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Dissent Is Patriotic. It’s Also a Powerful Antidote to Propaganda


Dissent Is Patriotic. It’s Also a Powerful Antidote to Propaganda.

Bethany Woolman

“If you’re to be called a communist every time you stand up for basic American rights and freedoms, what’s likely to happen? Will you be silent? And if so, is this what the House Committee on Un-American Activities is really after — a silent, submissive, un-protesting America?”

-Ernest Besig, “Operation Correction,” 1961


Sadly, as Glenn Greenwald makes clear the Democrats discredit themselves in pushining sleazy, retro-cold war propaganda as well.


Once one is able to grasp exactly the Who, and What, of the Entities that have Controlled Our Country for the past Half Century, and more, then it must become obvious that one either becomes a Part of Them, or becomes a Dissenter.

No two roads.

No apologists need apply.


To the degree that the population recognizes that they are being subjected to propaganda, that propaganda is innocuous and sterile.

We should point out to friends and family, whenever convenient, how they are being duped by mainstream media propaganda.


And no longer, NPR.

Their framing is lockstep with MSM, at this point.

Pacifica is the last bastion, in most cases, that I know of.


Hey Coyote,

If you ever hear NPR broadcast a story that is not propagandistic, mean, violent, depressing, mawkish, irrelevant, aggravating, boring or stupid, please let me know.


time for another "operation correcton" surelly some of the hollywood 'elite" could put there money where there mouth is and produce a film of high calibre outlining eatch and everyone of trumps assine speeches ( if they could be called that") and put it in every town hall, college, church, police and fire stations, schools, flood sociall media withit, start throwing his own shit back at him till it starts to stick and stink, continue to ebarass without let up just like he does and did to others during the campaign. he thinks he is so above everyone that his shit dosent stink....time for us to give him a whiff of his own...make it a real gagger. cmon hollyweird show us you got some balls at least ...Meryll did


That's right.


If you read the article it gives you an answer to the dilemma we now face. The dissenters were aided by their supporters and good citizens in the San Francisco region. As in, the broader community within a specific population and geographic area. The powerbases of all our rights, including dissent, reside in this type of configuration. Local control of our economy, our workplaces, our healthcare, our environment and policing. And, most important, our media. Alternative media is now the home of the truths hidden by a national media purchased by the likes of Exxon, Wells Fargo, Burger King and Koch Industries.
The dissenters have to tell their version of events, their point of view and not what has been concocted in the far away corridors of Federal power and Federal consensus. Whose agendas fly, currently, on the wings of money and the whims of anonymous forces hiding under Super Pacs.
Maybe this is the time to push for the public financing of local and national elections. It's much harder to buy the fealty of 40-50 million citizens than a few men with questionable financial dealings, after all. You'd like to think so, anyway.:wink:


Their news and discussion, inevitably, uses MSM framing.


My wife and I attempted this with her adult children and her 40 year old son screamed at her that by voting for Jill Stein instead of Hillary Clinton, we were wasting our vote and supporting Trump. That was back in September. He won't talk to us. This was the first Christmas season in 40 years that my wife wasn't able to see her son. Her daughter voted for Clinton as well. Some in this country have given their blind faith in one of the two most morally corrupt political parties and refuse to look at the facts. I was hoping the Millennials would be the ones to rise up against the Duopoly but every one of the Millennials I know voted for one of the two corporate candidates. Very sad when the youth of the country cannot tell the difference between honest and corrupt. Very sad indeed.


And a similar group of corps will, in the future, not just own the media, the banks, defense, pharma, healthcare, industrial prison/slavery complex and much else.

But it is going to get personal, and before we know it, they will also own the water we drink, our utilities, our corporate daycare, schools--you name it.


Agreed. Nestle's needs to be drowned in our water before they steal it all and then sell it back to us.
At this point, if it isn't local, it's loco.


One advantage of direct democracy is that there are no individuals to call "communist".



Dissent IS patriotic! Speaking out against corruption, political bribes, service to big-money and exploitation against the public interest!
The failure of Dem Party establishment hacks and toadies to dissent - to speak-out against their parties sellouts and mechanisms that undermine/subvert progressive, winning, common good issues is a big part of the problem! Allowing and being part-of the destruction of the Sanders candidacy supporting the the despised HRC case in point!
A true opposition party must actually speak-out on issues and hold ALL to account for complicity with corruption and service to big-money at the expense of the Common Goon and 99%!

The perfect example are the Dem sellouts that scuttled the Sanders/Klobuchar big-pharma bill for campaign-contributions! That is the definition of criminal corruption - a vote protecting profits for campaign cash screwing millions of Americans - should be prosecuted - Cory Booker is no progressive! Where is the wide denunciation by Dem "leaders" of the 12 criminal sellouts? Silence is not acceptable, it is collusion and complicity!


