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'Disgusting and Disturbing': Trump Guts Endangered Species Act in Gift to Big Business

“You don’t give a shite about sustainable energy “transition” only stopping it” You poor ignorant fool… Not only have I actually been involved with building sustainable energy systems at utility scale, but I have made several arguments on this site talking about scientific studies on sustainable energy transitions to effectively reduce CO2 emissions.

Can’t wait when you attempt to build a solar farm in Florida and the EPA hits you with 20 years of ESA, NEPA and protected wetlands permits…

Thank you! I may be a lefty but I’m also an old Texas country boy who grew up with my grandfather teaching me how to shoot at the ripe old age of four years old. I don’t need a thirty round magazine. Give me fifty rounds and I’ll show you fifty less members of Trump’s bad ass base. I’m sick of this asshole and his followers trying to manipulate society by threatening them. Trump is a typical bully. He always talks about his “bad ass” followers which is no different than hiding behind them. Sergeant Bone Spurs is nothing but a fucking coward trying to get others to fight the fights he picks. Don’t believe me? Next fight he picks a fight with some group just abandon him and make him stand up for what he says all by himself. He will melt like an ice cream cone in the middle of August.

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No, I haven’t seen anything about her, or from her, for quite a while. I just assumed that she was busy organizing or planning and we’d hear something when she was ready. Of course, in our Naziland, she could be testing the razor wire in one of the fat one’s concentration camps and we’d probably not hear about it.
*If history continues to repeat itself, World War Three will only last a few hours, or maybe a whole day and everything we have written or created will be gone. no universities, museums, hospitals, research laboratories, fertile croplands, few animals, birds, pollinators, fish, marine mammals. Just a few trillionaire$ huddled in their bunkers, frantically counting their money to see which one won the race before they, too, are gone in the dustbin of history.


Thanks. My worry about her has to do with the hysteria about people sitting at that Russian table.
I hope your worry is waaay off.

The video was really hard to watch, Steve. It just ripped out my heart and hope. Man’s end was nowhere near befitting what should have been the case, caricatures of felons like the Kocks and Rebekah Mercer and other Orange Cabal members facing a terrifying and painful death.

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What IS threatened is the existence of ALL, or nearly all, LIFE as we know it (most animals and many plants) dwelling on the surface and in the waters of this one planet (other than the strange life living near volcanic vents deep in the oceans, which all our strutting and fretting upon the earth is unlikely to affect)”

Is this not a problem?

Is all well here?

In general could it be said that too much protest is our greatest problem?

Considering that we collectively have done absolutely nothing whatsoever of any remote significance to address this omnipresent and pressing existential emergency, and that time has run out - under this circumstance is reducing our level of protest really the best idea? Really?

Avoiding conflict is one thing, but when you are about to be raped tortured and murdered, well…there is a time for everything.

Hi Unc,
*I spent quite a bit of time studying those films taken alongside the deep-sea volcanic vents. Then, I saw some of the film taken by a probe or two that reached the surface of Venus, along with temperature measurements, etc.
What occurred to me at that time, that that was a pretty close match to the conditions that were growing lifeforms around the deep vents.
*Perhaps that is Gaia’s backup plan, should Earth continue to heat up enough for another mass extinction. It would be interesting to see what evolves in a few million or billion years.

…That’s what I want to see “Trump guts”…

The Press is owned by corporations so they lie, censor war and are obliged to cash, not truth. Mass Media was privately owned but the real buyout began during the Seventies and today just about all of them have CIA ombudsmen or oversight of editors and publishers. Mickey Mouse decides the ABC news. Shark anyone? Corporations bought mass media to control what Americans think. It is obvious. We have to be smart enough to think ahead of them because TRUTH TRUMPS PROFITS and THEY JUST STOLE 30 PERCENT OF ALL THE CORPORATE TAX REVENUE FROM THE US TREASURY but this is okey dokey. It is criminal. Trump is gutting the ESA because Junior Oil Boy and TPP Barry gave more executive power to the White House NOW a psychopathic maniac has the power to gut endangered species, bomb school kids in Yemen for Jesus making redneck Pro Life in some demented first cousin dating way and Grandma Nan is complicit and it’s betrayal.
Teddy Roosevelt love and protected nature. Bonzo the Chimp Trainer protected the environment. There is lots to hate about Reagan and Iran Contra and lots more BUT Ray Gun refused flood insurance to some flood prone zones to discourage development and intentionally or not protected millions of acres of coastal wetlands on the Gulf Coast. Trump is a criminal and he needs to be jailed.

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I watched part of an interview with one of those “Self Made” millionaires or billionaires. Toward the end of the interview, the interviewer said,“What you have described is not going to leave anything for your children or grandchildren. How will they survive?”
*His answer? He looked straight into the camera and said, “Fuck 'em! Let 'em get it the same way I did!” (End of interview.)

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I want you Dawg on my team when the shit hits the fan.

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You had me until you said, “Vote for the other one.” (Democrat)

Perpetual Hell, is still Hell.

No thanks.

The symbol of the US is an endangered species- how appropriate

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I’m on your team brother!!!

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Almost forgot… HOT LIX