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Dissent Is Not Disloyalty: Edward R. Murrow Reminds Us We Have Been Here Before

Dissent Is Not Disloyalty: Edward R. Murrow Reminds Us We Have Been Here Before

On this date sixty-four years ago, the esteemed Edward R. Murrow, speaking on his CBS show "See It Now," struck one of the first and, in retrospect, deadliest blows against Joe McCarthy - a hateful, bullying, fear-mongering demagogue and "domestic Munich" who regularly attacked the press and employed lies as "a staple." Urging increasingly divided Americans to speak up against what was fast becoming "an age of unreason," the prophetic Murrow proclaimed, "We will not walk in fear, one of another."


I liked Edward R Murrow’s speech very much. There should be politicians like him. George W Bush was just the opposite of him by saying you’re unpatriotic for disapproving of his wars and the Patriot Act. Obama was elected to bring change but brought us more of the same. Trump’s " Make America Great Again" speech is just about making it worse and worse.:disappointed_relieved::cry::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage::rage::-1::speak_no_evil::hear_no_evil::see_no_evil::scream_cat::space_invader::robot::alien::skull_and_crossbones::skull::imp::smiling_imp::zap::cyclone:


I will take a sober communist/socialist over an ideologue ‘christian’ Dominionist (Pence) and a bigoted Moron (Trump) any day.


The whisperer Roy Cohn reminds me of Steven Miller whispering into trumps ear. It is odd in our nation with it’s diversity to have such illness come to the fore instead of being in a treatment program before puberty. Compare and contrast the shooter at FL school and Miller. The only difference I see is one had a gun the other an ear.


“We will not be driven by fear into an age of unreason.”
Unfortunately, we were already well into the age of unreason when this statement was uttered. Obviously, we’re still there.
(Baaaaa, baaaaa, baaaaaa, heads down, chewing.)


The age of unreason went underground 64 years ago, re-emerged when Saint Ron ascended the trhrone and accelerated during thge reign of Ron and his successors.

Today’s corporate propagandists, their slanted media and elected stoolies have had 64 additional years (compared to the 1950s fascists) to refine the propaganda and brainwashing pioneered by Goebbels.

Therefore, it will take much more unraveling of deep seated brainwashing ingrained in Murkins compared to 1954.


“We cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home.” Edward R. Murrow

What the hell happened to this idea? We profess to fight wars to ‘free’ the people in countries we go to war with, but we haven’t really fought for their freedom (or ours) in decades – it has become nothing but an empty phrase used to get we peons behind another war the MIC wants us to fight for their riches!


Speaking of the bias of the press, what do you think of this diagram from MarketWatch?:

Well, at least they didn’t include any of those silly websites that barely anyone reads like Consortium News, CounterPunch, TruthOut and Common Dreams. But they did put Democracy Now up at the same level as The Washington Post. Hmm, don’t know if that is a compliment or not.

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The sight and the sound of Edward R. Murrow speaking moves me nearly to tears, when I am reminded of how much better (in many ways) that this nation once was.

He is the enduring template for integrity in Journalism!

Always unafraid to speak truth to power! Always able to inform and to scold, as needed.


True…and none of those things matter at all! I’ll take character and integrity over those things any day! All TV anchors are now “photogenic”. Unfortunately, they are mostly spineless and clueless as well.


The reasons Murrow was able to air that program at all and not get shown the exit for even suggesting it were:

  1. He was renown for is broadcasts from London prior and then during and WWII in which he propagandized for the US to assist the UK in its (at that point) losing war effort against the Nazis. Asa result he made himself and CBS a lot of money through his reporting.
  2. The acceptance of the Soviet Union as a full fledged ally against Hitler made his leftist views tolerated in the name of a common enemy.
  3. Because of the above and his close friendship with William Paley, founder and chairman of the board at CBS, Murrow was given charge of CBS news after WWII and a seat on the company’s board of directors.
  4. Murrow’s preparation for his famous career was the study of drama which he used to advance both his popularity and credibility with his growing audience at CBS.

Senator McCarthy’s (and his allies which included many successful leaders in the business world) got their revenge by withdrawing sponsorship and thus decreasing revenue for the network. “The vice of God” as Murrow was both affectionately and derisively known) was then relegated to doing the 50’s version of Entertainment Tonight, know as Person to Person (a program which Murrow personally hated).

Edward R Murrow was fortunate by fortunate circumstance and when he chose to use his credibility to attack Joe McCarthy the senator’s allies made sure he was destroyed.


Agreed…sadly, the powerful, prescient words of dear Mr. Murrow would fall on deaf ears today. Yet they so strongly apply to what is happening all around us.


It is SO incredibly SAD that we have to make excuses and justify the words and acts of Edward R. Murrow.

He simply did what we should ALWAYS do: speak out what you think, put things into context, cite facts, justify or criticize as you will.

The very concept of democracy DEMANDS THAT.

We must do no less … if we wish to live in a democratic society. We need not ask permission.

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To know a bit about real journalism read “Murrow’s Boys” by Lynne Olson.

Could you please give me specific names of the people you’re referring to? Thx.

Was that response in snark or loving kindness…from a busy man?
I assumed you had that at your fingertips🙃

Ok…thx. (I asked about whether you were being serious and barking at me or being facetious because I thought we were generally pretty much of the same mind here, i.e., comrades.)

I have no use for Bezos and don’t patronize his businesses if I can help it. I admit to knowing little about Soros. As far as Amy goes, her program is the only “news” I watch. I appreciate her digging for info and the guests she interviews. I’ve learned a lot. How she doesn’t lose her mind with the depressing stuff she runs is beyond me.

I read a lot but not much of MSM. I’ll try to find out more about your allusion about The Intercept.