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Dissed by Clinton as Financial Con Man, Trump Unleashes Epic Tuesday Tirade


Dissed by Clinton as Financial Con Man, Trump Unleashes Epic Tuesday Tirade

Jon Queally, staff writer

Following a Hillary Clinton speech highly critical of his economic acumen and business record, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump on Tuesday responded with an epic Twitter tirade which offered a possible preview of a speech aimed at his Democratic rival scheduled for Wednesday.

Clinton's remarks were a clear effort to put into question Trump's claim of being "very smart" and "very successful in business," something many of his backers cite as a key reason for their support.


“Clinton chided Trump for running his businesses into the ground”.

In addition to Trump’s tweets, she is also setting herself up for Trump’s retort that Clinton Administration financial industry and telecommunication decriminalization (media calls it deregulation) enabled too-big-to-fail banks to run the global economy into the ground in 2008.

Running the global economy into the ground trumps running businesses into the ground any day.


Both Clinton’s “attack” and The Donald’s “counter” are lame and uninspiring. Done paying attention to this garbage.


Poor Hillary lives in a glass house. Pending indictment, Whistleblower just came out with “Clinton foundation biggest charity fraud ever” has facts, multiple studies have proven the election was tampered with by her, the DNC, and media, Veteran’s for sanity wrote to Obama telling him to release FBI investigation and quit covering for her, (paraphrased). The list goes on. She can’t dig Trump too deep or he will nail her with everything he knows about her.
BTW Trump may be charged with rape of a 13 year old girl at an Epstein party.
Both parties are crumbling under the weight of their own corruption. Ha Ha Ha
Bernie wins!!!


Besides being a con man when it comes to business Trump is a climate change denier, a pathological liar, a authoritarian with apparently no regard for the US Constitution, a racist, a conspiracy theorist, and as Elizabeth Warren has said a money grubber. He lacks an in-depth understanding of foreign policy. All he cares about is making himself look good. His poll numbers are tanking. The leaders in the Republican Party are running away from him. He has been unable to raise much money for a general election campaign and has been unable to organize a staff for the campaign. It is becoming clearer and clearer that he does not have the temperament to be president. As Bernie Sanders says, at all costs Trump must be stopped. Clinton is trying to bait him into making crazy statements to show how he is unfit to be president and Trump is obliging because he can’t help himself. He has no discipline. Not a good qualify for a president. The guy is unhinged.


Yes yes you’re right but it begs the question, and a way towards a solution: are we evah going to hear from the FBI about recommending to the DOJ that they indict Clinton?

I check every day and nothing, nothing!! Am I being impatient or is this whole ‘investigation’ just more Clinton drama. I tell ya, I can’t stands it no more!


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What’s missing, according to Foroohar, is that Clinton’s speech
failed to offer “a vision of the future that gets people excited” – an
implication that her campaign may be leaning too much on fear-mongering
over Trump and too little on inspiring potential voters about what her
economic plan would be.



Was hillary or her audience actually awake? 5 more months of complete drivel by two underwhelming candidates. The 2016 presidential campaign should be classified as a form of mental torture.


It’s back to the same sewage we see every four years. Meaningless muck suitable for bottom-feeding. The same reality-show distraction.

It really doesn’t matter who wins between those two. The ship is going down with either captain.


Oh the other hand, if Ms Clinton had anything inspiring to say, we’d have heard it by now.
… alas!


Clinton is going to need to avoid “debating” Trump in a major way. He’ll destroy her with independents. Overly coiffed bland one liners might play well with the true Clintonista believers and other blindly loyal Dems, but indies will be impressed that a billionaire is ratting out his own, regardless of his motivations.

Clinton’s going to be saved by her media allies (just as they saved her from Sanders) and her ridiculous cash pile. Strange election. Just as I’ve never seen a major party candidate get more help to win than Clinton has, I’ve never seen one so completely savaged as Trump, either. He deserves much of his, obviously, with a mouth that has no inhibitor chip. But to see a major party candidate loathed so completely by both parties (including the one that produced him) is pretty unprecedented. Almost makes you wonder why Trump has made so many rich and powerful people mad, eh?


By the way Lrx. You accept the official conspiracy theory of 9/11? That makes you what again?

No I’m not defending Trump. And no, in contrast I’m not defending Clinton either who is also a pathological liar, and worse.


So this is the how the great United States of America conducts a Presidential campaign - like a school yard taunting brawl…neerer neerer neerer …and making faces at each other the whole time. Yep, we have come a long way in the last 250 years or so.


potent? Donald is a con. You can’t believe anything he says. If you had lived through this man’s epic fail in Atlantic City the way I did you wouldn’t believe a thing this grifter says.


"“Almost makes you wonder why Trump has made so many rich and powerful people mad, eh?” He’s pissed off many in the business community because he’s a swindler and deadbeat and he’s proud of it. His whole business strategy is to basically act like a spider. If your dumb enough to get to close to this predator he eats you. Now he wants to eat all of us.


It’s a reach to claim the Clinton’s did all that. Your HATRED for them is clouding your reason. The deeds that buried the economy stretched over 40 yrs. and both ® and (D) regimes.


Trump is likely to destroy Hillary, like he did the other 17 candidates that had less baggage than she.

That’s entertainment!


When Sanders started his campaign, rating wise he was so far behind Clinton he couldn’t be seen from a mountain top. His support was created because he concentrated on the issues important to the population. Including issues much of the population didn’t think would ever be considered let alone addressed by a presidential candidate. He had almost no coverage by the msm. Talk about damning with faint praise. Yet Sanders did it the correct way. Mud free. Issues based and not on manufactured fears. We build on that. No matter who occupies the WH.


The coverage the MSM DID give sanders was at best less than flattering and at times downright hostile. Sad when you consider that Trump received 200 times more media coverage than Sanders.