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'Dismal' and 'Grim' Sign for Trump as National Poll Shows Biden Leading by 14 Points

I feel your pain in more ways than one, Tom. We will have to remain in the streets for a long time…

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But we will continue to fight in the streets.


A long term better choice is Tammy Duckworth, senator from Illinois.
If Joe suffers health issue, Tammy has what it takes.

This poll? Earlier this AM, headline was 56 to 44%.
Suggest in state polls at Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania are more important for electoral count.

No progress from the Biden camp. It will take four years to undo trump’s bizarro world upsidedown executive orders and repair international wounds.
The rest is an unknown that we will toss back and forth.

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No, I don’t have to admit that it would be an interesting election. It would be a carnival of incompetence on top of a carnival of incompetence. What qualifications does she have besides being the wife of a lousy president? Still, this country has been force fed two incompetent, demented clowns, so anything is possible, I suppose.


Don’t worry, Biden will pop out of his basement any day now, and remind everyone that he is as despicable as Trump.


Who are they polling and who will show up to vote???

The left just can’t stand DNC candidate. No change with joe, wallstreet, oil, big ag, banking, pharma, etc will benefit whether joe or agent orange get elected…

So the public can continue eating rubber biscuits


It has been my observation that no matter what he does, there are about 45% of voters who steadfastly support Trump. Therefore, I will not believe any polls. The polls showed Bernie with leads prior to Super Tuesday, but then the voter fraud and suppression was kicked in, and surprise, Biden surges. The election will turn out however the oligarchs want it to. If Biden dares talk of repealing the tax cuts that the wealthy received, or any other negative impacts to the oligarchs, Trump will have an amazing resurgence, despite what the exit polls, or any other polls say.


The problem posed by polls like these is that they will keep Joe Biden in the basement for the time being. He won’t be on the road offering his vision or an alternative to Trump. He will simply sit in his bunker and issue a occasional press release reminding everyone that he can’t possibly be as bad as Trump.
I fear that is how low the bar is going to be held.


Good. Now I can safely vote my conscience - 3rd party.


I would count Michelle Obama out after seeing her doc (Becoming) on net flicks.
Politics were a toxic shyte show for her and her family.

Yeah, he’s showing up on my screen asking for my support, reading from a teleprompter. Every time he pops up (infrequent as it is) I feel like playing WHACK A MOLE.

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Not that different poll results would change my mind. End the duopoly.


Within the bizarro world is the very real lame duck world. Facing that reality,his underlings may presently be setting up punji sticks for an incoming administration, crippling wanted reform efforts.

No hope, no change but more dangerous wars.
h ttps://caitlinjohnstone.com/2020/06/22/biden-and-his-ventriloquists-keep-out-hawking-trump/

Therein is the danger.


HRC would implode, so that would be fun.

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The Fed government should not waste time trying to to undo Trump admin actions to return to “normalcy” before taking on the challenges we face - no time for that.

We can’t afford a return to the old normal (an impossibility btw).

We should be building the new system needed for the Great Turning, recognizing that the old one was broken in the first place.

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America is mouseland. Search for “mouseland” on YouTube.
If biden becomes pres, party of the second part will see no reason for progress. If trump, it shouldn’t take 4 years to go over the cliff.
Either fork leads over the cliff. The lemmings are laughing.

Polls are meaningless at this point in time. A week before the election some bombshell could drop on Biden and Trump gets re-elected. Biden’s past lies and corruption could easily sink him. Trump has a solid base while Biden does not.


I still think that those things to tackle won’t happen until the second term. The political turns a lot slower than we would like, but like Rummy is famous for saying, you have to work with what you have.