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Disgusted With Tory Government, Brits March in Force Against Austerity Madness


Disgusted With Tory Government, Brits March in Force Against Austerity Madness

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Thousands are gathering in London on Wednesday, protesting the conservative Tory government's 'oppressive and draconian' austerity program.


Zero-sum capitalism. If you can’t make money, take it from the people who need it most.


Voting your fears instead of your hopes ends up with a Conservative Manifesto? My understanding is that Rupert Murdoch has his fingerprints on the rise and fall of the Labour Party, this cycle. He urged on UKIP which took votes from Liberal Democrats and Labour Party, both. The powerful cocktail of money and the press, yet again. Now progressives are playing defense. Same as it ever was… One step forward and two steps back when $$$ calls the tune.


This “austerity” scam is going on in every single country. It’s a plan by the one percent to kill everybody off or let them die as slave labor.

We don’t need the One Percent. Millionaires are leeches on society who raid public funds and never pay any taxes. They and their ruling class of puppets have proven to be incompetent custodians of planet Earth.

Let’s declare austerity for the rich. Confiscate all excess wealth over one million dollars per individual. If you can’t cut it on that, then suicide is your only bailout…


Showing up on election day is a better option that showing up to a protest because the candidates who have the worst ideas for the majority of the people got elected because their backers actually showed up to cast a ballot. Perhaps this will serve as a motivator for the next election cycle, both in the UK and the US.


More than a few upper class voters ( $ 180-190K+ yearly ) have given up trying to tax the very wealthy. Why? Because they claim to understand how the entire tax code works to ensure, " the wealthy don’t pay taxes so why do you keep trying to get them and you end up getting me? " And, corporations are an entirely different subject matter, too. Now, we see Mr. Buffet suggest increasing the EITC instead of the push for a $15 an hour minimum wage. He fears the loss of entry level jobs for the unskilled and a drag on small business openings. Austerity happens this way; in Great Britain, the U.S. and elsewhere, when The Congress is paralyzed by the infighting among the Billionaire Bunch. Who, at this stage own everyone, more or less. Austerity fills the void, by hook or by crook, when the moral universe is so conflicted and out of sync. Sen. Sanders touched on this yesterday but his broad outlines of the dilemma but his remarks are just an opening salvo and possibly a shot in the dark. Public Financing of elections would end a lot of this mess. But when only 36.4% of voters bother and the MSM and the apparatchiks of both parties collect their checks either way, we’ll continue to get the status quo and austerity. Shame on us, too.


Perhaps “V” for Vendetta will become prophetic instead of fantasy!
It has happened before.


Hear him! Hear him!


Just watch as some of the mainstream media fall not so subtly all over themselves reporting the austerity path “chosen” by the British. The Tom Brokaws pulling in 70K yearly will tell us all about it. Like the 80’s when many imbeciles in the U.S, seemed to take comfort in the Tory comeback of Thatcher, like it was some bulwark of stability that makes England special. Maybe Brokaw and his gang never said anything like it, but then again they never really ‘said’ war with Iraq was a good thing…


Democracy depends upon an informed electorate and leaders with intellect and integrity. Look at SNP victory in Scotland: they are the anti-austerity party whose No.1 goal is to rid Scotland of the Trident Nuclear missile base. What’s not to like? If little Scotland can show how its done, either move to Scotland or find some Scottish DNA and re-invigorate your own new political party. As the Corries used to say: “Wha’s like us? Nae’body else, and they’re a’ deid”…


oh well, they are just as stupid as voters in red states who thought the party of gawd were their saviours. love what is going on in red states. austerity to the rescue. lol


while the queen and family cont to get big fat cks, for doing nothing. never see a call to to cut their bloated salaries


What do Cameron and his peers know of “austerity” while they have lived their entire lives in complete comfort, financial abundance, attending private schools throughout, and graduating into their families businesses/banking/financial institutions? Make Cameron, et alia take massive pay cuts, live in hovels, only have access to public health, work at hard labor, take public transit (no limos or RR) and send their progeny to public schools. Perhaps then they will be forced to live in the real world where the people they have taken an oath to serve and protect live day-in and day-out. Never happen…money is power and power corrupts. Squeeze the turnips for blood.


