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'Disgraceful': Despite Mass Suffering, GOP Senators Prepare to Leave Town Without Approving Covid Relief

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/24/disgraceful-despite-mass-suffering-gop-senators-prepare-leave-town-without-approving

Staggering indifference to human suffering by the “pro life” crowd.


And yet with all his evilness, McConnell is almost assuredly to be reelected thanks the the corporate dem party, that fought the progressive dem challenger in the race, and allowed a Trump supporter to run on the dem ticket. This is also disgraceful, but we shouldn’t bring these truths up, it might offend the dem apologists here, who hear, speak, and see no evil in the corporate dem party.


Worst, most egotistical negotiator ever, Mitch and Mnunchin walked all over Madame Speaker:


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Recon –
Thank you – I can’t even remember who the Dem challenger was –
but Amy McGrath is the “DP” challenger now and I’ve been giving to her campaign.
It’s ridiculous – but it’s where we are now.
This is where all of the “voting for the lesser evil” and where NOT PROTESTING
and not targeting the Elites in the DP has gotten us.
Now I’m also voting for Biden/Harris – just more poison over the party.

"Trump and his Senate allies have found time to fast-track their SCOTUS plans while Americans are continuing to suffer without a new relief package."

200,000 and more dead from the Virus –
West Coast is on fire right up to Washington and Canada –
and Trump proclaims he has restored Football Season –

DP by the way has also worked to get Green Party Howie Hawkins and his VP
off the ballot in PA and I think Wisconsin – and succeeded.

and do we have real idea still how much influence the Koch Family still has over
the DP – and of course many other corporations –
Hoyer is one example of this – they should all be wearing BRAND labels on their clothing.

GOOD TO SEE Trump being booed as he attended Ruth Bader Ginsburg remembrance.


“There are only nine meals between mankind and anarchy.” - Alfred Henry Lewis

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Meh. If you’re looking for “dem apologists”, try the C&L or Rawstory sites.

Y’all better get to Goodwill or Walmart and get some boot straps before they run out.
Trump intentionally plays down the corona virus to facilitate his playing UP of vote by mail-in ballot fraud claims.
He is a clever dumb ass.


This MAY push the desperate to vote out GOP candidates across the country. The people surely know they are being tromped on.

They do. They also know that it’s all because of dems, liberals, chinese, immigrants, non-whites, people on welfare, people who get food stamps, mexicans, cubans, arabs, muslims, hindus, atheists …

It sounds like it may be shifting From a recent Iowa representative candidate’s email:

“A new Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa Poll) finds the ‘highest number of Iowans since 2011’ say state is on the wrong track.”

She continues “More Iowans also say things in the state have gotten off on the wrong track, 47%, than believe things are headed in the right direction, 43%. Another 10% say they aren’t sure.”

Numbers for “on the wrong track” still need to go higher, but this is a start!

An excellent question for repubs on the campaign trail might be, “You guys left for the August recess without doing anything to relieve the misery of Americans due to the Civid shutdown. When you got back you spent your time packing the courts with right wing judges instead of working on legislation to help Americans mitigate the effects of the pandemic. Now you are here trying to suck up to us instead of staying in session to pass covid relief legislation. Why on earth would any of us vote for you?”