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Disrupting Speeches, Protesters Challenge Sanders and O'Malley: Say 'Black Lives Matter!'


Disrupting Speeches, Protesters Challenge Sanders and O'Malley: Say 'Black Lives Matter!'

Lauren McCauley, staff writer


I think that this is a minor flap in a political scene that is mostly banal.

Bernie has already changed the game by talking about issues.

If someone wants to get into the back and forth of this “controversial event” check out dailykos.com which has a couple of diaries (their word for a user written article) and hundreds of comments

One of the problems with dailykos is their motto “more and better democrats” which is problematic now that it is clear that both parties sold out to the oligarchs long ago

There are many Hillary supporters at dailykos but the Bernie supporters have been the main topic there with something like 2./3 support. The Hillary supporting people have a hard time defending her but they keep trying.


I support protests, I was part of many in the sixties dealing with war and civil rights issues, I find this one a little surreal, but if they think it will help their communities, so be it. After this meeting Bernie attended another rally in Phoenix, quite a few showed up:


Do you think that the high levels of Black poverty might have something to do with the moving of manufacturing jobs overseas by the oligarchs? Do you think it might have something to do with the planned death spiral of labor unions? If you are inside a plant building something, you are less likely to be on the street, where it is easy to get shot at.


Hillary wasn’t there and has much tighter security. She won’t escape though.

Sanders should have been more welcoming of the interruption inviting more involvement in his campaign platform and policies. That he seemed irritated is disappointing and won’t help build the movement we need.


Bernie was right. If they just wanted to have a protest, then they should have cancelled the speakers and just had a protest. But since they invited speakers, the least they should have done was hear them out. Then if you didn’t like what they has to say, scream bloody murder.
The black community needs to realize that, while racism is alive and vibrant in many areas of the U.S. it is the lack of economic opportunity that has disempowered them. Until the black community is able to make greater strides toward economic relevance, they will never wield the kind of political power that it will take to make cops stop hunting and killing them like dogs.
Hillary Clinton doesn’t give two shits for the plight of blacks in America. Just this week she was hobnobbing with the Goldman Sachs crowd, the very same people that helped impoverish the black community.


An important reminder to the left that need to speak out. However, they can’t expect solutions in “real time” because then if the solutions are not realized, they will think that promises have been broken. Stand up, express your needs, then watch–is Bernie going to address it next time, when he has had some time to think about an intelligent response? If not–then get angry.


I’m grateful to CD for consistently raising the epidemic of police murder in this country and the swelling protests against it. But this article’s author, Lauren McCauley, errs with an implicit assumption that only “minorities” give a damn about police murder, in passages like the following:

The action made it clear that the minority vote should not be taken for granted by candidates on the left.

Police murders in the U.S. are overwhelmingly driven by deep-seated racism, of course, and imho it’s appropriate that people who have personally experienced racial injustice be the leaders of the black-and-brown lives matter movement. But this issue is central to the voting conscience of decent people everywhere. To imply that police murder is solely a “minority” issue is to accidentally perpetuate bogus racial divisions at the root of the issue.


O’Malley’s ‘all lives matter’ comment was pretty tone deaf in my opinion.

As for Sanders, his campaign needs to do a much better job of addressing race specifically,

On the other hand, I hope his campaign is about getting at the underlying structural problems with the (capitalist) system itself of which racism and patriarchy are symptoms.

So, while I think it is fine that people have an opportunity to make their voices heard - and racism/patriarchy and their consequences definitely need to be addressed, one wonders how effective it is to drown out and ultimately not permit people to hear the messages about other issues that are all connected together in a critique of the system.


Tone deaf indeed! But par for the course, I suppose, from the Governor of Maryland, former Mayor of freaking Baltimore.


Are you still flying the ol’ stars & bars, friend?


This protest is certainly one that needs addressing but they are shooting themselves in the foot by forcing it on the only candidates who are going to address their issues. Pull this kind of stunt on any of the GOP candidates and the issue will be dropped like a hot potato. Bernie is already addressing so many of the major issues that are facing everyday Americans, including minorities, while the opposition approaches this kind of protest from a standpoint of refusing to address the underlying conditions that have resulted in these kinds of valid protests. Don’t alienate your allies.


Help me out here. I’m trying to recall the name of a single white anti-police activist who was murdered by police after being pulled over in a traffic stop, like Sandra Bland. Perhaps you can refresh my poor memory.


" So if you’re doing economic justice but you’re not talking to black and brown people, you’re not actually doing economic justice":This goes right to the heart of the matter. I have been wondering when these candidates where going to address this issue and while it is good that Bernie spent 50 years fighting for civil rights he cannot rest on that. Time this nation stops treating people of color as invisible.


Minor flap?? Banal?? Racism is at the CORE of the USA, it brought black enslavement to these shores, it exterminated most of the First Nations to steal their land and forced Africans to cultivate it, it was responsible in great part for the so-called War of “Independence”, the Civil War, Jim Crow laws, Lynchings, Mass incarceration up to this present day coupled with almost daily murders of Black folks by cops and vigilantes. It has fueled capitalism and “manifest destiny”. I really do think you need to reconsider your remarks for they smack of the insensitivity of white privilege. Being “bored” with this issue is a huge part of white folks problems especially the so-called “left”.


It’s a sickening thing to say… particularly given the OBVIOUS disproportionate number of Blacks and Hispanics that are either incarcerated or retained by the extended drift-net of a prison-industrial complex that also uses usurious fees, probation, and parole to retain its hold over 6 million persons (mostly of color) and counting.


So, do you also think this is a minor flap and banal too perhaps??It isn’t simply about communities of color but goes to heart of what is SICK in this nation–racism which fuels its history and current events. Not having addressed until pressed was worse than an oversight.


I think what I said is perfectly clear. If you have a hard time understanding it or want it to mean what you want it to mean, so be it. Go preach to someone else, someone who hasn’t been on the front line for Civil Rights as I have for years.


I am intelligent and also pick up on what is indirectly suggested: “find this one a little surreal, but if they think it will help their communities, so be it.” I hope some other folks will raise the issue of festering, institutionalized racism at all future rallies regardless of candidate.


It was surreal, no one in the house disagreed with the protesters, surreal indeed. I don’t care how intelligent you are, in this instance you don’t have a clue.