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'Disregard for Human Life Could Not Be More Blatant': Despite Covid-19 Risks, Trump Increases Deportations to Haiti

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/29/disregard-human-life-could-not-be-more-blatant-despite-covid-19-risks-trump

… because Haitians are among the most “radical” people on earth. Always the attempts to “punish” them for demonstrating the most revolutionary example in all of human history: from chattel slaves to defeating Napoleon in 12 years. The whites have always feared that Haiti would be emulated, so they’ve tried to impoverish the island, much the way the colonial powers tried to impoverish the USSR…


“The disregard for human life could not be more blatant,” tweeted immigrant rights organizer Ellie Hutchinson Cervantes.

Tip of the iceberg.


Isnt COVID-19 worse here than in Haiti?

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Yes it is, so he might just be doing them a favor

I know I would rather be with my family than in literally the worst country in the world to get sick in.

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I assume you mean the US…

I’m reminded of a couple of things: I wonder if the administration has provided a sufficient supply of infected blankets for the journey home.

Also, I remember that the Republicans’ role models (who were in turn inspired by the US eugenics movement’s fear-and-hatred-based real science denial and imaginary science pushing, also tried to finish the job before they ran out of time.