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'Disgusting'; 'Short-Sighted'; and 'Shameful': Ontario's Right-Wing Govt Nixes Universal Basic Income Project


'Disgusting'; 'Short-Sighted'; and 'Shameful': Ontario's Right-Wing Govt Nixes Universal Basic Income Project

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Advocates of universal basic income are blasting the decision by Ontario's newly-elected right-wing government to kill the province's pilot project on the anti-poverty scheme.


This was a massive blow to the Left in Canada. As usual, a split vote amongst left leaning parties combined with mediocre leadership resulted in the Conservatives (Corporate Shill Party) forming a government that only caters to some of the wealthy (many well to do Canadians were quite aware of what an imbecile Ford is) and the extremely bitter segments of the populace that believe that the U.S. is some great, middle class society that Canada should emulate. Ford, by the way, didn’t have much media support and public debates were held. Ford got elected because he lied to the public about the type of compassionate and caring leader he would be. Though Ford will lose in the next election, by then he will already have accomplished a lot of damage that Ontario may not recover from. One lesson that should be garnered by this ill timed government, is that parliamentary systems can also fall victim to short sighted and corrupt sociopaths.


No data from the program to document it isn’t working!
Data from previous universal basic income experiments was buried and never made public. Leaks suggested it was working well.
The extremist ideologues that rule (Libs and Cons), are very clear that poverty should continue and even increase, causing needless suffering. Creating poverty is part of our economic system. But it is not necessary! It is a choice.
Remember that when you go to vote or attend a religious institution dedicated to human well being. The glaring contradictions of our society cannot be denied, wished or prayed away.


Thanks, good summary.

Parliamentary systems with multiple viable parties on the left but only one on the right, along with first-past-the post elections is especially absurd. In very few ridings did the “Progressive Conservatives” actually take an absolute majority of the votes - yet they ended up with an absolute majority of the seats!

And in parliamentary systems, the majority party gets to rule absolutely and the opposition can only sit on their bench and complain.