What the hell, didn’t these people just have an election and the Tories won? What’s the beef, aren’t they doing exactly what they said they would? When a Republican’t wins an election I don’t throw stones at him but rail against the stupidity of the voters. We all know that the corporate quislings have only the amassing of wealth to consider. You can’t do that by subsidizing education and healthcare. Job programs that rebuild the infrastructure are just a waste of money if the populace is too down trodden to use it.


We took a different approach to implementing austerity in the US, slowly and from the bottom up. Years of work went into successfully pitting the middle class against the poor. “New Democrat” Bill Clinton made it cool to erase poverty and our poor from the liberal discussion. This generation “stands in solidarity” with the middle class alone, the better-off. This, of course, shows that they so strongly believe in the corporate state that they think everyone is able to work, there are jobs for all, therefore no need for poverty relief.The middle class demanded, and supports, hard austerity measures for the poor. This, of course, has deeply divided and subdivided the proverbial masses who would have otherwise risen up in protest, as they did before (1910s, 1930s, 1960s). Right now, the rich are doing to the middle class what the middle class already did to the poor, and we’re powerless to do anything about it.


In the US, that’s really a trickier question, and one that liberal media won’t touch. Think about it. The poor, and those who get why unrelieved poverty is such a threat to democracy, voted for Clinton/Gore, hoping to end the “Reagan Revolution.” Then Clinton/Gore targeted the poor, giving us 8 yrs of Bush, picked by the middle class. The poor, etc. voted third party or withheld their votes. The poor, etc., overwhelmingly voted for Obama in hopes that he could launch a legit public discussion about our poverty crisis. He raised the issue, Dems and libs aren’t interested. This has been the era of middle class elitism. Leading up to 2014, we learned that Dems had agreed to deep cuts in food stamp aid for the elderly poor, the disabled and the working poor. In addition, they were either considering, or had already agreed to, extreme cuts in Social Security disability. Note that Bill Clinton was the first president to target Social Security the way he dismantled our former welfare programs. The results of his cuts were tragic, but ignored by the liberal bourgeoisie. 2014 was a bad election year for Democrats. Two factors – the continued targeting of Social Security, and the efforts to sell H. Clinton, a right-winger, in place of Biden for 2016 – have virtually ensured that Dems will be wiped out in 2016. To vote for the Dems who work so hard to reverse a century of progress is to show support for those efforts.


So according to your position austerity is newspeak for saving money for the rich, at least in America and Great Britain? I admit that I had not thought of it from that angle and totally agree. I also think that we need to think of our representatives as politically androgynous especially the Democrats that are drawn to the Dark Side by campaign financing and political expediency. We seem to now have Corporatists and Populists on both sides of the aisle although the traditional party of the wealthy is predictably more firmly in the grip of the 1%.You may remember the exodus from politics by those Republicans who could not stomach what their party had become.
Division has been the tool of the right since their inception even to the point of pitting brother against brother during the civil unpleasantness in the 1860s. Reconstruction was the rape of the South and indicates the lengths that the sociopaths on the right will go to squeeze a dime till liberty screams.


In U of SA head tax worked because there was pretty of work in the mines. In US of A, there is not enough work. Here it would take community service employment jobs plus a higher Earned Income Tax Credit plus much more subsidized low-income affordable housing plus SNAP plus Medicaid to support the able bodied poor. We also need those who can follow someone in a community service employment program job who may or may not be really competent to hold a private sector paid job long enough to document what is wrong if they are NOT able to hold a normal minimum wage job and get them on Social Security disability pension instead of the community service employment program.


Well maybe Labor has been selling out labor a bit too long … They weren’t exactly fireeaters when they were a coalition gov’t with the Tories …


They may be marching “en masse”, but they must be in the minority, right? - or else how did the Tories get elected?