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Disrupting Elliott Abrams

Disrupting Elliott Abrams

Pat Elder

Elliott Abrams, the U.S. State Department Special Representative for Venezuela, delivered the keynote speech at the Atlantic Council's event "Venezuela After Maduro: A Vision for the Country's Future."

See the entire 1 hour 26 min. Atlantic Council video here.

Following are several clips of what Abrams had to say, followed by our commentary. The best part of the event occurred when the brilliant CODEPINK activist, Ariel Gold interrupted the vicious neo-conservative at 25:38:


Wonderful piece of journalism.
Reminds me of an old TV comedy
routine where the comedian says something to the effect,
about President Nixon’s Watergate scandal: “We need to take
crime off of the streets and bring it right here; into the White House,
where it belongs–Yeah!”


Abrams is another Nazi working for Twitler.


Brilliant juxtaposition of Bolivar quotes:

Abrams: “…That (vision of) Venezuela is not a mirage and will not take a miracle. It is rooted in the optimism of Bolivar, that ‘a people that loves freedom will in the end be free.’ That future Venezuelan society will have room for the full participation of every citizen.”

CODEPINK: Bolivar, El Libertador, also said, “The United States appear to be destined by Providence to plague America with misery in the name of liberty.”

Excellent work CodePink!



“That future Venezuelan society will have room for the unimpeded exploitation of every citizen and natural resource by predatory colonizing transnational corporate capital.

While Twitter may be a new thing for this thug, his
past places him exactly where you put him.

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The only thing that Mr. Abrams/Trump/Bolton/The Atlantic Council, etc. can really do to bring Maduro to his knees is: Starting May 15th they need to ban and send back all Venezuelan professional athletes playing in the U.S., home.
I know this is harsh, but if we act by the above date, by the 2019 All-Star Baseball game the fans won’t even miss them. Trust me on this. Same with Professional Soccer ( MLS ) and the NBA, PGA, et al. The whole shabang!!!

Women from all professional sport teams included, too, of course. That’s only fair, right? Sacrifices must be made by all; whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Green Party or registered as an Independent.

Then, we could move on to amateurs, development and minor league players, etc., by June 15th or maybe the 4th of July, possibly. Even the Little Leagues in baseball, softball, soccer. Again, the whole shebang! The children must learn the tough choices required to Make America Great Again. And, the younger they learn this lesson, the better.
Trump could sell this as a further way to lower the unemployment rate, brag about his economic miracles ( we could even borrow U.S. Gov’t money to soften the blow for the millionaire and billionaire owners hurt by this small, but patriotic, action ) and send a clear and strong message. Again; by Sept. 15 this will be in the rearview mirror of 21st Century Western Hemisphere history, for sure, for sure.
U.S. History, our most enduring elective high school course(s) is replete with examples of these winning Executive Branch decisions. We successfully banned Korean athletes during the early 1950s, Vietnamese athletes during the 1960-1970s, Grenada athletes in the 1980s…the list of victories is simply too long to get your head around, imo.
" For it’s one, two, three Venezuelans out of the old ballgame "… ( Let’s start in Chicago for ol’ time sake. That’s only fitting, right? )
Just sayin’.