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Disgraced Officials 'Unremorseful, Unrepentant,' Flint Water Congressional Hearing Reveals


Disgraced Officials 'Unremorseful, Unrepentant,' Flint Water Congressional Hearing Reveals

Nika Knight, staff writer

The first of this week's congressional hearings examining the water crisis in Flint, Michigan heard testimony on Tuesday from top local officials who continued to deny any responsibility for the crisis — and in doing so, shed further light on how they created and perpetuated one of the worst public health crises in recent memory.


Hang the fookers, starting with Snyder, the truly scum of the earth. I merry old England, drawing and quartering was a merry ol’ way of dealing with the likes of Snyder.


It is so sad that these poor people were the victims of what is called depraved indifference! True nobody was murdered outright or maimed but people in power showed a depraved indifference to people being harmed. Babies and children being harmed the most. There should not be a Nuremberg defense allowed where people claim that they were just following orders and are not at fault when they knew that the water contained the high levels of lead.

But most of all the governor and the Emergency Manager should receive jail time beyond simply resigning. They gave the orders that were followed. They knew for quite some time before anything was done and that is inexcusable. It is a crime to show such unconcern for injuring people… For doing this to babies and little children… A depraved indifference to causing harm… And much harm was caused.


I sincerely hope the Baltazar female is fired. She ought to be cashiered! Totally depraved response in her emails. She and others should be considered so toxic that they couldn’t find gainful employment if they emigrated. In the absence of legal remedy that puts them behind bars for a significant length of time.


Just showing up long enough to make it look good and collect their paychecks. The EPA has been hamstringed since St. Raygun’s reign continued by the GWB cabal that underfunded, undermanned, and undermined the agency so vilified by their (presidents’) corporate masters. GWB appointed corporate shills to key positions in the EPA and Dept of Interior to facilitate the expansion of the destructive practices of the extraction industries (energy and mining) and his efforts paid off big time for these actors. And Obama carried on the torch by appointing so many of the GWB “advisors” to whisper in his ears. Meanwhile, our nation languishes economically, environmentally, socially, and ecologically. Criminal!


“Utah Republican Representative Jason Chaffetz, the chairman of the House’s Oversight committee, said “it is almost unbelievable how many bad decisions were made” to create Flint’s water crisis. It “cannot ever happen again,” he wrote in an opening statement for Tuesday’s hearing.” What would Arch Conservative Chaffetz have to say about the fact that the FREEDOM INDUSTRIES contamination of the Elk River water supplying 300,000 West Virginians and untold wildlife already beyond the criminal prosecution stage of its corporate officers has yet to be elevated to a national news media story or a NATIONAL SECURITY RISK worth discussing during Presidential Election campaign season?

Check the West Virginia Public Broadcasting story archive on it dating back to January 2014 and the trail-blazing local coverage by the CHARLESTON GAZETTE MAIL’s Ken Ward, Jr under KEY SEARCH WORDS: "Jan 10, 2014 - This is the Freedom Industries plant along the Elk River, just north of … Virginia’s Air Pollution Control Act and the Water Pollution Control Act by allowing the … Reach Ken Ward Jr. at kward@wvgazette.com " or call with information at …

Did ELK RIVER, WEST VIRGINIA loss of watershed and laughable criminal sentencing of the FREEDOM INDUSTRIES foreign corporate officer(s) get 24/7 PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY NATIONAL NEWS COVERAGE? Are the important questions raised about CORPORATE BANKRUPTCY PROTECTION and LIMITED LIABILITY OF PERMITTED POISONING OF U.S. CITIZENS & RESOURCES on this presidential election campaign season question list for the televised vapid debates and canned stump speeches ad nauseum?

Now imagine that instead of our corporate-captured news media, political system and PUBLIC HEALTH REGULATORY ARCHITECTURE keeping silent because the cause of this NATIONAL SECURITY RISK was NOT traced to an ISLAMIST TERROR PLOT but rather was another case of BUSINESS AS USUAL, maybe just maybe the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION would be organizing fundraisers to help poor, helpless U.S.

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the problem being, had anyone spoken up, they would have to join e. snowden in exile !!


