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Disposable Americans: The Numbers are Growing


Disposable Americans: The Numbers are Growing

Paul Buchheit

s often noted in the passionate writings of Henry Giroux, poor Americans are becoming increasingly 'disposable' in our winner-take-all society. After 35 years of wealth distribution to the super-rich, inequality has forced much of the middle class towards the bottom, to near-poverty levels, and to a state of helplessness in which they find themselves being blamed for their own misfortunes.


Guillotine futures on the rise, though. Get rich quick, then...


I've been a member of the surplus population since 2008 and have more chance of winning the lottery (which I don't even play) than I have of getting a job.

I scrape by as a writer and small publisher of radical literature


Heroin abuse and suicide are what so many have for the american dream.
Or any other country's dream.

The giant vampire squid has its tentacles in all countries.
Look at Greece, a direct result of Banking Fraud.

If nothing derails ms Hillary Goddamn Clinton (courtesy Lee Camp) the ground is going be removed from under the feet for many, many more of us.


Just as millions are increasingly becoming "disposable", so too are politicians almost entirely coming from the 1% sector, and mostly have with rare exceptions in morality/integrity - some candidates are just toadies/sycophants to the uber wealthy. They also serve the 1% and banker/wall st/corporate/war machine sectors rather than the "disposable" 99%!
The big, and rare, exception is Bernie Sanders, which is why he is generating such enthusiasm,. hope, and loyalty, as opposed to the other two candidates.
Even though Bernie now leads and champions the issues that bring his/our coalition together, it is the issues that are paramount.
Bernie or Bust! Occupy Philly! No Justice, NO Peace!


The book entitled "The Race to the Bottom" came out sixteen years ago.

From the book:

". . . for more than 25 years, taking inflation into account, the living standards of the overwhelming majority of Americans have either stagnated or fallen, measured by the compensation they receive for every hour of work they do."

This is not abstract or theoretical with me. I have been cheap labor and cannon fodder, and it is a nightmare to live in.

As there is a world wide surplus of labor, the companies and governments can do with you what they will. Even the main stream press has published lately that the middle class is not the majority any longer, which means that the "middle class" does not exist.


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They do this all the time. It's not provable murder in court, but companies know that their actions will harm people and lead to death in some cases. They factor the costs they will have to pay as a result of court judgments against them for their actions versus the benefits in profits from doing those actions.


In answer to the demands that fast food workers be paid a decent wage , The Corporations that run these things have indicated they will replace these workers with self served automated Kiosks run by the customer. This is how they get rid of grocery star clerks and the like , with self serve checkouts.

The oher initiative of course is to just rid themselves of staff entirely and hire from a mass pool of contracters that will bid on jobs under any conditions. Microsoft has indicated it wishes to do this with its more highly paid employees.


I like Paul Buchheit. He writes simply and gets to the point quickly. However, he is falling into the same "rut" that so many progressive writers fall into: they are great at analysis but don't present any solutions! Anybody with any common sense and has eyes to see can see what in the hell is going on around them.

This is not rocket science, folks! What we are living through is nothing less than class warfare of the elite ruling class against the working class under the support and administration of the state.

We (the down-trodden, oppressed and the exploited) have had enough of analysis. We are already ass-deep in analysis! We need solutions and a clear path for the working class people to implement to get ourselves out of this overwhelming state of domination and exploitation.

In a nutshell, things are not going to change until the system is changed!

Here are some truisms to further clarify that the ruling class and the state are in collusion with other:

  • State policy in a capitalist democracy is usually well-insulated from popular influence but very open to elite influence and money interests.

  • Just because a party has become the government (after an election), it does not mean that they can simply implement their election promises. There are also significant pressures on politicians from the state bureaucracy itself. The state structure is designed to ensure that real power lies not in the hands of elected representatives but rather in the hands of officials, of the state bureaucracy which ensures that any pro-labour political agenda will be watered down and made harmless to the interests of the ruling class.

  • (Noam) Chomsky’s comment that when “popular reform candidates ... get elected ... you get [a] capital strike — investment capital flows out of the country, there’s a lowering of investment, and the economy grinds to a halt ... The reason is quite simple. In our society, real power does not happen to lie in the political system, it lies in the private economy; that’s were the decisions are made about what’s produced, how much is produced, what’s consumed, where investment takes place, who has jobs, who controls the resources, and so on and so forth. And as long as that remains the case, changes inside the political system can make some difference — I don’t want to say it’s zero — but the differences are going to be very slight.”

Source: What Influence Does Wealth Have Over Politics?


Remember, the Ministry of Truth has bombarded "Mr. and Mrs. America" almost from the cradle that, "all you have to do is learn and play the game and you, too, can become a millionaire." Just don't rock the boat!
* And, of course, those who don't become millionaires are "just a bunch of dumb losers who don't deserve anything." So they can be discarded, they have no value.
* Blecch!


Wow! Mind-blowing statistics! I am repeating one among many:

"Numerous sources report that half or more of American families have virtually no savings, and would have to borrow money or sell possessions to cover an emergency expense. Between half and two-thirds of Americans have less than $1,000."

And here I thought the U.S. resembled the Wiemar Republic just in its militarization and state surveillance apparatuses.


Our hopes will continue to be crushed until we make politicians disposable.


The middle of nowhere


Look at Flint Michigan.


There was no social security COLA this year because the BEA used an index calculated on a much younger age group. Savings earn no interest because they are competitively bid by hedge funds who think 0.001% is fine for their trillion dollar deposit with only a 0.00042% transfer tax on the purchase..


Ever since Republican President Ford lost the 1976 election and Democrat Carter lost the 1980 election, both losses due in part to high inflation and high unemployment rates, both parties have made sure that formulas used to calculate key economic indicators are jiggered to assure that no President ever gets blamed for high inflation or high unemployment rates. In addition to keeping wages and benefits in decline jiggering also produces interest rates that are too low relative to economic activity, thereby creating bubbles and busts that further impoverish us.


An excellent and insightful observation. The sad thing is that now we have a gradually re-awakening class, they are making the same mistakes once more and have to go through a number of dead-ends to re-learn old lessons from our past.


Another well-thought comment like the EnemyofWar comment above. We know there is a problem and it is up to us to seek out the policies to address the cause of the problem. We are failing to do it and seem to be running around chasing our tails and getting no-where.

The first step is independent organisation and all the Sanders supporters must devote themselves to that task rather than falling in line behind the Democratic Party cheerleaders in a vote for the lesser evil.


Cookies, NAFTA was signed into law by President Clinton on December 8, 1993, and took effect on January 1, 1994.

And every trade agreement from that time on brought more American workers lining up to enter the Great Race to the Bottom. When these trade agreements send jobs off to low wage countries, employers are free to cut the wages of their remaining work force, as they now have the power to do just that.