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'Disgusting and Disturbing': Trump Guts Endangered Species Act in Gift to Big Business

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/12/disgusting-and-disturbing-trump-guts-endangered-species-act-gift-big-business

Intelligent, rational, compassionate and wise humans are an endangered species.


If the markets are all omnipotent and omniscience why does it need to poison our environment and kill species to make a profit.


Dante is going to have to create a new level of Hell, just for this entire administration.

House and Senate GOP included.


I’m just totally disgusted with the whole of this administration and the expedited attack on Earth and all her children. There is no price one can put on the extinction of species in the name of profit. Soon Earth will declare war on mankind whose outcome will certainly be in her favor. I fear that I might even live to witness this coming ecological war. Something that in retrospect I didn’t see coming 'till after 2050 and I’ll almost certainly be dead by then. I’d be 96. I’m just shaking my head today, Peace


How TF can this odious scumbag moron just “roll-back” so much established law and precedent passed by Congress so easily??!!

This is clearly to serve de facto crony corporate greed and exploitation, and evade all science, climate crisis evidence and common decency, and thus should be considered a criminal conspiracy, violation of Oath of Office, and extreme conflict of interest.

The contempt this evil POS shows for the Natural World should make every conscious person react with vehement anger!

A crime against the entire planet for which that contemptible evil POS must pay!!


Trump wants to provoke a very serious clash among the environmental groups and his base.
This rotund mound of steaming animal skat better be careful about what he wishes for. Same goes for his extractor cronies and their goons.
It coulld be the end of the story for some of his bad hombre followers. Trump may have hair like Custer but he has all the huevos of a gerbil on steriods.
" Nature Boy " Trumpster couldn’t survive a trip to the Washington Zoo without a golf cart and Melania holding his tiny hand. Fxck this Chump who calls himself Trump.


Good one…I guffawed out loud at the gerbil on steroids…


And apparently the people that don’t like this, or are getting screwed, don’t have the guts to fight against might.
All that any particular group can do is file law suits, and challenge everything trumpenstein does.
Hopefully we can tie this stuff up like republicans have been doing until trump is on his way out. The new governing being stall, block, and file suits.


And Trump, in orchestration with his swamp creatures, is urging support to criminalize protesters around pipeline infrastructure throughout the country. This is scary shit when Trump and MAGA state legislatures threaten any First Amendment rights with prison, penalties and harsh treatment by for hire corporate mercenaries. But there’s more and it looks like we the people have a serious war being waged against our right to protest. In the world of Edward Abbey, “All governments need enemies. How else to justify their existence”.


All the stories coming out these last few days are simply more examples that the R’s know they will have no power after 2020 so they are burning to the ground everything that is good about the government and stealing what’s left. It is the R’s death rattle and we all must suffer through it because we have no opposition party to stem the flames.


Republicans have always been, and continue to be, the embodiment of stupidity and death.


He’s Hair Hitler The Flaming Orange Satan Chump trump. You don’t capitalize his name for lack of respect.


There are no words


Team Trump’s new guidelines on whether or not to protect endangered species:

If said protection will negatively impact real estate development or corporate polluters, screw the wildlife.


Fools might do.

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How do we flush this turd from the Oval Office?!?!?!


Maybe the next time Trump brags about rolling back regulations, the press could ask him to be specific. And then follow up with questioning this abomination and others just like it. Another example of short-term financial gain for corporations at the expense of long-term damage to the commons.


You would need a really good plumber for that.


“Disgusting and disturbing”: trump. Why didnt the headline just stop there!!!