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'Disturbing—and Dangerous': Journalists Denounce Judge's Order for Outlets to Turn Over Protest Footage to Seattle Police

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/24/disturbing-and-dangerous-journalists-denounce-judges-order-outlets-turn-over-protest


There needs to be a wall of journalists joining the Wall of Moms and Dads!


The same SPD that has investigated none of the shootings at CHOP. The same SPD that used tear gas after being banned for 30 days…

Yup, defund those sombitches.

But hand over NOTHING.


And high school graduates thinking of college.
Maybe a few baby carriages, the uniforms won’t know if they are occupied or not. Might stop the gassing.
To the point though, we can’t force reporters to give up journalistic materials. They could offer to sell such info just like a story gets sold to those same journalists.
This is capitalist America after all.

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The US military has mastered the dehumanization of “the enemy” to such an extent, that US soldiers engaged in slaughtering little kids, came to call the “fun sized” terrorists. Some of the members of the Federal military sent to suppress domestic protests, are soldiers who have waged war as part of the US perpetual worldwide terrorism wars. For these soldiers, we are “the enemy”.


Make multiple copies of such footage and give them to safe hands preferably also to some places outside the US America. We will be out tomorrow in my littlle corner despite the hate messages.


“Disturbing-and dangerous.” Sounds exactly like DT himself.

Nevertheless, Congress and the Courts continue to harbor him.


Whew, that is an eye-opener.

Hi chapdrum. Yes, some folk there are aware of the fact that the US military intentionally trains its personnel to dehumanized “the enemy” - including civilian men, women, and children from “enemy” nations. Unfortunately, what must seem obvious to you, is not so obvious many people, including many progressives:




Good luck Giovanna. Keep safe. (Remember your umbrella or walking stick.)

And how come the “police” can’t take their own bloody footage? Where the hell were they when all this was happening?


From the article:

“Haas also described widespread alcohol and drug abuse among drone pilots. Drone operators, he said, would frequently get intoxicated using bath salts and synthetic marijuana to avoid possible drug testing and in an effort to “bend that reality and try to picture yourself not being there.” Haas said that he knew at least a half-dozen people in his unit who were using bath salts and that drug use had “impaired” them during missions.”

WTF? Bend that reality and try to picture yourself not being there.

Did they have a gun to their head?

Probably hiding like the cowards they are. They are probably waiting for their military ordnance before going against the unarmed protesters.

When I was in basic training they pressured us to hate the enemy. Without knowing them or much about them. I suppose to make it easier to kill if the need arises.

Veterans are of many kinds, just as people off the street are.
Some with PTSD, some with clear minds, some suicidal, and some gung ho.

US MSM is a capitalist enterprise. Their primary motivation is money. Of course rather than risk jail or worse - the need to pay legal fees - MSM outlets will turn over all their videos when ordered to do so by the courts.

Tell da’ judge to stick his order where the sun don’t shine!

We shouldn’t think they want this footage to look at, they want to destroy it, or have it to build their lie.

I wonder if the judge is one of Moscow Mitch’s 200 - an extension of the kakistocracy.