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Dispatches from the War on Cancer: Detection as Prevention, Chronic Disease as Cure

Dispatches from the War on Cancer: Detection as Prevention, Chronic Disease as Cure

Kristine Mattis

Ten years ago on June 25, 2008, I was diagnosed with colon cancer. My grandmother passed away the night before. She was just two weeks shy of her 96 th birthday. I had planned to spend it with her. Instead, I re-routed the frequent flier miles I was to use for that visit to a plane ticket for my mother, who had now just lost her own mother, to be with me for my immediate surgery. Needless to say, this was one of the worst days of my life as well as my mother’s. Mortality had reached my beloved grandmother, and in nearly the same instant, had come for me.


The environment is toxic from industrial development, and this increases the cancer load, but the victims have to pay their own medical bills. This is another give away to the corporations and a stomp on everyone else.


Good statement and could case for Medicare for all instead of eliminating medicare and medicaid to the greedy SOBs

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I’m a 10+ year lung cancer survivor myself most likely due to 37 years of cigarette smoking; the highly addictive product of the tobacco industry. Promoted and subsidized by the govt. which still accounts for over 250 thousand lives a year. That’s more than all the drug overdoses, alcohol related deaths, gunshot deaths and car crashes COMBINED!! So the govt hasn’t done enough to curtail this menace and won’t do anything to the poisoning of citizens either. We are literally drowning in a toxic soup that is everywhere on Earth. The highest mountains nd deepest parts of the ocean has detectable levels of toxins. The best we can hope for is to reduce exposure in any way possible. keep exposure to chemicals at a minimum. Don’t buy highly toxic products, check labels more ingredients more chance of toxins. The govt won’t help so it’s up to us to reduce exposure. Chances are global poisoning will do us in before global warming does. The 6th mass extinction is well underway and we’re in it too. Survival is up to us.

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From the corp. standpoint, Medicare for all is not a good idea, they know how much poison they pump into the world, much less our processed food. This could be very well why they fight it so vigorously.

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If you read the origins of Medicare for All it is exactly a corporation dream. It is designed by the Rand corporation to flatten medical expenses. It is a scaled down version of Medicare and eliminates Medicaid. Instead of making half the contribution, you’ll pay all of the costs. Do yourself a favor and read some of the recommendations by the Cato Institute a libertarian think tank and see if you don’t find some corresponding rhetoric.

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I am equally disturbed, Kristine.

Colorectal cancer: My husband, at 50. It appeared with only a few months warnings of symptoms. Kristine, he had absolutely none of the risk factors you mention. Except. He loved his electric seat warmer on his long commute to work and Pittsburgh had a few cold winters. Check out water bed motors, seat warmers, heating pads.

Security systems use microwave on too regular a basis, and in some areas. Cancer.

Remember the speed cops who used to hold the rard gun in their laps? Yep, and they had a lot of trouble getting any remuneration for the cancers and deaths.

Maps have shown that cancer frequency increases closer to cell towers.

Kristine, radiation is big, big, big. Dontcha know radiation was used it by the Nazis on people to see how quick it would cause cancer. People where the ozone layer is disappearing are getting more cancer. People who sleep with phones can get cancer. Phones in pockets, ahem, testicular cancer.

Brain cancer, deaths, 5 of my acquaintances: my sister in law, my other sister in law’s mother, my part-time house cleaner, my second cousin. My neighbor in China. None related by blood. All in different States. Five people retired women.

One school system in California went to court to close their new WiFi system after numerous cancers and illness in the faculty, staff, and students in the following few years.

It is another case if Big Brother being Big Business as well as Big Media, conflict of interest, can’t critique their own products.

Sources: Dr. Magda Havas, Toronto, of course.
Less emf
Stetzer Electric.

Electrical reduction techniques may work in certain cases and not in others, depending on type of radiation, frequencies, power, time, contamination,…


I met scientists working for Big tobacco recently. They are trying to find new uses for tobacco crops. Think nicotinoids, the stuff that kills bees.

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Don’t forget pesticides in farming and city pest control. Pesticides have caused dome stomach cancers, as it sometimes penetrates the skin of the olant.

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These too are produced by large corporations, and used also in industrial type farming agribusinesses.

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Cancer is the quintessential “disease” of industrial civilization, and maybe civilization itself. Indigenous cultures had almost non-existant rates of cancer. BUt they also had almost zero rates of disease period.

Cancer is an industry like all others. It is counted in the national GDP
And creates millions of jobs.

Cancer is not so much caused by a “carcinogen” as it is cause by stress.
For example
The sun does not “cause” cancer, in fact the vitamin d we produce from it is a main antidote.

You can rate a stressor by its intensity, gamma radiation is the highest stressor, followed by benzene ring chemicals and on to other manmade chemicals and on down to to the lowest stressors such as UV, various plant substances etc…

So what is the main theme in cancer? STRESS from civlization, rapid transit lack of sleep manmade “environments” sic. Lack of time spent in caring relationships, MONEY and worry and anxiety over it, lack of personal space and time. No one wants to admit it is the way we live that causes DIS-EASE.
Rates of cancer mirror rates of civilizations “development”, again: (sic)

Thanks to Dr. Mattis and CD for this article. It brings to mind the situation in California, where at many stores and businesses, there is what’s known as a “Prop. 65 warning.” The proposition states that a business selling products “known by the State of California” to contain cancer-causing chemicals must make that information available in a clearly-accessible region of the store. For example, at Trader Joe’s stores, these are posted at the checkout counter. That particular version of the warning advises that many food jars, cans and lids may contain such chemicals (for example, Bisphenol-A). Not only do we live in a society that willfully poisons itself, but the Prop. 65 warning is also notice to customers that says, in effect: you were warned at the checkout counter; don’t come to us if you develop cancer.

The best that California has been able to enact so far. I think activists have proposed actually banning cancer causing substances, but the voters wouldn’t majority vote it into law.

Recently in California, bounty-lawyers (that’s the way the law works) sued and won a case against Starbucks: roasting coffee produces cancer-causing substances in the beans. Much like grilling red meat does.

Now, does article writer Kristine Mattis think that for cancer-free safety we should give up coffee and who knows what else, because roasting makes it carcinogenic? Much like she has given up red meat?

There is excellent reason to think otherwise. Everything eventually dies, and a large number of other critters make their living by infecting other things. Much sickness comes from such infection. As Ms. Mattis acknowledges, some living organisms and viruses cause cancer in the critters they get into.

Things have gotten better. We don’t expose ourselves to X-rays like we used to. There are many things that can be done better, and we should work on those improvements.

Agree with your ultimate sentence. In my view, one of those things that we can do (if we so choose) is to stop adding known carcinogens to our food packaging. Seems pretty straightforward to me.