The scum beyond the water


I guess I can’t accept people’s excuses for letting children’s lives be damaged by this callousness. If you saw your boss committing a murder and you could call 911 but don’t because he might not get convicted and then you lose your job… You are then complicit to that murder. You do not have the right not to call police if you are able. You don’t have to try and stop the crime yourself but you don’t have the right to permit to happen if you have a reasonable opportunity to prevent it.

They knew and if they did and then did nothing then they were complicit and shame on their souls for their ugliness in this life.


EPA we don’t want to help those poor people because their leadership has screwed them before? It appears to me that EPA needs a little house cleaning as well. When there is a problem with lower level government the folks on top find no need for positive action to correct obvious problem so things can be made safe when citizen lives are in danger?


Excellent post and I have but one thing to add and that is that people likely were maimed. Not that it can be seen at a glance but people,especially those with developing brains can be terribly maimed by metal contamination and the children in the population were exposed for quite awhile. Depraved indifference is definitely demonstrable but criminal dereliction of duty and neglect are also righteous charges. One count for each injured child.


Isn’t it interesting how bureaucrats can be righteous bastards when dealing with the general public but a little local power makes them head for the woodwork, There is no end to directions to point fingers here.


People who make decisions that can hurt other people have to be held responsible if people get hurt because of those decisions. They can’t just say - “oh well yeah you’re right I shouldn’t have switched them to lower quality water and it’s a shame that so many people were injured.” - and then carry on like nothing happened. They risked the health of other people and that bears responsibility. People were injured and whoever is responsible should be held responsible.

You know if as soon as they realized or were informed of the problem that they had acted immediately to protect people then you could say that they made a mistake but to have delayed and stalled (meanwhile providing clean water to state office buildings which shows just how long they knew) that is depraved indifference. They knew and waited… They established intent by waiting to rectify the problem without at least warning residents and providing an alternative etc.

Instead they continued to let the babies and children be injured and … That they would be injured more than they were already. Months went by … How terrible that is to do to people. That is criminal.


One of Thom Hartmann’s biggest drums is public ownership and control of the commons. The reason for this is painfully obvious when you think about the sociopathic actions perpetrated against the people of Flint Michigan. The corporate personhood cannot act in a rational manner when the health and safety of individuals id involved.
I had a thought on this Corporate Personhood cockup. I believe it to be that corporations do not have brains. I also believe that a brain is an essential component of being a person. Ergo, those without brains cannot be persons and by extension corporations are not persons. They have absolutely no right of free speech because they cannot formulate thought, therefore they have nothing to say.
Some might say that the executive sector of a corporation is its brain. Well, that is all well and good but the executive sector is only a collection of symbiotic animals that drive the body of the corporation. As such they themselves posses brains and can formulate words, goals, emotions, ideas and all the things that go into being human. They as citizens definitely have the right to vote, but only once. Being symbiotic with a compound organism such as a corporation or party or club or corporation does not give you the right to a second vote as part of a collective organism which is what a corporate entity is closest to being and this consortium is Not a person.


I agree with your prevailing sentiment but note, ‘just following orders’ was not accepted as a defense at the Nuremberg trials.


The term refers to the concept of just following orders . That is not accepted in law but was presented by the accused as their defense in Nuremberg which is when that concept got its name. There is no such thing as a Nuremberg defense in law. It is just the name for that idea.


It is a workaround of the law. A step on the staircase leading to the corporate exception and supra-entity rights and privileges given to corporations that are not given to individuals. In effect the corporation is a modern day noble - like a duke or baron with rights that the peasants don’t have. The trade deals do the same thing to our sovereignty extending to corporations rights of exception to our laws. What is different is that they also create corporate only courts that can sue us and our nation but which we can’t use to sue them. The age of the corporate nobility…

F’n good luck kiddies but if I were young I’d damn well would be bustin chops about this crap. Where can this stuff lead? No place good for people.


Whether it was all the King’s men or memos from the head office throughout history people have sought that magic charm where what they do to other people is not their responsibility. The “He told me to do it!” excuse! But it doesn’t apply when you do something to someone else.

These officials would use their positions to claim immunity for them hurting others. If they could they would trade excuses back and forth claiming they weren’t responsible for the orders they gave to others. Those in charge cannot say that they were just following orders either especially when they were the ones who first gave those orders.

The buck stops where?


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