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Disposable Children


Disposable Children

Paul Buchheit

It may be the greatest hypocrisy of America's conservative leaders, that they demand control over a woman's body, but then show every sign of neglect after a child comes into the world. It reaches beyond neglect to disdain for the poor. In a perversely unequal nation in which the well-off blame impoverished people for their own struggles, the children of the poor become the innocent victims.

Children of all ages are deemed disposable:

The Littlest Children—Deprived of Their Most Important Year of School


I always appreciate Mr. Buchheit’s articles as he speaks honestly and compassionately about issues few other writers cover.

I think another item is missing from the list of how children today are facing abuse… and it’s in the sex trade. While poor families in Asia were known to previously sell a young daughter into the sex trade, today there are thousands of American children being kidnapped. Many apparently end up in this underground world. Child abuse that is sex-based is not a rarity.

This type of trauma cripples many children in ways that harm their adult lives.

For a nation known to celebrate “family values,” it’s sickening the levels of harm done unto children.


Yes and I mnetioned the plight of child refugees in Europe coming from Africa and the Middle east. Many of these have no parents or guardians and according to institutions that setup to help these children , thousands disappear and are lost track of each and every year. According to these groups most end up in the sex trade are as what is in essense "slave labor’. Under austerity governments there cut all manner of programs intended to help them.

Both in the USA and in Europe there have been scandals exposed and then suppressed (The Franklin scandal as example) of Child sex rings formed to service the desires of the one percent. Police forces tasked with investigating these crimes refuse to proceed with charges or even claim to “lose the files” in order to protect the owner class. In the case of one Lord in England as example where the evidence was overwhelming they refused to press charges because the man in question was claimed to be too old and suffering from dementia this even as he was appointed by the Government to a committee to investigate some other wrongdoing.

Factories in East Europe now employ children as menial labor with Governments looking the other way because hey after all under this financial system called “the market” they have to compete with other low wage countries that use children for profits sake don’t they?

Decades and more of progress made to protect children are being eroded and this all in the name of the one percent and for the sake of money, profits and power. Fighting against these people of power are good and decent folk ,whose voices I heard cracking in pain as they were interviewed on a recent radio program as they expressed the need to protect these children and how difficult and overwhelming the whole task was.


In the past, I believe I was first to introduce The Franklin Cover-up to this site’s forum.

In any event, you also left out the thousands of unaccompanied (by any adult) children facing rape, robbery, and kidnap as they ride trains up from Guatemala and Honduras through Mexico hoping to cross into the U.S. where many have parents forced out of their native communities thanks to NAFTA.

So this problem of displaced children, orphan children, and children sold into sexual slavery is essentially global. It’s a total travesty.

How many idiots who obsess over unborn children (anti-abortion campaigns) are callous or clueless on the matter of the actual state of so many born children?

Also: when the U.S. military left Vietnam, it left tons of land mines (that never yet exploded) behind. Children see these things and sometimes step on them and now there are legions of limbless kids limping around.

For those spiritual prophets who emphasized the need to properly love and nurture children (or think ahead to future generations’ welfare), the state of too many little ones in this world is its own ongoing HELL.


Please go back to an uneducated right wing site… where your “sensibilities” and “reasoning” belong.


Another hidden part of that secretive “TPP” plan…


Question: How come the right wing conservatives and anti-planned parenthood people are so concerned about children before they are born and are insouciant and could care less about children after they are born?


Taking a critique from you is like someone who can’t swim telling an Olympic swimmer how to navigate the waters.

It’s also fascinating how shadow types like yourself seem to know intimately my writing pattern but show up with a brand spanking new screen name.


Your comment is completely devoid of any rationalization or statistical validation of your purely subjective opinion.


Answer: They are not pro-life, despite their self-style. They are just pro-birth.



I think the article needs to address why most of our poverty stricken areas are located in cities that have been democratically-controlled for decades. The “war on poverty” has been an abject failure and it is not just the responsibility of republicans. One needs to also focus on why democrats continually promise improvement and then fail to provide it, even when they have the clear majority. Then you can point a finger at the GOP which is more focused on supporting industry and commerse to the detriment of the middle class and poor. It is obvious that both parties are ineffective because they are infected with crony capitalism and that is their priority to keep the gravy train going. There were no new taxes on the rich either during the two years the dems had a majority under Obama. Why is that? Could it be they are also crony capitialists, they just don’t admit it? It all begins with our self-destructive and cynical disregard for human life besides our own. Disrespect for human life and selfishness has become a cultural phenomenon. This is about the tenor of our entire country and, I believe, it begins in the disregard for human life at every stage, from conception to natural death so that we can pursue our own agenda - no partisan politics about it, this is about US and we elect people who mirror our values. Partisan politics, in the context of failing human values, is destroying this country. It is the paradigm of “if there is something wrong, it’s not my fault, it is someone else’s”. We need a better way.


“thunder1”? One’s thunder my ass. Your crepitation on a massive scale is substantiated by way of ignorance and egocentricity run amok. Don’t mess with the lady and her cards, she is far wiser than you will ever be.


Dang nab it and if they just followed the Constitution not only would there be no hungry children or refugees but there would be no global warming, the drought in California would never have happened , the seas would be teeming with fish and life and enough to feed all , cancer would be cured, Russians and China would be dutiful client states , there would be jobs for all , no debt no war and we would all be living in peace ever after with none of the uppity poor folk demanding handouts.

All must put their faith in “the founding fathers” or we doomed!

I suppose you would want to start with allowing only white men with property being allowed to vote and hey the property can be those welfare queens driving to pick up their welfare check in their Cadillac.


Good answer!


Hillary Clinton brings up the fact that over 50% of school children receive food assistance-“I feel your pain”-but fails to offer solutions. These are issues-homeless children,people going hungry and not having shelter that should be front and center in the media-and all politicians should be expected to address. Instead we are served up questions about fantasy football.


Mr. Sanders DOES address this item.


Does your low opinion of persons stem from your own self-assessment, or are you not part of the human family?


go back to Fox News watching you have nothing sound to offer to debate