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'Disturbing Milestone': Just 12 US Billionaires Now Own More Than $1 Trillion in Combined Wealth

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/17/disturbing-milestone-just-12-us-billionaires-now-own-more-1-trillion-combined-wealth

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So proud of their achievements. Joy

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Revolution is inevitable…


They don’t really need government funding anymore because they essentially already have all the wealth. With some exceptions, the funding that is or becoming those things essential for life.

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One would think so…we’ll see.

Absolutely unbelievable. And there are some very poor people out there who want them to get even richer, feeling that these people “pulled themselves up by their bootstraps, and believed in the American Dream”…


Great photo BTW, makes it like he ( Bezos) has the whole world in his hands. Maybe he does.

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No sir, we’re just waiting for you to rise up and lead us! Just pick the time and place, we’ll know you by your giant sack…

Only and until there is no food.

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Yes the planet does revolve on it’s axis, daily. It is inevitable. Outside of that…

How is it that the 12 wealthiest people in the USA can increase their wealth by huge double digits in less than 6 months when the rest of the country is in a historical depression? Of particular note … these 12 do not “produce” or “manufacture” anything. They have not done anything, and contributed nothing to the real economy, yet just by sitting on interest they are now worth a trillion dollars. Can someone with an economics background explain this to me, other than “Money makes money”?


History is rife with examples of revolution and the overthrow of political and economic oligarchies where the guiding force was a starving population, a lack of secure housing, and meaningful work. Sound familiar? Anyone familiar with Maslow’s Theory of the Hierarchy of Needs will recognize these as the three most critical needs to be satisfied in civil society.


Voting for and buying in to a system that robs and degrades them?Yup! That is the dream/delusion that keeps the plebs happy to be worker/slaves. The fact is that in a REGULATED market place most of those folks listed but especially Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and the Waltons are the beneficiaries of unregulated predatory capitalism. Bill! now with a PR machine only billions can buy is painted by the press as some kind of “genius” and well meaning and left leaning nice guy. He is not!He would have been sued into the ground for unfair business practices, but just as that was all about to happen?Poof in came the GWBush cabal and all the lawsuits against him went away. Gee folks!Every wonder why there were only TWO major competitors in the fast growing market for personal computers for OSs and hardware? Not likely eh?Yeah Microsoft!would not have dominated in a regulated marketplace!Msm has made Bill Gates unassailable, anyone who critiques him is lumped in with the anti-vaxx wingnuts. But the truth is? He is promoter of private schools, he even tried to privatize seeds in Africa. He dabbles in dangerous, interventions. Bill Gates has no business sponsoring vaccines!He is?NOT a scientist, he just wants the unearned glory of a lucky strike for a COVID vaccine. His EGO the only thing!as big as his bank account and msm sings his song!
Jeff Bezos! a mediocre, and smarmy! criminal who only thrives in, again an unregulated marketplace. He buys companies just to drive them into the ground.That!is the very same tactic of the Waltons, who CRUSHED every mom and pop business and every local farmer that stood in their way!
Note Jeff!FFS I saw some twit online rave about how “liberal” that cretin is. MOFO he’s one of the richest men on the planet, will he let his long suffering workforce have a union?He will not. In fact, they spend chump change!harassing and smearing, with his legions of lawyers…any employee who dares to try to organize. It’s not capitalism that needs to be obliterated its UNREGULATED PREDATORY! capitalism. It’s not socialism for everything, just for the things we do best or can only do together. You know, schools, fire depts, roads, infrastructure and what should be medicare4all, single payer, universal healthcare system. Thats democratic socialism. A rationally implemented system that takes the best of both systems and merges them, always!with the People not profit as the priority.
Which is why businessmen!have no business trying to run government. DOH. It’s not the same at all. Different mandate!different source of revenue! These services DOH!are not supposed to make a profit! Fire dept!Bringing in the dosh?ABSURD! The Post Office is a…wait for it…SERVICE not a business. You pay for the stamps but otherwise it’s free at the point of service, just like healthcare should and could be.
**But yes, these creatures did not pull themselves up!**No!They were allowed to?CRUSH others in very disturbing ways. Waltons!I have boycotted both them and Amazon, easy with Walmart a little more challenging with the behemoth Amazon. But so far, so good. Apparently it wouldnt take a very big percentage of customers rebelling to do real damage to Amazon.
I live in hope!but not fantasy. These MOFOs are the anti-thesis of the American Dream, more accurate description?The American Nightmare.


Spoken like a true leader, oh ‘he with the giant sack’. Some of us sheeple want to know where and when the next TRY is to be held?

That is exactly what i was referring to.

Well some of them (amazon for example) deal in “online” shopping. Because let’s face it, most people cannot be “happy” without their little trinkets.

It makes me so freaking mad that people still buy stuff from Amazon. Like a bunch of lemmings walking off a cliff.


Well now, those calling for revolution need to do more than testily bray about it, don’t they? What’s your plan? Storm the Bastille, Starbucks, Chase or maybe… the WH itself? Will it be bloody or bloodless( hard to imagine that)? Are you leading from the front or the rear( sheep really do prefer to be led you know, it’s in the DNA), or perhaps from above(you are an eagle after all)?

My bowl flushes just fine, maybe yours just needs an adjustment.

The case here for more equitable wealth distribution would be considerably strengthened by a grasp of basic economics.

The core issue in front of the US is elected officials,
especially Congress, for hire. Biden is deeply corrupt, as is his family from his days as VP.


I’m not a money guy, but Congress did just hand them the keys to the treasury, 4.5 trillion X ten, I’m sure that helped their portfolios.

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