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Displaying 'Resiliency of Democracy,' Hundreds of Protests in US Cities Large and Small to Rebuke Trump


Displaying 'Resiliency of Democracy,' Hundreds of Protests in US Cities Large and Small to Rebuke Trump

Jon Queally, staff writer

Hundreds of thousands of people participated in coordinated protests in cities and towns across the United States on Thursday evening to voice their collective displeasure with President Donald Trump's move to install Matthew Wittaker as Acting Attorney General—a man openly hostile to executive oversight and the Special Counsel probe into 2016 election interfence—after firing Jeff Sessions less than 24 hours after this week's midterm elections.


‘“If you have any doubt about the resiliency of our democracy – especially in the wake of a bruising election – then go type in #ProtectMueller on Twitter and you will be heartened and inspired by the pictures and videos of protests across the country,” said Common Cause President Karen Hobert Flynn.’

The jury is still out on the resilience of our democracy and Kavanaugh et al. are in the tall grass waiting to squash democratic weeds as they sprout. Celebrate the First Amendment while we still have it indeed, but the People are hamstrung in this country like never before in my lifetime. Until elected officials represent their human constituencies and not their corporate ones, democracy is an estranged trait of this nation.


Oooh! Coordinated national protests!

But not against the new nuclear arms race, and the end of the IMF Treaty.

But not in a demand for Single Payer healthcare.

But not for an end to Amerika’s wars in seven Muslim nations.

But not for detante with Russia, and an end to NATO aggression on its borders.

But not for a national jobs program, and an end to offshoring and “free” trade.

And that would be because the protests were coordinated by MoveOn and its affiliates, who’ve no interest in peace, jobs and justice, but only an interest in supporting the DNC’s wing of the Corporatist War Party.


Aren’t these the same people who were calling on Sessions to resign for more than a year?


Mueller was key in spreading the lies that got us into the illegal war in Iraq. He is a corrupt official.
It’s nice that people are banding together but this is not the right issue. It furthers the Dems nonsensical, evidence free Russia narrative.

The Attorney General cannot be appointed, the position requires senate approval. It is unconstitutional.


First, let me state for the record that I’m no fan of MoveOn, for the excellent reasons you gave. But I very much doubt the “Unite the Right/Proud Boys/Alt-Facts” crowd could draw a hundredth of these numbers. I’m heartened (by the turnout) and disappointed (by the tempest-in-a-teapot cause) at the same time. Maybe next time our demands will be sufficiently large and inclusive as to be worthy of such effort.


The Rich who control us laugh as they read the Cardboard signs. Another waste of time. Maybe MoveOn should do exactly that…


Peaceful Protest Rallies don’t work.


I’m just glad we don’t have any serious problems to focus on.

If this new AG terminates Mueller’s little show its to protect the Dems and the narrative that Trump colluded with Russia without ever having to prove it. The show must go on.


Right on.

You’ve laid out succinctly that the Democrats are COMPLETELY USELESS.

Their priorities are not helping society.


“The Rich” is absolutely correct. Who is behind MoveOn? Well, it’s George Soros of course!
And yes, they are laughing themselves silly over how easy it was for them to get all these
thousands of people out to protest the Dems never-ending investigation into the non-issue of collusion with Russia which never existed in the first place. If they want to protect our democracy, they should be out protesting to get the money out of politics. Our democracy isn’t threatened by dark forces outside America, but by the dark forces inside our country. And by the looks of it, they are succeeding.

And it’s obvious that Common Dreams is assisting in this take-over by promoting these kinds of protests with big splashy headlines, maps and photos etc. But when it came to the recent Women’s March on the Pentagon for Peace, they didn’t even make a peep. There wasn’t one article, not even one little announcement that it was taking place, nor any reports on the rally afterward. It’s obvious that there was an intended blackout. Shameful.


People are going into the streets to protect the man that was the director of the FBI during the nationwide Occupy protests.
The FBI was the coordinating hub for police departments all over the country to carry out the harassing and shutting down of the Occupy all over the country.
Russia did not give us Trump.
The Intelligence Community has still not revealed any evidence that Russia colluded with Trump or his campaign to get Trump elected.
Trump is a dangerous fascist idiot.
All these statements are true.


While I do agree with you and am wondering just what it is going to take to inspire masses of people to turn out for everything you listed, this is an emergency and we need to rid the global community of Trump.

While some of the messaging is troublesome here is an excellent tweet from The Sparrow Project:

While I applaud those mobilizing to safeguard the process holding Trump accountable, I plead for everyone not to lionize the FBI who have a seasoned history of surveilling & repressing vulnerable communities & disrupting & murdering those fighting for civil rights # ProtectMueller


The emergency is ongoing, and has been since Bill Clinton deregulated the banksters and the media, and since Bush and Cheney began the Neocon wars that Obama and HRC expanded. Boss Tweet is merely the latest, and most honest manifestation of Neocon hegemony, and of rule by Wall Street and the MIC.

Falling back to President Pence <shudder!> is no solution. “Progressive” resistance again crumbling when President Booker/Harris cut social security and bomb Iran while wearing pink pussyhats will provide no relief.

The first step in real resistance, the very first, is to recognize the theater of Amerikan politics for what it is, and to resist all of our oppressors, regardless of to which wing of the War Party they belong.


I do not disagree but there never has been someone as bad as Trump. We need to start thinking about a left party, Eco-Socialist Party and start to organize toward it. Solidarity!


First they took my cable TV. Then they took my internet. Then they took my cell / I-phone, then my car. Well, step in where ever you would like to join the marching before everything is gone. Best to start at the first thing, but that takes some astute watchfulness.


Trump is just an egotistical little puppet like Chucky in the horror movie.

It is the Kochs, the Mercers and that scum that have given Trump his hateful agenda.

Trump is not the master, merely the evil minion.


If you’re so anti-Trump, then why are you in favor of protesting to retain the services of one of the bigots most responsible for legitimizing Trump’s candidacy from its inception?


Let’s remind ourselves that; be polite use reasoning and logic, be kind got millions of Jewish people incinerated. Fascist and Nazis see intelligent arguments as weaknesses and bring guns to the passive gathering. ANTIFA has indeed the right argument. “Don’t bring a pen and legal pad to a gun fight.” And please read “Mein Kampf”… Stephen Miller, Trump’s political architect, has it memorized. Protests are fine, but please be careful, these guys are armed and they are killers.


But because he was replaced by a more evil and slimy character doesn’t negate her argument. The stench is just more fresh and stronger… Same can be said with the supreme court justice Kavanaugh. Replacing dirty with filthy doesn’t advance your argument. or logic Moving the outhouse doesn’t improve the local stench.