"...is this what the House Committee on Un-American Activities is really after — a silent, submissive, un-protesting America?'

I dare say the Dems wanted Cindy Sheehan to be "silent, submissive, un-protesting" when Obama started HIS drone strikes. How they loved her when she protested Bush's wars, but they dropped her like a hot potato when her protest continued against another president doing the same bloody thing.

I appreciate the talk of protesting Trump -- but not without reservations (reservations about the talk, not the actual protesting itself), wondering where were these people when Obama tried to ramrod the TPP through Congress, bailed out Wall Street, give us Romneycare instead of healthcare FOR ALL, his mass deportations, or, three days after office began his drone strikes, and the bombing of seven different countries? -- and the list goes on. (this has nothing to do with whether he could have accomplished these things with a gridlocked Congress -- he had the bully pulpit and never bothered). Where were they when Bill Clinton deregulated the airwaves, refused to sign on to the banning of landmines and clusterbombs, "welfare reform," pushing legislation giving the US the highest incarceration rate in the world, promoting a racist "superpredator" notion, etc. etc. etc. These are policies supported by and passed by Democrats, not Republicans!

Why is it that we only hear it shouted from the rooftops that "dissent is patriotic" when it's a Republican in office? --and it SHOULD -- don't get me wrong, but Dems ought not get a free pass. It's that free pass that I'm so critical of. It is entirely undeserved.

THIS is what I mean when I say that the US will only tolerate criticism from the right against Dems, but never FROM THE LEFT. That's how the Dems play their part in the Overton Window. Most of them don't even mean to do this, and probably have what they believe are "good intentions" -- but they are oblivious to how they themselves play their part in propagating an oppressive economic structure (--because of the other taboo of US political discourse: class analysis).

This doesn't make me anti-Trump -- I'm just casting a wider net -- it is the injustices committed by those in "power" that matter, f*ck the tiny letter behind their bloody name.


Sorry about your family division PonyBoy. About 40% of eligible voters did not vote at all - for either corporate sellout party candidate or third party. That may indicate they were too disgusted to support either, not that they didn't care or were not informed.

IF Bernie Sanders had been allowed to run - not betrayed and sold-out, I believe - and the polls show - he would have easily won against trump - the issues that matter would have won. Bernie would have given the non-voters hope - as he did in the primaries - it was only the corruption by both corporate-tool, idiot parties that formed, allowed, and created the hideous outcome we have now - a different hideous outcome would have been reality with a Clinton win - America was sold-out and many drank the Kool-Aid - but there are millions who did not - hopefully there will be a candidate like Sanders to vote for it seems clear that a candidate that speaks to issues and truth can win - if only allowed .....they say its darkest before the dawn, we can only hope.....keep the faith.....peace


I think the dissent acclaimed in the article is a powerful antidote to propaganda.
Unfortunately, the dissent motivation is used by various unsalutary groups and individuals. Unfortunately, the NRA sociopaths see themselves as the true patriots, as do the free marketeers, and the KKK, and the Trumpians. The list is very long, so be wary of jumping up for all types of dissent.
I believe the dissent that is patriotic is that which is dedicated to creating a healthy democracy where voters make decisions, not corporate fascists as is currently the case. Dissent must also be firmly tied to full and accurate information, demanding full accountability and transparency as the modus operandi of governance. No publicly accountable information = nondemocratic governance.
The people are so far away from access to information and democracy that they are both invisible, submerged in secrecy, oil and money.
The people are so close to access to information and democracy that they could actually make it happen if they woke up.


Excellent! Thank you! Great link to a great "required-reading" essay! Cindy Sheehan is a voice of truth and equal identification of who the enemy is and who represents it.

"The Democrats have shown themselves to be just as committed to dominating the Middle East as the Republicans."
"Bill Clinton signed the Iraq Liberation Act" (Operation Iraqi Liberation - O.I.L.)

"the two Bush presidents could (not) have invaded Iraq if the groundwork had not been laid by Democrats. And the war could not continue if Democrats did not support it. Both parties serve a capitalist class that is determined to dominate the world, and controlling the Middle East is central to that domination.

We expect to be attacked by our enemies. We don’t expect to be betrayed by our friends. Back-stabbing Democrats accomplished what Bush and his supporters could not"

The truth Cindy Sheehan speaks must not be one-sided and many of us have realized and tried to expose the hypocrisy and corrupt hypocrisy! Without a true opposition party, representatives of honor, and end of big-money legalized to corrupt our elections and electoral processes, we will never throw off the shackles of the imperialist vulture-capitalist yoke!



Millenials are all about ME.