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'Disgusting Legacy and Stain on Democracy': As Barr Resigns, Democrats and Rights Groups Say Good Riddance

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/15/disgusting-legacy-and-stain-democracy-barr-resigns-democrats-and-rights-groups-say

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His corporate golden parachute is blossoming as we speak.

Barr’s job was the same for this president as it was for the Bush’s. Obstruct justice by preventing or delaying any investigations into their wrongdoing.
His work is now done. And like the rest of the corporate rats from Trumps administration, they will all pack their bags and scurry for the safety of their mansions or the new/old K street offices.


Did he fall or was he pushed?

photo caption: ‘Bad dog Barr’ exits in disgrace after leaving disgusting stains on both democracy and his desk chair

What Barr did for Trump will forever be dwarfed by what he did for the Reagan administration. First BushI and Ollie North negotiated the holding of US hostages by Iran until after the Carter/Reagan election. An act of treason against our elected President by deep State actors who illegally provided US missiles to Iran for this favor. A favor which pitted US missiles against our Iraqi ally Saddam Hussein, whom we had cajoled into attacking Iran with illegal chemical weapons. Carter went on to a failed mission to save those hostages. As if this isn’t insane enough, it gets worse as Bush and North launch another program trading arms for cocaine to fund Nicaraguan Contras against the will of Congress, leading to the crack cocaine epidemic and ever harsher punishment for drug use.

Barr was brought in to coverup these unbelievable multiple scandals which was critical to Reagan’s re-election. A true crime boss’s lawyer.


To be honest, isn’t that the primary job of ALL Attorney Generals? Was Bobby Kennedy ever going against his father for being a mobster? Was ‘Wingman’ Holder ever going to indict Obama for killing American citizens without a trial? Of course not.

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Of course Bobby left his father alone, who had moved into more legal Capitalist activities. But he went after the active mob and Jimmy Hoffa with a vengeance born of direct knowledge. Sam Giancanna was one of several mob bosses with close connections to the CIA and many failed attempts to assassinate Castro that had helped JFK get elected. He had the means and the motive to kill JFK and the mob knew Bobby would never rest until his brother’s assassination was properly solved, so he had to go too. New Orleans mob boss used James Earl Ray to assassinate Martin Luther King whom the FBI watched 24/7. These crimes all translated into more wars and profits for the military industrial complex Eisenhower warned us about.

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Barr was also one of the “bag men” during the Iran-Contra scandal, and has been a criminal since then.

What a great time it’s been, having the CIA run our Justice Dept. /s
And exactly what crimes does a lawyer have to commit, to be disbarred in this country, Bill Barr proves that bar is pretty low.
In a just world, Barr would be charged for his crimes after Trump leaves office, so he couldn’t be pardoned, but I won’t hold my breath.


Since Bobby, it seems all subsequent AGs have clearly learned not to bite the hand that feeds them.

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The “hand that feeds them” will strangle them if they so much as show their teeth.

The crux of the matter is that every Trump appointee who leaves is replaced by somebody even worse.

Barr got axed because he pissed Trump off by not investigating voter fraud. He basically threw Trump under the bus.

Donnie should have known not to hire a Deep Stater. Wait, wasn’t he supposed to drain the swamp? Oh well.

Now one can only hope that Trump, in his vengeful rage, will pardon Assange and Snowden to piss off the establishment even more.


Trump is smart enough to know that Snowden and Assange are the real deal when it comes to “draining the swamp” and exposing “the deep state”. No family has benefited more from swamp culture and the deep state than the Trump family.

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I believe that Barr was the Worst Attorney General in the history of our Nation.

However, for the next few weeks of the Trump administration he was a Road Block and was preventing the Lying Bigot from using the Justice Dept to create further damage and Legal havoc like: agreeing with the psychopath that there was Fraud committed and the Election was Rigged.

Now the Insane Obnoxious sub-human will find another Attorney General that will do whatever he wants them to do, like Lie whenever he tells him to Lie.

The fact that Barr refused to go along with trying to undermine the election is the only time he did the right thing. Once he drew the line about referring to the Election as Rigged, he had to be replaced in a hurry so that Trump could find another Pawn that would support his Lying for the next 3 weeks.

Now we have to worry about who his replacement will be: Stephen Miller, the Nazi?

One thing IS certain…Trump’s AG replacement will reconfirm that there is no limit to evil.

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I think Trump knows that if he does that he will join JFK, RFK, MLK and others as the deep state takes care of business and then blames Antifa, to cause the Trumpers to rise up in violence and further divide the country to their advantage.

I think the Bush family has him beat.

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It’s like one of my former history professors used to say about Northern Army generals, “It’s impossible to name the worst because of too much competition.”


Barr was/is, will be a scum bag sleazy criminal he should be held accountable for his heinous crimes against the American people and tremendous damage to laws and the constitution of the United States of America.

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If you commit a crime for a mobster, he has the additional future option of having you busted for your crime. Never mind that he ordered you to commit the crime.

Barr had innocent people beaten in the streets so that the Donald could walk across the street. Check. Barr was an accessory after the fact to who knows how many crimes. Check. For some unknown reason Barr refused to go along with a futile attempt to overthrow the United States Government. Ruh-Roh! Sorry, Mr. Barr, your Presidential pardon isn’t in the mail and you’re fired. Good luck on January 23 because everybody else is getting their pardons. You’re supposed to be a Do-Bee turncoat and sellout like Michael Flynn, Mr. Barr.

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