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Disputing Trump Claims, Japan Says No Evidence Iran Was Behind Saudi Attack

Thanks for helping me understand more about this. It’s been off my radar for a while.

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Extreme accuracy and extreme knowledge of what to bomb implies that somebody strapped a number of dynamite sticks to the targets, moved the staff off to a safe distance and then detonated the dynamite.

It’s possible to dig up old Iranian drones or other aircraft parts and mangle them so that nobody knows in what era the drones were made. It’s possible to take simple pictures of Iranian air bases and hand-wave.

After all of the Persian Gulf wars, after all of the U.S. aircraft carriers sitting in the area for decades, it’s disingenuous for US Military Intelligence to say that they don’t watch Iranian air bases for the heat signatures of missile launches and jet engine launches, never mind mapping the exact paths of all Iranian military aircraft so that the US Air Force can have a tactical advantage in knowing their preferred routes. For that matter, the NSA had access to all sorts of Iranian military and government computers during the Obama administration, and they used a virus to crash Iranian military computers. Odds are excellent that the U.S. knows Iran’s plans and would be shocked if Iran could do something unexpected.

A few months ago the U.S. reported that Iranian mines were being used to bomb tankers. A tanker captain reported that his crew saw the missile flying into the tanker, and that the hole was far above the water line where a mine might have done damage. So, we should quickly suspect the U.S. of making stuff up again.


April 15, 1991 American army did drive north to within 20 miles of bagdad and destroy the facility that fermented the bacteria and virus and the fill line.

Iraq had buried them at various locations. I do think we knew exactly where they were back then. We had already blown up an artillery shell storage that had poison gas in February. Then the vapors wafted.

Destroying these in place - if in an uninhabited place - is an option that we did not use.

Well if you do purchase a small drone and crash it into Trumps tower or his golf cart, make sure to paint a large US, israel and UK flag clearly identifiable on the body of the drone and see who gets blamed.


True. I have solar and love it!


Well, who cares. The US provides weapons to Saudi Arabia, the folks who did The World Trade Center, and Iran Provides weapons to whoever has a war with the Saudis.

Anyhow, what really matters is that the US weapons didn’t do the job and the weapons from Iran did do the job.

Poisonous Weapons of every type were originally given to Iraq by America to help them with their War with Iran, an enemy of the US.

Secondly, is having any type of Weapon justification for Invading that Country?

If a power stronger than the US decided that we should not have Bacterial, Gas or Nuclear Weapons, which we have in abundance, would that be justification for them to invade our Country?

Colin Powell sold the Invasion of Iraq to people looking for a reason to invade that Sovereign Nation with the Second Largest Oil Deposit in the World.

The Bush Family was in the Black Liquid Gold Biz and W & Cheney needed an excuse to Steal the Oil.


About 30 years ago, US Marine fenced in yard at the Illinois / Indiana border sat rusting canisters of nerve gas from Korean War that had to be handled, trucked to an incinerator and burned. The whole operation took over two years. Why anyone, anywhere would ever store this in a populated area is beyond me.

The incinerator is still in operation.

Fort Detrick has really nasty, dangerous products.
Plum Isle gave us Lyme disease.

Colin Powell was duped. He did make presentation to UN to acquire the resolutions. It was cheney’s war. Who is going to pay off the 7 trillion spent?? Plus another trillion for veterans pensions and health care.

A quick read plus photos of the drones found. Another photo of the oil burning shows some minor league damage.
Heck, we have backyard oil fires in nearby Whiting Indiana that roast hot dogs and marshmallows with more / larger flumes of soot smoke. All home lot soils are saturated with oil after 125 years of refining there. If oil is not leaking into your basement there, something is amiss.

Just saw the film “Official Secrets” about governments manipulating to push war.

Good timing as Trump and his band of treasonous fools are doing the same thing with Iran.

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So we have UN people going to SA to ‘investigate’ – will it be a repeat of Iraq? If so, they’ll investigate for awhile, but just short of determining who really is to blame. They’ll be sent home. The US will say they’re moving forward with the war against Iran. That’s how they did it in Iraq and they got their way then. Nothing’s really changed since then.

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I just went back to the photo of the supposed drones used and the table has a label “May 2019”.
Darn, the saudi military is as dumb as our army generals. No sale !!

Our navy admirals are better educated, experienced, provide results.

I now want to Suspect that John Bolton saw this Saudi attack as his last really good opportunity to have america invade Iran with five US army divisions. The drone fins appear to be sheet metal fold over tab design that Japan used for toys sent here after ww2. Therefore, they are the likely Bolton allies. 90% of our Alaska oil does go to Japan and we get their allocation from the middle east. This saves tanker shipping days for japan. So, Japan does not suffer from Saudi oil disruption.

The sooner we get off of carbon/fossil fuel based energy, the sooner we can cut off horrible regimes like the Saudis and quit perpetuating their dictatorship that oppresses everyone not part of the “royal” crime family.


Since when did Trump let facts get in the way?

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It is hopeful to note that not every other country in the World is on board with leadership by the psychopath class.

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The country that most wants Iran to be crushed is Israel, they have been goading the U.S. to attack Iran for decades now. It is possible that this is a false flag operation by Israel to get us to finally attack Iran.

Iran has been bending backwards to get all the sanctions lifted as they are destroying Iran’s economy, attacking anybody is not in their best interest.

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The sooner we get off burning fossil fuels, the sooner we will be able to finally take a breath of fresh air.


I watched NASA’s Unexplained Files tonight. One of the segments was about CIAs Operation Dirty Trick in 1962 - If John Glenn’s space mission failed, The CIA was prepared (with ‘evidence’) to ‘prove’ it was Castro’s doing and to use that as an excuse to invade Cuba. I’d bet in the 57 years since, that the CIA has gotten even better at lying to us. And that the democrat leadership has gotten less picky about what they consider ‘evidence’



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