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Distorting 'Democracy' in Venezuela Coverage

Distorting 'Democracy' in Venezuela Coverage

Gregory Shupak

Writing of the failed US-sponsored coup attempt in Venezuela on April 30, Uri Friedman of The Atlantic (5/1/19) referred to the Venezuelan branch of the coup as Juan “Guaidó’s pro-democracy movement.” The logical contradiction could scarcely be more pronounced: A wave of Friedman’s wand transforms a political force seeking the military overthrow of Venezuela’s elected government into a “pro-democracy movement.”

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Certainly now, and perhaps for at least the history of this country, navigating the media is akin to three-dimensional chess. Cheers to the keepers of the Bolivarian Revolution.


Will someone please grab Uri Friedman, fly him to Venezuela, push him out of the plane, and let him drop into the Guaido’s Democracy.

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Shupak sez:
"Uri Friedman of The Atlantic (5/1/19) referred to the Venezuelan branch of the coup as Juan ‘Guaidó’s pro-democracy movement.’”

The Assimilated Press — following the lead of Rubio, half-Pence, Pompeous, et al — has simply chosen to redefine oligarchy as “democracy.”


Canada and moral leadership? Our Moral leadership vanished in the early 2000s when Canada supported the Coup in Haiti.

This while the Liberal PM was one Paul Martin , a great friend of the Corporations.

It was all over money and who would get to extract Haiti’s mineral wealth.

Now this a pro-mining source but notice how they frame the article in that the exploitation of that mineral wealth will bring prosperity to Haiti. In the article it very clear the role Canadian Mining Companies pay here as they have the “rights” to those resources. Aristide was preparing to nationalize the mineral wealth of Haiti for the people. The line from the article refers to this. Big Bad Aristide was not going to turn it all over to Barrick Gold and guess what? The UN “Peacekeepers” will ensure they are safe to do so if there any “resistance” by the locals.

Extracting minerals in Haiti has been prohibitive in the past due to many issues, including political instability and resistance to mining companies. But the price of gold has held steady above $1,500 an ounce for the past year and Haiti hosts a U.N. peacekeeping force of 10,000 that will assure some security for the companies – both of which make exploration in Haiti appealing once again.

Canada supported the toppling of Qaddafi. European and western interests wanted an IN on the Oil wealth.

Guaido has already promised to pay off western Countries for their support for the Coup in Haiti with access to that Countries vast Oil and Mineral wealth.

The Kristols of the World, the Rachel Maddows of the world, those working for the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post all know this. They are doing what they are paid to do and that to ensure the Corporations can plunder the wealth of another Country and return profits to the shareholders. They will frame it as bringing the people “Freedom” when what they in fact deliver is “Greedom”.


We could begin with the question - Why believe those who brought on the current Venezuelan recession? Next question - How many international interests are now more interested in Venezuelan oil reserves? Next question - How would a transfer of power affect or possibly exacerbate guerilla forces from neighbor nations? Next question - Which arms merchants are ‘more’ than ready to supply new gear? Mothers interested to know can’t wait for answers.

Our corporate media or neoliberal war mongering repulicon one percenters media is not democracy in action. US is not a democracy and is not a beacon of hope as our humanitarian records is a dismal.

The lamestreet media is destroying the minds of Americans. Educational controls via charter schools of red states and their public school boards is just mind
control of our children.

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and This

and this

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For a very long time, it has been clear to me, that the term, “democracy,” as used by the media, means following the interests of capitalism. The conflation of capitalism with democracy and human rights has been intentional, relentless and, apparently for many, quite effective. How many Americans believe that human rights are simply political and formal, rather than the protection of live and liberty? The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is far more encompassing than the narrow concept allowed in the USA.

And then there’s the question of the rights of non-human life and the environment which has been overlooked for far too long, leading us to the present brink of devastation.

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Those rights are only for the rich and those others who can afford lawyers to fight for them. The rest are screwed.

I think it happened longer ago than that. Canada put Japanese-Canadians in internment camps during WW II just like the US did. This is much less well known than what occurred in the US.

Oh but you are describing a time when Canada could not have claimed any sort of “moral leadership”. In 1942 other Countries did not look Canada’s way for that sort of thing. It is something that was gained to an extent in the post war period and especially in the late 50’s and into the 1960’s and 1970’s with the introduction of Policies seen as progressive. We got on the right path thanks to guys like Tommy Douglas and then jumped right off it with the arrival of Mulroney .