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Distrust Reinforced' as NY Judge Rules Against Releasing Details of Eric Garner Grand Jury


Distrust Reinforced' as NY Judge Rules Against Releasing Details of Eric Garner Grand Jury

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Grand jury testimony in the chokehold death of Eric Garner will not be released because there was no "compelling reason" to publish the documents, a Staten Island judge ruled on Thursday in response to a lawsuit filed by the New York Civil Liberties Union.


This,along with the sordid details of police brutality in Cleveland (Tamir Rice), Fergueson (Michael Brown), and Milwaukee (Dantre Hamilton), as well as the Chicago Abu Ghraib (Homan Square complex) and hundreds of other examples are bricks in the wall of alienation that will be a causal factor of the bloodiest civil race war this country (the US) has ever seen. All of it totally predictable and all of it totally unnecessary.


“The court has the discretion to order disclosure under compelling circumstances which were certainly present here.”: But in the arguably most racist borough of NYC this was predictable. Grand Juries should be abolished but then so should the entire infrastructure of racism and exploitation. Time to organize, agitate and start total non cooperation everywhere.


History has shown through the conviction of a Pennsylvania judge that juvenile conviction rates were linked to the prison industry.
In the UK it has been proposed that the GDP include prostitution and drugs - apparently representing such a revenue stream as to warrant this institutionalization of perversions to healthy life.
Returning to NY (and elsewhere), is the prison industry so in need of revenue stream dependability that police officers must be shielded from accountability to protect litigation under the post 9/11 presence?

The US has a sordid economic legacy of dehumanization, demonization, land grabbing by genocide/ethnocide, slavery and war profiteering, criminalization, incarceration for slave labor and all that spins off from these, which is systemically resistant to historical realities, hence the deeper the embedding of the perversions they give rise to.

This is a resistance well worth engaging and mounting because of the world conditions generated - across the board - are not those of healthy life, but of denatured ecology, brittle ideologies and a loveless armageddon ideated wasteland.


What exactly constitutes a compelling reason? I guess today it amounts to money and influence.


“there was no “compelling reason” to publish the documents”

Sounds lilke they are hiding something and they are closing ranks. If there really was no compelling reason, there would be no resistance releasing them and they would most likely have published them already.


" No compelling reason " is an euphemism for: BLACK LIVES ARE UNIMPORTANT!


Yes, and being white!


You are absolutely correct the real question is, are the avg American coward going to finally fight back? With all these guns and the 1% just hanging out, I don’t suppose we are even close. When you see this judge killed when he leaves the courthouse, or when the prosecutor is found shot out side his home…you will know things are about to change. But like good little puppies you can keep kicking the avg. American because they will still wake up and sing the Star Spangled banner and pledge of allegiance.

The 1% are not worred about them because all they do is OBEY.