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'Distressing': Report Details How Trade Organizations Plow Billions in Unaccountable Cash to Lobby Lawmakers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/05/distressing-report-details-how-trade-organizations-plow-billions-unaccountable-cash

I have more questions than reaction. Who are the parents of these young men? What messages are the seemingly privileged young men receiving from their faith communities, their undoubtably well funded schools, and as whites would lament upon the arrival of “Gangster Rap”: “Why are they so angry”.

The answer is to end ALL lobbyists access and their corruption of government ostensibly for the people by big-money. Right, much easier said than done, but every power group is corrupting even the possibility of honest government. Obscenely bloated campaign costs and the very wrong declaration by scotus that “money equals free speach” assure corruption and the overt purchase of candidates, “elections”, and legislation by great wealth, to benefit their interests over societies.


There is no shortage of deplorables, and it seems easy to mind bend enough ditto heads to make the ranks keep growing.

I’d like to know how these ‘trade organizations’ are getting their money in the first place? This is the first place to start. Stop funding these organizations and they won’t have the money to bribe the officials to begin with.
My guess is that ‘customers’ are being fleeced for these funds. Well, that would be one of the sources for the ‘coffers’.

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End it NOW!

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Almost impossible to trace these organizations bribery funds. Example: one of my relatives had a politically powerful position and he told me personally that the way he was bribed was he would find an envelope on his desk with thousands of $ in cash stuffed into it. No name just a plain envelope; nevertheless, he knew exactly what it was meant for!

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Just end the practice.

Some of it comes from membership dues, the Homebuilders Association comes to mind, construction companies pay into the state HBA, it’s the exact opposite of the Carpenters Union, for example. Here where I live, a construction company who wont pay is “blackballed” by the industry.
Now I’m sure that’s not all of it, but explains some of the funds.