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Dismantle the War Economy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/20/dismantle-war-economy


Excellent. This simple motto should be the essence of the ongoing protests.
Correction. The authors say “Then the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Tony McDade. Three more names to the list of Black lives that didn’t matter to the state.” Actually there are not just these three that didn’t matter to the state, since the day Floyd was murdered, there have been at least 94 more. Add 3 more today as the average is 3 police murders per day. Below their names for just half of May:

05-15, 2020
Roy Ogden, 65, M, White, SC
An unidentified person, 42, M, CA
Robert Avila, 31, M, Hispanic, CO
Hunter Carlstrom, 33, M, MS

05-16, 2020
Robert Johnson, 29, M, Black, MD
Wallace Dean Staples, 42, M, White GA
Randy Roszell Lewis, 38, M, Black, TX

05-17, 2020
Juan M. Montalvo, 25, M, Hispanic, WA
Brian Cooper, 49, M, Black, TN
Bernard Ledlow, 39, M, White, LA

05-18, 2020
Robert Wayne Lawson, 64, M, White, AR
Jacob Bubb, 28, M, White, WI

05-19, 2020
Levi Morse, 32, M, White, AL
Wilbon Cleveland Woodard, 69, M, White, FL
Tyler Hays, 29, M, White, TN
An unidentified person, M, WA

05-20, 2020
An unidentified person, M, FL
Tobby Wiggins, 45, M, Black, AL

05-21, 2020
Ryan Whitaker, 40, M, White, AZ
Willie Lee Quarles, 60, M, Black, SC

05-23, 2020
Bernardo Palacios-Carbajal, 22, M, Hispanic, UT
Maurice S. Gordon, 28, M, Black, NJ
Christopher Clark, 36, M, NJ
Gary Kevin Partin, 57, M, KY

05-24, 2020
Michael Snyder, 44, M, TN
Anthony Grove, 52, M, W, MT

05-25, 2020
Gary P. Dorton, 43, M, TN
Joe Louis Castillanos, 38, M, Hispanic, TX
Dion Johnson, 28, M, Black, AZ
Reymar Gagarin, 35, M, CA
Justin Mink, 33, M, TX

05-26, 2020
Richard Councilman, M, White, CA
Jason Jesse Gallegos, 37, M, White, MI
Kenneth Bennett, 61, M, NY
John Alvarado, 22, M, Hispanic, TX
Tracy Drowne, 42, F, W, FL
An unidentified person, M, CO
Robert Avitia, 18, M, H, CA
John Vik, 47, M, OH
John Allen Dunaway, 61, M, FL

05-27, 2020
Tony McDade, 38, M, Black, FL
Joshua Blessed, 58, M, White, NY
Rommel Mendoza, 50, M, Hispanic, CA
Hector Hernandez, 31, M, Hispanic, CA
Alexander Scott, 30, M, OK
An unidentified person, M, AL
Modesto Reyes, 35, M, Black, LA

05-28, 2020
John Benedict Coleman, 53, M, White, UT
Steven Edward Ferguson, 31,M, W, CO
An unidentified person, M, CA
Ruben Smith, 35, M, Black, AR
An unidentified person, M, OR

05-29, 2020
Heba Momtaz Al-Azhari, 22, F, FL
An unidentified person, M, White, CA
An unidentified person, 32, M, Asian, CA
An unidentified person, M, PA
Momodou Lamin Sisay, 39, M, Black, GA
Jarvis Sullivan, 44, M, Black, FL

05-30, 2020
Derrick Thompson, 46, M, Black, FL

05-31, 2020
Israel Berry, 49, M, White, OR
Thomas Sutherlin, 32, M, White, WI


Guns don’t kill people by themselves, however, without a gun, life prevails.

Given the choice of Peace or War, the majority will always choose Life.

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Hi PonyBoy:
Sadly —since Bush and Cheney: the WAR Economy has been our only economy. : (


Since President McKinley, 1896, we’ve had war politics with the Spanish-American War …Wilson’s political ambitions for the victor’s spoils manipulated the U.S. into WW1, LBJ into Vietnam to balance his “war on poverty”, etc. etc.
This is an old story.


