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‘Disqualify’ And ‘Defeat’: Clinton Campaign Attacks Intensify To Halt Sanders’ Win Streak


‘Disqualify’ And ‘Defeat’: Clinton Campaign Attacks Intensify To Halt Sanders’ Win Streak

Kevin Gosztola

Following a week where Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign refused to agree to a New York debate unless Bernie Sanders “toned down” his campaign, the Clinton campaign escalated its negative tone against Sanders, with one aide telling CNN their goal was to “disqualify” and “defeat him.”


This woman has no sense of empathy or reality. Whether it's destroying our jobs or sending kids off to fight Wall Street & MIC forever wars, she's totally dangerous to the citizenry's wellbeing. Without a doubt, with such an unimaginably great candidate as Sanders waiting at democracy's doorstep, she must be stopped. Who in their right mind would want this woman leading us for yet another four years? Like Obama was to GWB, worse, so shall she be to Obama. Just imagine what that will look like.

Go Bernie.



At the moment, 1 in 4 Bernie supporters say they will not support Clinton should she become the nominee. Frankly, I think that number is low b/c it only reflects the people who say they won't support her and not the people who will not vote b/c of lack of enthusiasm. Now, with her scorched earth policy, she's adding another layer: people who might have supported her if they had to but will now be so turned off they will vote for anyone else or not vote at all. She actually might hand Trump or Cruz the White House should she somehow disqualify and defeat Bernie. Damn she's making this election ugly. I hope people see through this and embrace Bernie. It's almost unconceivable to me that more do not but apparently she still has a big base of supporters. We wonder about Trump supporters but who are these people that can vote for HRC? They don't seem to like to show their faces, at least not in big numbers at her rallies. I don't blame them for that.


New York is critical for Clinton. The media narrative to explain away Sanders wins is caucus and color (white). If he wins in NY that narrative falls apart.

So Clinton has to pull out all the stops. No lie will be too base, no political manipulation too illegal. Any underhanded deal that will help her win will be made. The gloves are coming off.

When she was certain she had a lock on the nomination she was concerned about alienating Sanders followers. She wanted us back in the fold post-nomination. But now Sanders continuing wins are making her coronation less certain, and delaying her "pivot" to the general election.

She was hoping to be able to shed her progressive skin by now and start campaigning as a moderate, instead, she's forced to continue pretending to be left of center.

So Sanders supporters are now less important than the potential voters she's losing by not being able to pivot.

And a New York win is crucial.


Great reporting, Mr. Gosztola.

This is so unbelievable that it bears repeating! Too bad that the corporate media deferential to 1% advocates like Mrs. Clinton NEVER bothers to expose this material and set the record straight!

"Clinton also stated, “I have a record when it comes to the financial industries market. I have a long history of opposing a lot of what they’re doing, trying to change behaviors, I–and I never voted for a bill that unleashed swaps and derivatives, the way Sen. Sanders did. So my record is actually quite a contrast with his record, when you really look at what caused the collapse in ’08.”

"This is Clinton’s way of blaming Sanders for something her husband, Bill Clinton, did when he was president. Clinton signed the Commodity Futures Modernization Act, which deregulated financial markets. Like columnist Robert Scheer wrote, the legislation ensured his wife “would have massive Wall Street contributions for her Senate run,” and Sanders, along with other members of Congress, was “blackmailed into voting for the bill because it was tucked into omnibus legislation needed to keep the government operating.”


I will never ever ever vote for Clinton.
I will never ever ever vote for any superdelegates who pledge to her.
My Dem senator Tom Udall or Martin Heinrich or Rep Lujan:
Ask Hillary to vote for you....I will never trust you again.
Sleaze dirt and money


First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. Pretty much sums up this campaign for Bernie.


This brings up one of the (many) things that need to be changed. If a bill for let's say, funding education, is up for a vote then nothing else can be attached to that bill. No sneaking in anti abortion riders etc.


The media has failed to examine Clinton's remarks about Dodd-Frank, legislation that was written by the too-big-to-fail banks who now control nearly 50% of US bank assets compared to 25% in 2008. Main Street banks will continue to be steamrolled by Dodd-Frank until the too-big-to-fail banks monopolize the industry. Hillary is correct that Dodd-Frank does give Treasury authority to breakup the banks, but ONLY after it is too late to avoid an even costlier bailout than taxpayers' funded in 2008. Breaking up the banks will be among Bernies's highest priorities during his first term.


I will hate her to the grave for that alone. Psychopath.


I just want to see Hillary's Implosion aired non stop when it happens and then see the talking heads explode wondering how it happened.
How blind can the Democrats be in supporting such a worm? If Hillary wins this thing there will be no Democratic base left. Too many years of corporate dominance started by Reagan and perpetuated by all following administrations. I would have dumped my D card long ago, but want to vote in the primaries. By the time the primaries are over the only thing left are fringe issues between the D and the R. Who cares at that point.
This is a Historical Election, don't blow this chance to have a real leader in the white house. Vote Sanders!


"then they laugh at you"---HRC takes this to a CRAZY level:


Hillary is running a campaign based ON LIES AND MISINFORMATION. If this is how she presents herself in this campaign, which is , of course, a JOB INTERVIEW, then should she win we will have 4 years of this to agonize through.


You've certainly got MY vote on that item! I wonder which Koch funded attorney came up with that ploy? Or could it have been Karl Rove or Frank Luntz?


Did you know that hatred harms the individual who harbors it far more than the individual it's theoretically intended for? Unless you become a Voodoo practitioner and learn how to seriously DIRECT hatred; but then it will come back--via karmic blowback to bite you in the ass... or elsewhere.


In a patriarchal capitalist hierarchy where those with lots of money hold lots of power, candidates must win their favor. And the way the system is set up, those with seniority have better odds of attracting the big bucks. Like Mafia consiglieres, they have shown loyalty to the high-paying donors by supplying them incredible dividends in the way of policy.

Very few people wish to part with their own money; and among the very wealthy, only a few use their own funds in order to pay for political campaigns.

The Democrats who "stick with" Hillary know that the Old Guard can be relied upon to attract major cash support; or if need be, fly in a political operative who holds celebrity appeal... if a candidate requires that assistance.

When a political system becomes corrupted to the point where Big Money dictates most of its outcomes, it's not very different from the workings of Organized Crime.

Unless Bernie Sanders can BREAK this syndrome... The People will be left with choosing between one corporate candidate or another.

As Ralph Nader recently explained--at length--there are MAJOR systemic barriers to any outsider, outlier, or 3rd party candidate mounting a successful campaign where said individual is on all 50 state ballots, gets TV face time, and has a genuine chance!


I understand all too well how it works, I just can't seem to figure out how it continues to elude so many. I've voted for all the primary candidates that were decent in the past and each time the corporate fella wins (Hillary being a fella also). Then comes the Championship game and I have no interest left over for any kind of enthusiasm. It's just disheartening to see such a rigged game.


It is worse than Organized Crime. I would bet that Organized Crime has not murdered as many people in the last 30 years as our Country.


Melmac, There is a saying among some that goes like this: "To be a capitalist has no meaning if divorced from the machinery of criminal power." And what can be done? Here is another saying, this by Vladimir Mayakovsky: "Who has ever seen a dog lick the hand that thrashes it?"

Why support those who have thrashed us and sent us to war and imprisoned us, and taken our jobs, and sold us a pack of lies that stink to the moon, and murdered millions of people? At the least, don't lick their hands.