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Disgust Follows Pictures of Seinfeld at 'Anti-Terror Fantasy Camp' in Occupied West Bank

Disgust Follows Pictures of Seinfeld at 'Anti-Terror Fantasy Camp' in Occupied West Bank

Jon Queally, staff writer

Comedian blasted for attending facility that offers "special programs for tourists seeking a taste of the Israeli military experience"


A comic who truly wishes to slay his audience

Provided they’re Palestinians


The first dictionary entry under “lucky” cites Jerry Seinfeld.
Unfunny “comedian,” stupid TV show…it’s all of a piece.


How can this insanity be for real??? Let’s teach our children to be ruthless, bloodthirsty terrorists. I’m sure some soulless moron in Hollywood will make this into a reality show. When you think the world of the orange mentally and emotional bombastic imbecile leading our country into the abyss where life couldn’t possibly get any more bazaar…


Please publish more stories about humans who deserve to live in peace, instead of ones about these celebrity idiots and their antics. Anybody else tired of celebrities yet?


I’m a 59 year-old Jew living in the US.
I’m not one for name-calling. But…
Seinfeld is simply a dickhead not only for patronizing this embarrassment of a business. But also for simply traveling to Israel and spending his money there. Boycott this apartheid State.


What always annoyed me about the Jew Seinfeld, is the way the earth itself seems to be Jew Planet - not a goy like me to be seen anywhere…

There is nothing funny about apartheid, occupation, murder, holocaust, ethnic cleansing by murder -

and Seinfield APPROVES and supports jewish rule…


A whiff of Antisemitism here from Yunzer.

So who is this Jerry Seinfeld? Are we supposed to know him?

Wow. I wonder how the same “terrorist theme park” would go over in Germany, but instead of Palestinian “terrorists,” tourists get to play out their Nazi “protection” fantasy from the “terrorist” Jews.
Any way you “fantasize” shooting people, especially OCCUPIED PEOPLE it’s just sick and wrong.
Maybe the Palestinian people should start a “#MeToo” movement.
“I was hit in the face with rubber bullets shot by Israeli soldiers.”
“My cousin was shot in the head by Israeli soldiers.”
“My 2-month-old baby was shot to death by Israeli soldiers.”
“My mom, dad, two brothers, one sister, and three young cousins were bombed to death by Israeli soldiers.”

God must be SO PROUD of “His chosen people!”


Who cares if you’re a Jew, you’re still an ignorant moron.

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Maybe they should have a “fantasy theme camp” where visitors get to be tear gassed, shot with rubber (or live) bullets, have their homes demolished and their olive groves bulldozed, spit upon by “superior” human beings and put in prison for protesting their treatment. Die Zionism, die.


There’s a fine line regarding what’s acceptable in criticizing Israel and that branch of Judaism that supports it’s evil polices (yes, many do use their religion to justify oppression and apartheid) that most people seem to think is best handled by keeping one’s mouth shut.

Granted, I don’t know of JS saying he was racially superior to people of European ancestry, but it is odd that we aren’t allowed to criticize an attitude of racial superiority because we’ve all bought into this contract of superstition that gives one group a pass.


You obviously do not understand the US K12 educational system. This is business as usual, as disgusting and as treasonous to USA it is.

Not only are Arab Palestinians Semites, the extent to which they fit that label is much greater than most “Jews” in Isreal. (Quotes reflect that Zionism is a radical offshoot of Judaism that many other Jews do not recognize as legitimately Jewish from a religious standpoint, just as many Christians do not recognize Mormans as Christians. Also, many Israeli Zionists are atheists/agnostics.)

I do not buy the argument a small fraction of English speakers, who are also a small fraction of the Semitic population of the world, get to define the term antisemitic for the rest of us. I detect more than a bit of master race arrogance.


Your statement may reach the moronic standard, or may not even be that good.

gde//just look up anti/Semitism in the dictionary, it isn’t Jews who defined it this way it is the dictionary definition–and it was created by self-defined Antisemites in the 19th century. It has nothing to do with Arabs or other Semitic peoples, that’s just a red herring. And except for a miniscule sect of a few dozen members there are no Jews who think that Zionists aren’t Jewish.

Not only do you display your ignorance here–the term Antisemitism was invented by German haters of Jews and was then adopted in other languages, including English with just that meaning–but your claim of “master race arrogance” is itself an old favorite slander by Jew haters/Antisemites.

As an American Jew myself, I think your statement is a bit under researched. A huge segment of the Christian Evangelical movement refer to themselves as Zionists. There is a video of Biden wishing he were a Jew but clearly states he is indeed a Zionist. The term Zionist is not a faith but a political ideology.

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