And every military venture launched…as Bob Dylan eloquently reminded us in his 1960’s gem WITH GOD ON OUR SIDE.

Don’t just withhold military equipment from police…withhold military equipment from the military.

What if they had a war and nobody showed up ?


To create real security, we must slash the Pentagon budget and invest in meeting everyone’s basic human needs.

Exactly so!

Better figure out what to do with Raytheon, McDonald Douglas etc first, or they will cut you throat (and your children’s throats) for even trying that.

Hi bushrodi:

Yes : ( , it’s an old story—but why do people keep falling for it?

The war=profiteering companies should retool to make solar and wind power equipment, batteries for electric vehicles, materials to improve energy efficiency and conservation by retrofitting existing structures, and materials for affordable housing to house the millions of homeless. They can and should be integral parts of the Green New Deal.

First we must wean all our politicians from the teat of the war profiteers who legally bribe them to continue to vote for bloated military budgets.

I agree.
And I’d bet they don’t.
Forcing them to act like human being will be damned dangerous for who ever gets that assignment

They are used to yearly bonuses that far exceed the total lifetime income of all of us commenting in the thread combined. Death and the selling of it is far more profitable than helping humanity to a better future. How can a green future compete with the green they are getting now? And it isn’t just the USA… their “cabal” of cohorts would need to be silenced/dealt with too. It isn’t just money. It is also land, power, dominance over another… biblical myth (oops… meant to say prophecy) that drives it in many places, and justifies it in others, and racist motivations for all of it are just a tool like many others to stoke fear and acceptance by the masses. Keep us weak and afraid so we are more easily controlled, shouted over, or ignored.

It is bigger than one protest, one issue, one war. It is a system that embraces death for profit. It is the largest contributor to the US GDP and “our” governing bodies personal wealth.

It has no fear of us. That is what needs to change.

And as Donovan explained, the universal soldier is really to blame. It’s time we stopped thanking them for their service, as it was not service to any of us, only the Bankers and their war-profiteering friends.

We don’t thank other people for doing bad things because they were tricked into doing bad things. It’s time we stopped lionizing those who murder civilians for oligarchs.

War, and military service ceased to be an honorable profession, when those who declared wars stopped leading from the front. Now it’s hordes of idiots risking it all for greedy cowards in the rear. The few, the proud, the exploited, the dumb.

Notice that after Buffy Sainte Marie wrote Universal Soldier that US radio stations stopped playing her music ?

More than half a century later her music continues to be frequently played on Canadian radio.

The article makes the assumption that we live in a functioning democracy. The Establishment is quite happy with allowing peaceful protests for the next thousand years… as long as nothing fundamentally changes.
Instead the focus must come in jettisoning the corporate lackies from office beginning with every Republican and almost every Democrat. At least educate the people of the importance of voting for Progressives for Congress and the Senate. Keep in mind that the establishment is always looking for an excuse to lock up more people to feed the prison industrial complex. If those new ‘slaves’ are plucked from popular protests, Wall Street can live with that. In fact they’re betting on it!
We all know that most of our tax dollars are spent to slaughter innocent people abroad in the name of the American people, even though the munitions are spent to reinforce corporate dominance of our ‘strategic resources’. Calling out a corrupt government on this will solve nothing. Too many poor people are willing to mow down average Americans to protect Wall Street simply because too many Americans have bought into the false narrative that corporatists have it right and those who stand for social democracy (i.e. “socialism”) are evil-doers.
It is great to talk about defunding the runaway freight train we refer to as the military industrial complex, but protests don’t matter if we’re still willing to elect the same corrupt Party’s over and over.

We must first be honest . 911 was a false flag designed to funnel money to the MIC. There are no ‘enemies’ who are seeking to attack this country. We possess enough nukes to destroy the world ,let alone any country. There is no Defense Dept. , it is a WAR of aggression dept. War = $$$$

Wonderful article. Too bad it takes a pandemic for the American Exceptionalists to begin to see that the military and police are not their protectors in a hyper-capitalist system, but their enemies as the guards of the 1%.