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'Disqualified': Citing Bias and Violation of International Law, Abbas Says Palestinians Will Not Accept Any US Peace Plan

'Disqualified': Citing Bias and Violation of International Law, Abbas Says Palestinians Will Not Accept Any US Peace Plan

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

After more than 100 U.N. members states rebuke Trump's decision on Jerusalem, leader of Palestinian Authority says U.S. "no longer an honest mediator in the peace process."

Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian Authority
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Why would Palestinians accept or sanction in any way anything this zionist/Israeli-tool lap-dog trump regime proposes or does? That this regime and Congress are subverted by Israel and the AIPAC foreign-agent lobby is not in question…nor is the fact their actions holding first loyalty to a foreign power are treasonous and our foreign policy has been likewise subverted to Israeli interests over ours and the rest of the world!

Anything and everything trump&co does are lies and deceit, based on a very twisted mindset/agenda - the shallow mumblings of a depraved un-educated, un-informed, mindless and actually evil person (and his entire administration)…


There was no reason for Israel to negotiate under US mediation.

All they had to do was grab every piece of land they could, hoist an Israeli flag over it, and call it greater Israel. The US would then say “cut it out,” which translated into transparent posturing while actually doing nothing.

Here, join BDS:


Let’s be honest; the US has had no interest in negotiating peace with Palestine. It only wants to subjugate and possess Palestine by proxy through Israel. Our government has been disingenuous at best in regard to Palestinian sovereignty, pretending support without ever insisting that sanctions on Israel be enforced. When the progressives in this country finally wrest power from the egregious Republican/Trump regime, then maybe the Palestinians can count on some real support.


Any Palestinian/Israeli peace negotiations with US mediation will be a prolongation of status quo in the interest of occupation of Palestine, nothing more. The Palestinians should have wised up to this after GW Bush turning his back to Palestine if not before.


Well said! DJT has no concept of the complexity of issues in the Middle East nor the nations in that corridor…what is worse is that he has no desire to be informed. His declaration of the US embassy moving to Jerusalem and all that such a move signals to non-Israelis in and around Israel shows what an absolute empty-headed, mean-spirited, despicable, heartless demagogue he is. But he moved so much closer to the inner circle of Sheldon Adelson and all his moneyed pals…ever seeking acceptance in circles of wealth and power where he is laughed at behind his back and will be hoodwinked in a NY minute by the jackals.


The move to Jerusalem and the " bantustaning " of the native Palestinian population is merely to create a large enough section of Israel where the majority of the citizenry is actually Jewish. Israel is not currently in this position, thus its claims to legitimacy are not valid under the original agreements after the 1947-48 War. This is merely a land grab, not unlike the treaties the U.S. kept signing, then breaking, with the Native Americans in the United States.
And jeez, we wonder where they get their ideas from? We got lots of ours from the British Empire. :wink::wink: So, there’s that, too. If the Palestinians are afflicted with a " potato famine " or are given some nice " smallpox-treated blankets " in the near future, the lesson plan will be advancing according to schedule.:grinning:


My food-obsessed wife asked me to buy a couple organic-and only organic red peppers at my local supermarket. The only ones were these awful shrink-wrapped ones from, you guessed it - Israel. It is absurd that a pepper FCOL, would come from so far away (the usual place they come from - even in winter - is the Netherlands - go figure). But Israel? Fuck them. I bought no peppers at all.


The Israeli historian-apologist Benny Morris admits that Israel is just copying the USA in its elimination of the troublesome people who where there first and, with a straight face, defends it on that basis.


We’ll have to go a lot further than that. When it comes to Israel/Palestine and most foreign policy issues, the Democrats have been as bad as Republicans.


And, you were expecting… exactly what else?

That’s why I actually support a one-state solution.

That way Jews will always be a minority in their Jewish State.

And when there’s one state, I’ll get behind agitation for an creating an actual constitution. Then we can watch apartheid get codified into law even more formally than now.

Am I the only one who always adds the words “unless we do it to others” to the end of the Israeli mantra “never again?”

Yeah, we’re lucky that around our People’s Republic of Ann Arbor, there are lots of hoop house farmer’s who keep the local farmer’s market going year round. Today there was salad mix available, every imaginable root vegetable, cabbage/napa, kale, brussels sprouts, potatoes, winter squash, onions, and soooo many apples–not bad for having had 10 inches of snow and temps in the single digits here and there.

As for peppers, I’ll wait until next summer. As for Israel, I guess I’ll wait until end times.

Happy Holidays, Yunzer. Always enjoy tangling with you…and agreeing with you on plenty of topics.

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The sounding out of Zionist Democracy emphasizes the " z " sound, like saying zzzzipper, very slowly. Or, zzzzealots pronounced like zzzzellouts, rhymes with " sellouts ".

Were you responding to My comment about Benny Morris, or the later one? I’ll assume the later one.

While their foreign policy positions are virtually the same, their domestic policy differences are significant. That means there is still a net difference.

Once gain, for the hundredth time, we on the radical left should consider electoral politics to be a battlefield tactic, not the war.

And furthermore, take your smart remark and shove it.

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Abbas has some nerve talking about bias. The Palestinian goal is a Jew-free state that replaces Israel. In fact, the rest of the Middle East has ethnically cleansed Jews from just about every Muslim country (except Iran, which got rid of only 90% of its Jews). Not only has that fact escaped you racists, but you forget that the Muslims are now doing the same thing to Christians. For example, Bethlehem used to be 80% Christian and now its 20% Christians.

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Yours is the only factual reply - I’ll second that.

But, but, but… shove it? Well, happy fuckin’ holidays to you, too. Sheesh.:cry:

At least they don’t kill them while they’re in church. Or, drop white phosphorus bombs on their children’s schools. Or, their hospitals and libraries. And, many think they can murder people on their own dime, too. What’s the % of homelessness among Israelis with national healthcare coverage?
Besides, the center of Catholicism is Rome/Vatican City. For other cults of magical thinking it’s some other city or region, pretty much. IMO- it’s a pile of ancient dust masquerading as holy ashes.