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Disparity Ideology, Coronavirus. and the Danger of the Return of Racial Medicine

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/04/04/disparity-ideology-coronavirus-and-danger-return-racial-medicine


Relying on “evidence” is not a strong suit of this morally and ethically corrupt administration.

"We’re finally on our own."
~Excerpt from C, S, N &Y song Ohio.


Although not written in a style most Murkins would find an easy read, the author’s academic and clinical analysis is spot on.

As I have serially posted for the past 1.5 decades, framing issues in a racial context will be of no value at least… to a dangerous distraction at worst, until the widening income and wealth inequality trajectory we have witnessed for nearly a half century is reversed.

Politicians who buy in to distractions that divert their attention from staying focused on reversing wealth gap trajectory are tacitly enabling its continued widening.


“The problem lies in the irrationality and injustice of a for-profit healthcare system and its market-driven rationing of access to care at every step along the way, whether or not those falling through the cracks are more likely to be recognized as black than otherwise.”

Amen! It is time to address the social structures that keep the injustices standing. Medicare for All! Living Wages… Free Public Education – and yes, a Green New Deal so those in poverty don’t have environmental injustice as an additional burden.

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And the biggest wealth gap of all is defined along racial lines. The net worth of even poorer whites is far higher than the net worth of black Americans.

What does that mean? The median wealth of black households is 35k according to Wikipedia. What constitutes a poorer white family exactly? I would say there are plenty with less wealth than that. Or are you just shooting from the hip? (which I do sometimes myself too). Of course the same stat (median, mean) is going to be higher with whites but all distributions by race are going to overlap.

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It is also possible that the concept of what constitutes “net worth” or “median net worth” is its self racially oriented. Isn’t that a part of this this article, it is not just the metric but how it is interpreted?

Native Americans use the word ‘wasicu’ meaning people of European decent when translated it becomes white people but it means much more.

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It doesn’t take a statistics degree to understand that they’re talking about percentiles you fucking moron. The poorest white families who be the bottom N-percentile. Makes it easy to company two different populations.

Ha ha you are good at profanity. Now try using numbers. What percentile in each set. Yunzer didn’t say.

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Albany Georgia has 20 dead of 70 C-19 black patients from two counties as they gathered for two funerals.
The radio commentator advised that their culture includes lots of hugs.

Chicago private hospitals have reduced their charity budgets. This has more patients going to Cook County hospital, which is under staffed, under funded. The McCormick quick build hospital by US Army corp of engineers alleviates my worry that blacks will have no place to go for C-19 care.

Well, I can tell you there are places in this world where none of this makes any sense. It might even be considered odd to suggest life can be measured in percentiles. just sayin.

I’d add that “poverty” as a stand alone word should be reconsidered as ‘conditions of impoverishment’. Poverty is ALWAYS the result of a failing in inter-human conditions. The very idea of the individual is not a ‘science based’ reality - given that we share 99.999+% DNA on this planet.
early 15c., “one and indivisible, inseparable” (with reference to the Trinity), from Medieval Latin individualis, from Latin individuus “indivisible,” from in- “not, opposite of” (see in- (1)) + dividuus “divisible,” from dividere “divide” (see divide (v.)). Original sense now obsolete; the word was not common before c. 1600 and the 15c. example might be an outlier. Sense of “single, separate, of but one person or thing” is from 1610s; meaning “intended for one person” is from 1889.

Have a feeling there is a deep, deep well yet to be explored in this area…

I’m sure Elizabeth Warren is breathing a sigh of relief that Native Americans are not more susceptible…

i had a hard time understanding due to how he structures a sentence.
so maybe my interpretation of what he says is incorrect. but this is
my impression-

he thinks the fact that warren, et al are pro-capitalist nullifies
what they say about racism. combining the two factors is not wrong,
but i think the manner in which he combines the two in his analysis is

i think he is saying that protesting or even talking about racism will
engender more racism. imo that is 1% true, 99% backwards.

“However, in the contemporary U.S.—in large measure because of the
legislative and social movement victories won in the 1960s and
beyond—“race” is less precise and self-evident than it once was, both
empirically and politically, as a proxy for those objectionable social
conditions, an explanation of the dynamics generating them, or
indication of a path toward overcoming them.
Especially if our concern is to combat healthcare inequalities, it is
not at all clear that the “blacks have it worse” trope does us much
good. The problem lies in the irrationality and injustice of a
for-profit healthcare system and its market-driven rationing of access
to care at every step along the way, whether or not those falling
through the cracks are more likely to be recognized as black than

I was a patient advocate in nyc from 1970, then got into nursing from
1975 and practiced in “liberal” nyc and LA until 2014. My coworkers
were literally the rainbow of humanity. I’m only 1 person but i find
it hard to believe that everything i witnessed practiced by everyone
in that rainbow somehow oddly happened only in front of me. and recent
studies justify that. so no matter what economic system is in place,
trust me that the nurses and doctors deliver care in a racially biased

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Ok, this is a word on this…pretty funny.


Your numbers are way off.

A [2018 survey] found that whites severely underestimate the racial wealth gap. They think that black wealth is about 80% that of whites. [Data from the U.S. Census Bureau] reveals that black wealth is about 7% that of whites.

In 2014, the median net worth of non-Hispanic white households was $130,800. The median net worth of black households was $9,590. It was $17,530 for Hispanic households. Native American wealth has not even been measured since 2000. At that time, their median household net worth was just $5,700.


Monday, 6 PM eastern, April 6, 2020

Chicago has 72% of C-19 deaths occurring in our black communities.

Michigan is 41% dead and they represent 14% of the states population.

yet, some brit gets the headline. One guy - all by his self

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Sorry I missed your response. I agree - it appears that data from Wikipedia (~https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/African-American_middle_class) is not commonly matched by other sources. I liked this source:


which shows median wealth each year. It peaked at 26k in 2001 according to this site and the housing crisis ate into that number such that as of 2016 it was 17.4k which closely matches the number you quote. That is about a 10:1 disparity. I suppose we will get 2020 Census results sometime soon so I will keep an eye on this.

I actually came back to this thread (and saw your response) wanting to respond to how much I enjoyed Adolph Reed on Useful Idiots. He is pretty interesting and somewhat contrarian in regards to typical views on racism. His definition of racism = the belief that races exist was thought provoking. I recommend this interview to everyone.

I reread his piece here and seeing this quote:

It cannot be stressed enough that race is not a natural category; it is a fiction, an entirely made-up idea with no grounding outside of abstract and arbitrary taxonomies—elaborate just-so stories—of human difference. Black people, therefore, cannot be disproportionately vulnerable as a generic category of racial taxonomy.

I see he expresses this same idea. I suppose this isn’t completely obvious to me with only the example of sickle cell anemia to go off of. That is clearly a medical issue not tied to diet or any other social factor but relates directly to (I assume) evolving in an area with a lot of malaria (since it has an advantage in these areas). That is about the only biological effect I know of, but it makes me wonder if there could be a Covid 19 response difference that isn’t just related to environment.

But in any case, I GREATLY appreciate the author working for Medicare for All in South Carolina. If only he had more impact than Rep Clyburn who I don’t think has helped progress in this country at all by backing Biden who was one of the worst candidates on this issue.