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'Disgraceful': While Reaping $21 Billion Windfall From Trump Tax Cuts, Report Shows, AT&T Slashed 23,000 Jobs


'Disgraceful': While Reaping $21 Billion Windfall From Trump Tax Cuts, Report Shows, AT&T Slashed 23,000 Jobs

Jake Johnson, staff writer

AT&T promised to create thousands of new jobs as President Donald Trump's tax legislation moved through Congress in 2017—but the telecom giant has done precisely the opposite since the bill became law, while raking in over $20 billion in extra profits.

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I DEMAND this article be turned into a video and shown on ALL corporate-owned media! Oops! I forgot. I can’t “demand” a damn thing; I am in the 99% whom the guvmint ignores. Never mind…


Many Companies are doing the same. Another lie about a so called Booming Economy with low Unemployment Poll Numbers. Once the Tariffs kick in, there goes Retail… like it’s not in the toilet already. We’ve lost big time under Trumps’ promises. His re-election will put the final nail in our coffins. But, Hey, we’re always expected to look on the bright side.


You mean Biden?


A few days ago Uber and Lyft hired about 200000 people. Those statistics count as fully employed persons, but it comes at a time when most of the drivers make a pittance, often less than minimum wage, and never full time work. The statistics, along with reams and reams of additional creative accounting, serve to create a lie about abundance when America is actually economically in steady collapse going all the way back to 1975 when the conservative movement began under Jimmy Carter, and then accelerated under Ronald Reagan. Never believe the piss running down your back is rain just because you’re being told so by the Pisser. When the division of wealth is increasing - the money is coming from you, and being channeled up to the wealthiest people - and vice versa. I say we kill them and figure out how to divide up the money later.


With apologies to Led Zep

"Communication shakedown

It’s always the same"

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Not only that, but their phone system is crap…while AT&T and Verizon (another tax scofflaw that has slashed 13,000 plus job) lavishes billions on themselves, their systems failed to keep up with world competitors. No problem: Arrest the CFO of the world leading 5G competitor.

That is what happens when monopolies rampage without restraints … crappy, over priced equipment and service, like the operating system on this crappy Microsoft computer.


Man Smerl you can etch that their phone system AND satellite (Directv) is crap and expensie. We just recently cancelled ATT becuase- to begin with, when we first subscribed they told us our monthly bill per the “special” they had running would be $103.00 per month. That was including ALL fees, taxes, etc. We didn’t once have a bill below $165.00/month. Then,about two months prior to the end of our subscription contract I noticed our bill was increasing by $65.00/month. I called customer service to ask them what the fuck and they told me I had ordered NFL Ticket, which I hadn’t. I told them to take that off the bill and cancel the package. Well the next month not only did I have the $65.00 PAST DUE from NFL Ticket but again they had added a package, The Premium Movie Package which included HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Movie Channel, and whatever the Hell else they could add on and charged me another $100. So now my bill has increased $165.00 in two months because of shit I had not only not order but they neglected to remove. Then came the kicker. I hadn’t paid the previous two months because of the mistakes ATT had made by adding the additional accounts to my contract and I got a bill for those two months plus the then current month for $810.00!!! I ripped their fucking equipment off our TV and piled them in a box with their bill and threw the stuff into a corner where it remains. I guess I should take it to UPS and turn it in someday soon and tell them they can shove their $810.00 bill up their ass. I refuse to pay it and considering they pull this crap all the time I hope others will decide to stiff them as well if they get treated this way. Monopoly or not, they can get away with doing this kind of thing to customers for very long and stay in business if everyone they fuck over stiff them on their final bill. There are at least enough other options out there to choose another TV and internet provider but, if we allow congress to keep allowing mergers between the enormous telecommunications corporations such as ATT and Spectrum (Time Warner Comcast) there soon won’t be any competition whatsoever. That’s also one reason it is so hard to maintain net neutrality. Monopolies simply have too much power and can purchase any congressman/woman they want for the asking.


Job cuts and tax bill. It’s expensive.


Ever since AT&T took over Direct TV I have had more issues with them. I went to my local BBB and they told me I had to contact BBB in Atlanta. They have been useless. The woman I talked to (Amy) has done nothing, I was told that BBB’s are nothing but mouth pieces for corporations. It appears to be true. Do your job Amy, or prepare for a PR onslaught.

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We need to start a petition to take away their charters for their corporation. They are a public nuisance and should be dealt with accordingly.


A good friend who works for att said to me “we’re a bad company”.


Go to your reps. I did in calif. and WON. Even got a call from a att exec.

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Havin a Nervous Breakdown…

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Biden? There is no bright in Biden what so ever!


Your last sentence is my line of thinking.


My sarcastic point exactly.

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I sincerely hope you nor the rest of the Common Dreamers use AT&T as their ISP while they post their complaints. I do realize some may have no other choice.


I don’t believe one has anything to do with the other: Trump tax cuts, jobs slashed. AT&T is doing what they all do, maximize profits. The tax cut was just a gift from the Right. If the democrats don’t get their act together, we’re gonna have another four years of Trump.