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'Disgusting': Despite Dire Needs in Puerto Rico, Trump Lets Jones Act Waiver Expire


'Disgusting': Despite Dire Needs in Puerto Rico, Trump Lets Jones Act Waiver Expire

Julia Conley, staff writer

Critics say lifting the shipping rule would allow Puerto Rico to have supplies delivered urgently without incurring huge costs


He was busy playing golf today. What do you expect?


i almost can’t stand this disrespect anymore. its the human thing to do, help these people. i wonder what south korea is thinking about him not being there for puerto rico. i would be concerned.


Time for a flotilla to Puerto Rico. Time for defiance.


Time for all of us, and everyone we know to call the White House, at 202-456-1211 , and express our disgust at this treatment of Americans and our disgust with this administration.

Let’s jam the phone line for the next week. Call now, and call often.


Why not declare war on PR? That would get lots of troops over there to help in a jiffy.


We declared economic war on Puerto Rico a long time ago.


An Unfit President Fails Puerto Rico


Ii was going to state my own comments about Trump’s total incompetence to be president, but I came across this article from the NY Trimes.

Also, check this link out: Donald Trump’s Craziest Quotes of All Time.



The people of Puerto Rico should declare independence from the racist goon’s malignant ignorance/stupidity and US economic/financial slavery! The chains of colonial exploitation must be smashed!

its been obvious the trump regime is a racist fraud, environmental rapist/polluter, and idiot warmonger, treasonous in its foreign policy and domestic agenda.

trumps incompetence and racism in PR while kowtowing to netanyahu and Israeli racist exceptionalism/warmongering represent the most irresponsible criminal stupidity - two very different agenda’s, both racist.

This week the 6-nation Iran nuclear deal will be unilaterally “de-certified” by trump, on his knees for Israeli/AIPAC subversion of our nation’s interests, while millions try to survive in PR.

When US officials and/or prez serve the agenda of a foreign powers subversive influence - hold demonstrable first loyalty to Israel - fomenting war, and treat American citizens like expendable dirt, it is treason!

Even R’Cons should understand that truth and oppose the madness!


Gov. Brown of CA has said that what is happening in P/R and the islands plus CA is slow moving climate change, to paraphrase…we have an emergency on our hands and the WH is MIA…up mabove it was suggested to call the WH, nice idea but calling Pres. and Sen. might be better, they can over-rule the WH and get something done other than letting our people die.


This is Trump’s ‘pay-back’ to San Juans governor. Any criticism of his Orangeness must be met with blasting Tweets and a closed fist.


Looks that way to me too! Trump gets spiteful if he is criticized. Spoiled brat kid ages into crude and vindictive old fool! The bastard is incapable of actual concern for people plus he is racist too! Spiteful! Just a spiteful old man!