just another evil fascist scumbag that helped block the road to equality. May he not RIP.


May he be reincarnated as a hog caged on the first tier of a three tier hog barn so he can enjoy trickle down 24/7.


Roger Ailes 'Resting in Peace?'


He's Burning in Hell!


Roger Ailes is dead, at least we have one thing to celebrate and be happy for. Couldn't have happened to a more deserving phuq!


Just wondering, did Bette Davis say that about Joan Crawford?
who I think has been way mistreated.because of unsubstantiated "Mommie Dearest", .but that is another issue....i thnk a very good actress, (Crawford)
not as good as Davis or Stanwyck, but very good...Davis even said so.


You're probably right about that. I hope he 'enjoyed' his after-death life review that we all have to go through. He was made to feel every wrong he inflicted on others at that time and knew what his next life had to be so he would learn the lessons.


The very bad news, Chris Cornell died yesterday, by his own hand. Terrible loss.

The very good news............Roger Ailes is dead, that despicable creep. I'll drink a toast to that this evening. He's burning in Hell now, yay!


No offense taken, in fact, let's look online and see if there are any parties celebrating this in our locales.


I'm sorry if I confused anyone, but I did get it.....but I was on a rant because I couldn't think of a more flawed individual.....and appearing as Jabba the Hut just increased his sliminess.


while I'd like to think he's burning in hell....I died 7 years ago while being attacked by 2 pit bulls (avoid Kane rd, , Haiku, maui...pit bull sanctuary)....when the veil is lifted (like death) ....there is nothing but pure love energy. no Jesus, no family....just pure love


Well at least one thing that deserved to die did so today.


You might enjoy this, over on Twitter.